WEDC Got Something Right! Racine County is Top Rated for Politicians Tricking Residents and Treating Themselves to the Spoils!


As in Racine County Politicians at all levels Tricking Residents to pay more property taxes, fees, fines, debt service, and Corporate welfare, while those same Politicians Treat themselves to outrageous pay increases, increased tax-free fringes, lavish retirements, long paid vacations, short work weeks, and double-dipping! Often violating Local Ordinances, State Statutes and Human Decency – but NO FEAR! As they won’t be held to account! Both the Republican County Sheriff and Republican County DA are “Both Eyes Blind to Government Crime”!


Truth be told – your home is the Politicians personal ATM – and the Politicians work for the Banksters!

From A Better Mount Pleasant:

Just another day with overpaid and lazy MTP Officials buying time and lying to the Public about the nature of the ever changing Foxconn Contract; “The contract with Mount Pleasant says exactly the same thing – even though Project Manager Claude Lois lied to residents on Monday in the public information meeting by saying the contract says 10.5 OR 6.5. It doesn’t. We pay him $250K a year to lie to us and misrepresent the facts”.


MTP Residents – Enjoy the Foxscam! *NEW* and *IMPROVED* Tax Rates and Hikes are in the Dave DeGroot shiny new Sewer Pipeline aided and abetted by his fellow covert Foxconn Employees, soon to be heading your way! Cui Bono?

Pretty soon those shiny new sewer lines will be carrying the contaminated waste water from Mount Pleasant back to City of Racine to be dumped back into Lake Michigan! MTP Village President David DeGroot, and his Minions (acting as MTP Trustees), BFF Racine Mayor Cory Mason, Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave, and Failed College Graduate Former Guv Scott Walker, have been Foxconned and sold out Residents to the Banksters, Land Speculators, Lawyers and Corporate Interests.


As sure as Unicorns shit *SKITTLES*, once the Gen 10.5 Foxconn manufacturing complex, as stipulated in the contract between State of WI and Foxconn, is operating, property taxes in Racine County will drop to near *ZERO*, or be like Alaska, and Residents will enjoy a Foxconn Tax Dividend! And everybody will live happily ever after.*

* Results may vary….



Racine WI – Once Again, Face Down In The Gutter – Happy New Years 2018!

Guess where former City of Racine Mayor John Dickert is once yet again?……

Besides making sure that after abandoning  resigning the City of Racine Mayoral position he has held since 2009 so that the torch would be passed to  local Representative  Cory Mason  freeing John to accept a position with the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities initiative  to silence any opposition to the heavy metals water pollution and excessive usage of Lake Michigan water which would be incurred by the proposed  massively taxpayer subsidized Foxconn Mega-Manufacturing facility on Mount Pleasant WI. See:

Concerned Racine County Residents Just Say NO To Foxconn


Turn it up – REAL LOUD! So you don’t miss anything…


Cory Mason declares himself winner in race for Racine’s mayor

Cory Mason declared himself the winner for Racine mayor Tuesday night.

Mason has a decade of government experience as a state representative. He campaigned on platforms including capitalizing on Foxconn and fighting a proposal to bring a $60 million arena to Racine.

The Professional Criminals Politicians who operate Racine County and The City of Racine lead by example. The only difference between themselves and People of Color is the magnitude of their crimes and their political connections which allows them to escape personal responsibility and punishment. If in doubt – ask now City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason about how his Wife Rebecca defended Monte Osterman and blocked access to the non-existent (but legally required) “non-profit” Root River Council Form 990’s, allegedly operated by Monte Osterman.


Complaint filed against county supervisor

RACINE COUNTY — A complaint has been filed against Racine County Supervisor Monte Osterman related to the Root River redevelopment project.

The complaint alleges that Osterman did not properly disclose financial interests and that the Root River Council, of which Osterman is a member, is not a nonprofit organization like it claims.

While County of Racine Court records still claim that Monte Osterman has refused to pay the Judgement leveled against him to The City of Racine.


