Witness Reports Multiple Children Shot and Killed at North Beach, Racine WI

City of Racine Radical Democrat, Leftist, Brooklyn NY Native,  and Antifa Mayor Cory Mason


Shoot ’em UP at North Beach Ratcine!

Radical leftist, Brooklyn NY native and Antifa City of Ratcine Mayor
Cory Mason, and his Police Chief Art Howell have allowed City of
Ratcine to be burned and terrorized to induce the political change
they desire – for their own selfish gain!

The culture, friendships, and enjoyment at North Beach were destroyed
in one swift stroke, while Police Chief Art Howell allowed a ‘certain
element” to openly violate Mayor Cory mason’s orders – resulting in:

5 shot at North Beach and total mayhem and destruction!

One man, who was on Michigan Boulevard at the time of the shooting,
but declined to give his name, said he saw a group in the parking lot
near North Beach.

A dispute occurred in the parking lot and multiple people started
jumping on top of a truck. The truck then sped off and smashed into a
Jeep. At some point, someone started randomly spraying bullets at

A woman who was near the beach at the time said the incident began
with an argument between two people that she estimated to be in their
early 20s. She said there was a crowd around them, encouraging the

“The kid just pulled out his gun and just starts airing it out,” the
witness said.

One person who was shot fell near her and she put pressure on his
wound, she said.

The witness also said she saw a girl who was walking from the beach
get shot in the arm.


5 Children Shot . Racine , Wi . North Beach Oasis .


RACINE — A vehicle with six children along with an adult woman driver
was near North Beach on Tuesday night when another vehicle drove past
and pepper sprayed everyone inside.

“A car just pulled on the side of us and Maced us,” said the driver,
who did not give her name.

The driver quickly pulled to the side of the road.

Witness Ambryia Mason, 18 of Racine, said she and others were walking
in the area when they saw a gold truck or SUV pull up, pepper spray
inside the other vehicle and then drive away.

“They jumped out, screaming for help,” Mason said.


Radical Left Wing Democrat City of Ratcine Mayor Cory Mason must be
recalled! Racine Police Chief Art Howell has a duty to act – and make
North Beach once again safe for Residents! End the reign of terror
from the Brooklyn NY gang led by Cory Mason! Mason forces Racine
Businesses to shut down – yet still demands they pay their full
property taxes while he and Rebecca refuse to pay their fair share of
property taxes! Just say NO! to Antifa and City of Racine Mayor Cory

Why Does Republican State Representative Robin Vos Endorse Criminal Activity by Foreign Corporations?

State Representative Robin Vos Sent:

Since the November election, I have been concerned that Governor Tony Evers would try to undermine the state’s contract with Foxconn Technology Group. This week the new governor told members of the media that he wants to renegotiate the contract, and he doesn’t believe the Taiwanese company can create 13,000 jobs in Wisconsin. Like many of you, I was stunned when I heard these remarks. As I said on the Jay Weber Show on News/Talk 1130 WISN, it is beyond my level of understanding to think a governor of the state of Wisconsin is basically rooting for the failure of the largest economic development project in the state’s history.

Luckily, WEDC negotiated an ironclad contract with expectations from both sides. Foxconn also released a statement saying it remains committed to the contract and job creation across Wisconsin.

I remain confident that Foxconn will continue to work toward its goal of creating 13,000 jobs. Our state already is enjoying the economic benefits of the company’s investments in the Dairy State. As Foxconn moves forward on its plans in our state, I’m open to hearing if any flexibility is needed regarding the project, which I hope is the intent of Governor Evers.


Apparently it is way beyond Rep Vos’s understanding that the agreement between WEDC and FOXCONN stipulated a Gen 10.5 Manufacturing Facility!

From the Agreement between WEDC and FOXCONN:

Concerned Taxpayers can download the agreement by clicking on the link: 1109wedcfoxconn

Foxconn says it will openly violate the terms of the agreement! And still expects payments?!

From The Cap Times:

After a week of headlines raising questions about Foxconn’s plans for Wisconsin, Gov. Tony Evers said Friday he is comfortable with the technology company’s commitment to the state.

“Frankly I think what they said recently has been relatively consistent, it’s just a matter of their communication strategy being more consistent,” Evers told reporters in the state Capitol. “I’m comfortable that they’re still committed to the state, they’re still committed to this Generation 6 technology, but that doesn’t mean we won’t continue to encourage them to be more transparent and more consistent.”

