Witness Reports Multiple Children Shot and Killed at North Beach, Racine WI

City of Racine Radical Democrat, Leftist, Brooklyn NY Native,  and Antifa Mayor Cory Mason


Shoot ’em UP at North Beach Ratcine!

Radical leftist, Brooklyn NY native and Antifa City of Ratcine Mayor
Cory Mason, and his Police Chief Art Howell have allowed City of
Ratcine to be burned and terrorized to induce the political change
they desire – for their own selfish gain!

The culture, friendships, and enjoyment at North Beach were destroyed
in one swift stroke, while Police Chief Art Howell allowed a ‘certain
element” to openly violate Mayor Cory mason’s orders – resulting in:

5 shot at North Beach and total mayhem and destruction!

One man, who was on Michigan Boulevard at the time of the shooting,
but declined to give his name, said he saw a group in the parking lot
near North Beach.

A dispute occurred in the parking lot and multiple people started
jumping on top of a truck. The truck then sped off and smashed into a
Jeep. At some point, someone started randomly spraying bullets at

A woman who was near the beach at the time said the incident began
with an argument between two people that she estimated to be in their
early 20s. She said there was a crowd around them, encouraging the

“The kid just pulled out his gun and just starts airing it out,” the
witness said.

One person who was shot fell near her and she put pressure on his
wound, she said.

The witness also said she saw a girl who was walking from the beach
get shot in the arm.


5 Children Shot . Racine , Wi . North Beach Oasis .


RACINE — A vehicle with six children along with an adult woman driver
was near North Beach on Tuesday night when another vehicle drove past
and pepper sprayed everyone inside.

“A car just pulled on the side of us and Maced us,” said the driver,
who did not give her name.

The driver quickly pulled to the side of the road.

Witness Ambryia Mason, 18 of Racine, said she and others were walking
in the area when they saw a gold truck or SUV pull up, pepper spray
inside the other vehicle and then drive away.

“They jumped out, screaming for help,” Mason said.


Radical Left Wing Democrat City of Ratcine Mayor Cory Mason must be
recalled! Racine Police Chief Art Howell has a duty to act – and make
North Beach once again safe for Residents! End the reign of terror
from the Brooklyn NY gang led by Cory Mason! Mason forces Racine
Businesses to shut down – yet still demands they pay their full
property taxes while he and Rebecca refuse to pay their fair share of
property taxes! Just say NO! to Antifa and City of Racine Mayor Cory

Racine’s Very Own Fist of Rage, Mayor Cory Mason, Scores Second Place in Tax Hell WI!

Blue Fisted Residents of Racine Mayor Cory Mason’s 9 Circles of Hell (Courtesy of Dante’s Inferno) will be disappointed to know that Racine only ranks second to Tax Hell Milwaukee, in Tax Hell WI!

Substitute Mayor Cory Mason and his 4 Assistants for “PR professional” in the below chart, and the similarities will immediately become obvious.

According to Milwaukee Business Journal, Racine ranks only second to Milwaukee for the highest Property Tax rates in Tax Hell WI.

Versus #1 WI Tax Hell – Milwaukee, led by Failed Governor Candidate “Trolly” Tom Barrett:


With Tax Hell Illinois leading the Nation into bankruptcy, no doubt Racine Mayor Cory Mason feels that Racine Residents are prepared to be BLUE FISTED! Ala Illinois Style…. With ever increasing confiscatory property taxes, fees, sales taxes, fines, and forfeitures.

Overtaxed Racine Residents need to know that The Squeeze Play is Already Underway!

And that the Looting of Residents living in a City of Ill Repute will only increase!


Residents of Racine should expect that confiscatory taxes will only continue to increase, along with wealth transfer and redistribution schemes, as prescribed by “Law” in a Lawless Racine County ruled by the whims of Tyrants.




Addendum –


Let the GAMES! Begin – as the line between fees and taxes is blurred in Mayor Cory Mason’s Ratcine!

From JT:

Storm water fees moved from property tax to water bills

RACINE — The City Water Utility and the Office of the Mayor want to remind residents that the stormwater fee, which used to be found on the property tax bill, is now located on the water bills. Some city residents may receive their first bill containing the stormwater fee this week.