As for People of Color being subject to numerous violations of their  Constitutional and Civil Rights while the (largely) politically connected White Perpetrators/Conspirators  go unpunished : Witness  the published opinion of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals concerning Holmes vs. Wahlen by clicking HERE

Plaintiffs Continue to Seek Justice in Racine Lawsuit

The Plaintiffs in THOMAS J. HOLMES, et al., v.  JOHN DICKERT, et al., Case No. 14-CV-208 have responded to the Defendants Motion to Dismiss and the next course of action rests with the Defendants, who have 14 days to respond. Should the Defendants choose not to respond in writing, the Court may move to oral arguments, or make a decision on the Motions. Almost forgotten, is that the Racine County Circuit Court, in a decision upheld by the  Wisconsin Court of  Appeals, already ruled that Thomas J. Holmes  right to due process was violated by The City of Racine, City of Racine Common Council, City of Racine Public Safety and Licensing Committee and Kurt Whalen; in an unlawful act that also deprived Thomas Holmes to the use of his private property, business, and the ability to provide a living for his Family and himself.  See:  State of Wisconsin Court of Appeals Case No. 2011AP2282.

Thomas Holmes speaks before the Racine Common Council, January 17, 2013:

In the unanimous decision for Case No. 2011AP2282, the Court found that the Racine Common Council acted unjustly upon the unsworn complaint of Kurt Whalen, made in violation of State statutes, while the Racine Public Safety and Licensing Committee  unlawfully assumed jurisdiction over the matter and acted illegally to revoke Thomas Holmes liquor license; thus violating Mr. Holmes right to due process, while depriving him of the use of his private property.

While The City of Racine frivolously attempted to claim that an oath, or swearing of a statement was a meaningless trapping, the Court sternly reminded the City and Kurt Whalen that the statutory requirement of a sworn complaint is there to prevent baseless harassment of legitimate businesses. The Court properly concluded that Kurt Whalen, in his failure to comply with State statutes and swear to the complaint, was untrustworthy while assisting the City in violating Thomas Holmes right to due process.

The Racine Equality Project  can only ask – if the City and Kurt Whalen believe that swearing to a complaint is trivial and of no importance, why then didn’t Kurt Whalen simply swear to it? Because false swearing is a Class H Felony? And why is Kurt Whalen being employed by The Village of Mount Pleasant as the Village Administrator? Kurt Whalen, in his defense against the current lawsuit doesn’t even deny being involved in racially motivated or predicate acts – only that his level of racism is up to debate and that he didn’t commit enough predicate acts to be considered a Racketeer. From Kurt Whalen’s defense in his Motion to Dismiss for THOMAS J. HOLMES, et al., v.  JOHN DICKERT, et al., Case No. 14-CV-208, page 48:

 At best, the allegations against Wahlen indicate that Wahlen engaged in racially motivated actions (though that, too, is tenuous).  However, such actions cannot constitute predicate acts under RICO. See,e.g.Jennings, 910 F.2d at 1438 (holding that violations of “civil rights and constitutional law” are not predicate acts under RICO). And, even if these were predicate acts, there is no plausible scenario in which these actions, which occurred, at most, over six months, allege a “pattern of racketeering” against Whalen. (See supra,at Section II.B.1, collecting caselaw indicating that the commission of a few predicate acts committed within a short period of time is not a “pattern of racketeering”)

A Predicate Act is a crime which is composed of some of the elements of a more serious crime and which is committed for carrying out the greater crime.


See Also:

A Tale of Two Liquor License Applicants

Two different Downtown Racine Liquor License Applicants, same general area. The only difference between the two applicants is their Race and relationship with Mayor John Dickert. Doug Nicholson is a White male who hosted fundraisers for John Dickert and already operates two establishments with liquor licenses in Downtown Racine, Envi and Ivanhoe’s, which are less than a block away from his new establishment, Carriage House Liquors, which is located in an area that is considered fragile and which already has an excessively high number of establishments with existing liquor licenses.

Application for a liquor license by Lakeside Liquor, Downtown Racine. Applicants Mr. Choi and Mr. Chun.


Alderman Wisneski: This is an application of Lakeside Liquor, also known as Lakeside Pantry for a class A retail fermented malt beverage and intoxicating beverage liquor license.

City Administrator Tom Friedel: Do I have a motion, please?

Alderman Wisneski: Oh, I’m sorry; the motion is to deny the application.

City Administrator Tom Friedel: Is there a second?