Shortly before Evers’ comments, Foxconn Technology Group said in a statement that it will move forward with plans to construct a Generation 6 facility in southeastern Wisconsin. So-called Gen 6 factories generally produce small LCD screens for cell phones, tablets and small televisions.

Although Foxconn originally billed its planned Wisconsin facility as a Generation 10.5 LCD plant, the company has said since last year that it will instead start by building a smaller Gen 6 plant. Foxconn executive Louis Woo has said the company’s southeastern Wisconsin campus will be built in a phased approach.

The confusion surrounding Foxconn’s plans for Wisconsin started with a report on Wednesday published by Reuters. In an interview, Woo told Reuters the company was considering changing the focus of its facility in Mount Pleasant.

Woo told Reuters the company expected to hire mostly researchers and engineers rather than manufacturers, citing the high costs of building TV screens in the United States. He said about three-quarters of the jobs in Wisconsin would be in research and development and design.

What Doesn’t State Representative Robin Vos understand?

In Reply to Robin Vos:

WI Gov. Tony Evers is holding Foxconn to it’s promise to perform under the contract which stipulated a Gen 10.5 facility, which Foxconn has failed to do. Thus – Foxconn is now acting in violation of the contract terms. Thus any contract with Foxconn is null and void. I fully support WI Gov. Tony Evers in his demand for specific performance.

Why do you, Rep. Robin Vos want to allow Foxconn to violate the agreement, and yet still receive the benefits of the Agreement?

Why do you support such criminal activity?

See also: https://arrestrecordsofracinewipublicofficials.wordpress.com/2019/04/18/wedc-got-something-right-racine-county-is-top-rated-for-politicians-tricking-residents-and-treating-themselves-to-the-spoils/


And while State Rep Robin Vos condones criminal activity by Foreign Corporations violating the terms of a contract – he further demands:

State Rep Robin Vos: “I’m open to hearing if any flexibility is needed regarding the project”.

BOHICA Racine County Taxpayers – here it comes again! $1,000,000,000 taxpayer dollars expended and still counting!

Once again…

From the Agreement between WEDC and FOXCONN:

State Rep Robin Vos is a criminal career Politician, who supports criminal activity by Foreign Corporate Interests against Residents of Racine County! Alongside Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave, MTP Tea-Tard Dave DeGroot, City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason, and Premier Solutions Executive William McReynolds! GO WI – CON – SIN!

If Foxconn is going to receive taxpayer credits and funds, then they MUST abide by the contract and build a Generation 10.5 TFT – LCD Fabrication Facility in Mount Pleasant – as stipulated by the contract! It is not negotiable!








WEDC Got Something Right! Racine County is Top Rated for Politicians Tricking Residents and Treating Themselves to the Spoils!

From: https://inwisconsin.com/rankings/

As in Racine County Politicians at all levels Tricking Residents to pay more property taxes, fees, fines, debt service, and Corporate welfare, while those same Politicians Treat themselves to outrageous pay increases, increased tax-free fringes, lavish retirements, long paid vacations, short work weeks, and double-dipping! Often violating Local Ordinances, State Statutes and Human Decency – but NO FEAR! As they won’t be held to account! Both the Republican County Sheriff and Republican County DA are “Both Eyes Blind to Government Crime”!


Truth be told – your home is the Politicians personal ATM – and the Politicians work for the Banksters!

From A Better Mount Pleasant:

Just another day with overpaid and lazy MTP Officials buying time and lying to the Public about the nature of the ever changing Foxconn Contract; “The contract with Mount Pleasant says exactly the same thing – even though Project Manager Claude Lois lied to residents on Monday in the public information meeting by saying the contract says 10.5 OR 6.5. It doesn’t. We pay him $250K a year to lie to us and misrepresent the facts”.


MTP Residents – Enjoy the Foxscam! *NEW* and *IMPROVED* Tax Rates and Hikes are in the Dave DeGroot shiny new Sewer Pipeline aided and abetted by his fellow covert Foxconn Employees, soon to be heading your way! Cui Bono?

Pretty soon those shiny new sewer lines will be carrying the contaminated waste water from Mount Pleasant back to City of Racine to be dumped back into Lake Michigan! MTP Village President David DeGroot, and his Minions (acting as MTP Trustees), BFF Racine Mayor Cory Mason, Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave, and Failed College Graduate Former Guv Scott Walker, have been Foxconned and sold out Residents to the Banksters, Land Speculators, Lawyers and Corporate Interests.


As sure as Unicorns shit *SKITTLES*, once the Gen 10.5 Foxconn manufacturing complex, as stipulated in the contract between State of WI and Foxconn, is operating, property taxes in Racine County will drop to near *ZERO*, or be like Alaska, and Residents will enjoy a Foxconn Tax Dividend! And everybody will live happily ever after.*

* Results may vary….


HEROs of Racine

 Mr. Van Carson – Racine Focus on Fathers

A voice of sanity, logic and rational thinking suddenly bursts upon City of Racine, Courtesy of Mr. Van Carson:

From the JT:

State budget

End of collecting child support birth costs proposed in Evers budget

RACINE — Gov. Tony Evers’ proposed budget, if adopted in its current form, could change how much parents have to pay in child support by potentially eliminating the birth costs that some fathers pay.

Eliminating the cost would leave a budget hole, but could help decrease the state’s black infant mortality rate by eliminating a barrier to prenatal care.

Currently, when a woman gets pregnant many times medical expenses will be covered through the state’s Medicaid program.

If child support is needed from the father, as part of the father’s payments he will need to repay those birth costs, although there was a provision recently enacted that stopped the practice of recovering birth costs if the mother and father live together and are both supporting the child.

The amount typically charged for birth costs in Racine County is $1,600, according to Jeff Leggett, Racine County’s director of child support services.

In 2018, Racine County’s Child Support Office collected a total of $711,127 in birth costs, with 85 percent going to reimburse the Medicaid program, $604,458, and 15 percent staying with the county, $106,669, according to Leggett.

Leggett said if the collection of birth costs was eliminated, officials would have to figure out how to fill that budget hole in another way.

Evers’ proposed state budget includes some additional budgeted funds for child support agencies — $750,000 for fiscal year 2020 and $1.5 million for fiscal year 2021. However, the state budget does not include an estimate on how much revenue the state would lose not collecting the Medicaid birth costs.

Van Carson, who works for Racine Focus on Fathers, a fathers program ran through the George Bray Neighborhood YMCA, said, even though child support can be expensive and the birth costs add to that, he doesn’t think the birth cost collection should be eliminated.

“It’s expensive to be a human. It’s expensive. It comes with cost,” Carson said.

He said those people who have children need to understand that “recess is over,” and need to take responsibility and get a job.

Carson said he thinks it would be more fair if the father and mother had to repay the birth costs, not just the father.


As it should be.

It is time to end the Blue Fist Looting of a City of Ill Repute!


Unfortunate – but true…..


I’d love to hear the explanation as to how forcing tax payers to pay for birth costs is going to lower the African American infant mortality rate.


Love that picture they always use of Evers with his big smile.! Shows how he really enjoys sticking it to taxpayers in any way he can!!


I guess I’m a little dense this morning. How will this break down the barrier to prenatal care? The state is already paying it. Is taxing Tony grabbing at straws again?


wow Phony tony is racist…he feels that blacks cannot and should not pay child support! ans wow 3/4 of a million dollars our courts waste time on for woman having babies then going on welfare and filing for child support…what a racket!! The court and the law should get out of the collection business acting like the Mob and useing the bullies of the legal system to go after a choice two people made then had a baby…YOU DEAL WITH IT…it should not be a tax payer burden in ANY way!!


Instead of trying to make it easier for fathers to not be responsible for their offspring, how about giving these fathers a mandatory vasectomy to prevent them from adding to the numbers of the welfare dependent population again?

We just  went from DUMB – to DUMBER! Idiocracy was a documentary!





WI Guv Scott Walker(R) and Assembly Leader Robin Vos (R) Endorse Randy Bryce (D) For Congress!


One voice – one hand – so it should come as NO Surprise that via Proxy – City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason,  WI Governor Scott Walker and Assembly Leader Robin Vos, join together and endorse Randy Bryce…

Mason endorses Bryce for Congress

Along with WI Governor Scott Walker, Assembly Leader Robin Vos, Cory Mason and anything goes for Foxconn! If Laws can’t be changed to make the UNLAWFUL Foxconn Project Legal, then they shall VIOLATED and Authorities shall not question the numerous transgressions of the established Rule of Law which formerly applied.

From the JT:

RACINE — Racine Mayor Cory Mason announced Monday morning he is endorsing Randy Bryce for the Wisconsin 1st Congressional District seat.