Alderman Wisneski: Due to the fragility of the neighborhood and high concentration of existing liquor establishments in the area. Given how many licenses there already are in the area, um, just for consistency of arguments in previous cases before, I think it is legitimate to say that there are a great concentrations of licenses there right now. That in conjunction with the concern about the fragility of the neighborhood. Um, also I’d like to point out that we didn’t tell Mr. Choi that he can’t open an Indian and Asian goods, a Clothier for example, we didn’t tell him that he can’t open a restaurant, or that he can’t open a bookstore, or that he can’t open a video game store, or a McDonalds. We also didn’t tell him that he can’t open a convenience store, although if you hear many people talk about it recently, we told him that he can’t open his store, he’s got to keep those doors shut. What we told him was, that you absolutely can open a convenience store. We are just recommending that you cannot sell alcohol on those premises.

Alderman Coe: I end up setting a meeting with Mr. Chun and Mr. Choi actually, and to their credit, I mean they were trying to bend over backwards to appease some of the things that people were worried about, half pints and pints. Just to let people know, uh, everything that I mentioned to them, that they would not have to, but they did agree to, that they agreed to no pints, no half-pints, no single cans of serving, no forty-ouncers, they offered to sell only upscale, more upscale beers and the malt liquor, and stuff like that that would alleviate a lot of the concerns.

Alderman Shields: I think that the Committee in a lot of cases has been unfair. I think that the Committee has treated certain individuals differently than other people, and that’s my belief. And I strongly believe that. I would stand up for that. I think this should go back for renegotiation’s because that Committee, they know I have a lot of problems with some of the decisions they make when it comes to People of Color.

Application for a liquor license by Carriage House Liquors, Downtown Racine. Applicant Doug Nicholson.

Alderman Greg Helding: An application of ATM Financial Services LLC, DBA Carriage House Liquor, Douglas Nicholson agent, for Class B fermented malt and intoxicating liquor license, 220 State St. Recommendation of the Committee is that the license be approved.

Alderman Sandy Weidner: In regards to the new license. I get the Class B’s confused. Is this going to be a Tavern, or a liquor store, or…?
Alderman Greg Helding: This is a retail establishment that’s using the ability of the Class B, which is only a bar license, to sell retail. It also allows them to have special events where they can have the manufacturer in, whatever, to do sampling, or the retailer, whatever, to sample the latest thing. Uh and that on premise consumption normally wouldn’t be allowed without a Class B. So at just a strictly Class A type of place you wouldn’t be able to have, um, you wouldn’t be able to sample, um have an event like that, with a lot of sampling.

Alderman Sandy Weidner: A follow up question. Was there any discussion about concentration in the neighborhood?

Alderman Greg Helding: Uh. NO. There wasn’t.


AND Doug Nicholson received a $20,000 Facade Grant for 220 State St.  for Carriage House Liquors BEFORE the business was approved!So how did applicant Doug Nicholson even get approved when he was UNQUALIFIED? And it was fellow Racine City Tavern League member Joey Legath who on February 4, 2013 first proposed expanding the facade grant program to Taverns. Of course, City Taxpayers had no idea that LeGath and other Racine City Tavern League Members wanted to help themselves to free taxpayer $$$ for their private businesses.


Meanwhile City of Racine Alderman Jeff Coe continues to refuse to pay the  Property Taxes he forces others to pay to benefit himself and those who are politically connected.


So to No One’s Surprise:

2 Wisconsin cities among top 5 worst for black Americans

MILWAUKEE — Racine and Milwaukee have both been listed on the top 5 worst cities for Black Americans. Racine was ranked in the number four spot and Milwaukee was third.

According to USA Today, the typical black household earns just 61 cents for every dollar the typical white household earns.

Racine was shown to have an African-American population of 11.1 percent and a median income of 34.6 percent of white income.  When it came to unemployment, 24/7 Wall Street gathered that 10.7 percent of African-Americans are unemployed while only 4.8 percent of White Americans are unemployed.

When it comes to Milwaukee, 16.6 percent of the population is African-American. The black median income is 42.2 percent of white income. And 12.4 percent of Black Americans are unemployed and 5.4 percent of White Americans are unemployed.