Candidates seeking to replace Ryan must first win their primary on Aug. 14.

On the Democratic side, Bryce is going up against Janesville School Board member Cathy Myers, who has the support of Forward Kenosha, a progressive political activist group.

Myers recently filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission, alleging that Bryce used campaign funds to pay off old debts. …

And from that Complaint…


From the JT:

Myers files FEC complaint against Bryce

RACINE COUNTY — Democratic congressional candidate Cathy Myers filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission on Thursday against her primary opponent Randy Bryce and the Randy Bryce for Congress Campaign.

The complaint alleges that Bryce and his campaign violated the Federal Election Campaign Act by “converting campaign funds to Bryce’s personal use when at least $7,776.73 of the campaign’s funds were used to pay for personal legal fees and a judgment against Bryce for a personal debt he owed his former-girlfriend — 13 years before Bryce became a candidate.”

From JT Comments:


Leave it to Cory Mason to endorse someone with nine convictions for Congress! Is it any wonder the Democratic Party is so corrupt.

You all know Me
You all know Me 

A team donkey mayor endorsing the tinfoil cookie duster? What a surprise!…….NOT. I wonder what impressed cory about him? Perhaps the long rap sheet? Or how about being a deadbeat dad?


Best quote….LMAO……”Cory knows that the people in Racine deserve better representation then what they have been getting for the past 20 years,” Bryce said”….Oh yeah. That’s why the property owners in the City of Racine pay more twice the rate of most of those in Racine County. Yep, they is some sharp cookies in Racine!


And they all do it – so don’t be surprised….


By James Wigderson for Wisconsin Media Check and Media Trackers

Randy Bryce, the Democratic challenger in the first Congressional District known for hanging with Hollywood celebrities, achieved more fame when the New York Times reported he purchased fake followers for his Twitter account. However, readers of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel could be forgiven for being under the false impression that the story was manufactured by Republicans.

The New York Times reported Saturday a company, Devumi, sells fake Twitter followers made up of automated accounts to puff up the purchasers’ Twitter account with retweets. Bryce was one of the purchasers.

“Randy Bryce, an ironworker seeking to unseat Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, purchased Devumi followers in 2015, when he was a blogger and labor activist,” the New York Times reported.

Instead of leading with the facts, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel instead focused on the Republican reaction in an article with the unusually long headline, “GOP atwitter over report that Paul Ryan challenger Randy Bryce bought fake Twitter followers.”

“The Republican side of Wisconsin’s political divide shouted Saturday that Democrat Randy Bryce was a phony after reading in The New York Times that the ironworker paid money a few years ago to gain Twitter followers,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Don Behm wrote as the lede.

Yes, the Republican side “shouted” Bryce is a phony, rather than just going with a lede that referred to the fact that Bryce paid for the Twitter followers. Behm even helpfully adds that Bryce was only mentioned once in the article. He then quotes Bryce’s spokesperson defending her candidate saying that the campaign has not purchased any Twitter followers before quoting any Republicans.

Republicans were also, “atwitter” according to Behm who could not resist the pun:

“Here is the sentence that set the GOP atwitter: `Randy Bryce, an ironworker seeking to unseat Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, purchased Devumi followers in 2015, when he was a blogger and labor activist.’”

But, according to Behm, Republican enthusiasm for the issue was unfounded.

“The timing is before his campaign against Ryan,” Behm wrote. “Bryce, a U.S. Army veteran and union ironworker, is challenging Ryan’s bid for re-election Nov. 6 in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District.”

While Blue – Fisting City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason leads the opposition from Brooklyn, New York!

The Democrats’ Fake Mustache


There is Not a lick-spittle of difference between R’s and D’s and an endorsement of Randy Bryce by City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason which could only be approved by his Handlers at the State and National level – to include WI Governor Scott Walker, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, and US President Donald Trump. It is just more of the same -o -same -o bread and circus show for the long suffering  Resident’s of Racine County – SCAM-O-RAMA Racine County!


“It is No Measure of Health to Be Well Adjusted to a Profoundly Sick Society” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

It is long past time to eliminate the false dichotomy of the long entrenched FAILED “Two Party System”.

In the 2018 WI First Congressional District  Election *VOTE* KEN YORGAN!

Link: https://www.yorganforcongress.com/

It is time to send Independent! Intelligent! Insightful! Inquiring! and Inspired! (I)! Dr. Ken Yorgan to Washington! To repair the BROKEN!