The top five are as follows:

  1. Erie, Pennsylvania
  2. Peoria, Illinois
  3. Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis, Wisconsin
  4. Racine, Wisconsin
  5. Niles-Benton Harbor, Michigan

To determine the worst cities for black Americans, 24/7 Wall St. created an index based on disparities in each city between black and white residents in various socioeconomic measures.


From FOX 6:

Developing Racine’s riverfront: $65 million commercial-residential project announced

RACINE (WITI) — Racine officials hope to bring high-end development to the riverfront. In a plan announced on Tuesday, June 10th — Racine officials say they hope to capitalize on an asset that has been under-utilized for a very long time.

Racine business, government and community leaders endured light sprinkles on Tuesday to gather in an area dubbed “Machinery Row.”

“The river was something that had separated the city in the past and now it was time to bring us all back together,” Racine Mayor John Dickert said.

The idle former manufacturing Water Street property encompasses about 20 acres along the Root River.

“When you look at other communities that are successful — many of them on the Great Lakes, many of them on big rivers, they invest in their riverfront and it’s a great asset to the community economically,” Rep. Cory Mason (D-Racine) said.


Except Machinery Row is now slated to be Demolished….

RACINE — The long saga of Machinery Row, the would-be redevelopment of two early J.I. Case Co. buildings in Downtown, ground to a halt in late 2017 with a different outcome planned for 2018: demolition.

But even after the Buildings have been demolished – the lasting taste left in Taxpayers Mouths (and taken from their wallets) will endure…..

From the Journal Times:

Racine sued for Machinery Row relocation costs

RACINE — The City of Racine, the Redevelopment Authority and two city officials are named in a lawsuit seeking more than $659,000 tied to relocating for a development plan previously called Machinery Row.

Patrick Fagan of Mount Pleasant filed a lawsuit in Racine County Court this week requesting compensation related to damages he said he incurred because of the city’s handling of the development plan.

Second lawsuit over Machinery Row expenses filed against city

RACINE — A second lawsuit was filed against the City of Racine related to the derailed Machinery Row development, seeking compensation for property owners who were displaced because of the project.

The plaintiffs are: Richard Olson, Racine Indoor Motocross, Marquette Warehouse, Marquette Distribution Center, Urban Sustainable Aquaponics, Riverside Business Center, Sam Azarian & Sons Marina, Azar and Azarian Wrecking.

The city and its Redevelopment Authority are named as defendants, along with RDA Chairman James Spangenberg, City Development Assistant Director Matthew Sadowski, former City Administrator Tom Friedel and former Mayor John Dickert.


The Fagan Complaint is available by clicking Fagan Complaint

The Olson Complaint is available by clicking Olson Complaint


Profligate Son: A Billionaire Scion’s Sex Crime Allegations Rock A Company Town

The criminal complaint against Curt Johnson makes for a distressing read. Between 2007 and 2010 he is alleged to have molested the same young girl up to 20 times. She was 12, between the sixth and seventh grades, when it started, she told a forensic interviewer at the Racine Child Advocacy Center. The complaint veers toward the graphic, but its printable portions describe Curt as having a “touching problem” and a “sex addiction.” The child is quoted as alleging that Curt “molested” her and that “she finally told her mother about what was happening to her because she wanted to protect her younger sisters.”

If you’re NOT White and politically connected in Wisconsin…. well then you’re heading for the Breadline – and Governor Scott Walker is now requesting $6.8M to advertise for workers .

Gov. Scott Walker on Wednesday announced plans to seek approval from the state Legislature to spend $6.8 million in state money on a marketing campaign aimed at luring more workers to Wisconsin.

“We need to go beyond our borders to attract and then in turn retain more talent here in the state of Wisconsin,” Walker said at a Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce event in Madison.

State of Wisconsin Taxpayers are now being forced to pay for and endure the Bread and Circuses offered daily by the criminal actors who operate under the color of law and who openly rule lawlessly in  Racine County and The State of Wisconsin under the LAWLESS  rule of Governor Scott Walker.

And from A Better Mt. Pleasant:

Because Village President David Degroot is threatening to end civil debate and dissent which leads reasonable, intelligent, and sane Residents to complain:

Tensions at village meeting leads to complaint

“If I’m going to be challenged at every meeting going forward, then I guess I’m going to have to get used to throwing people out,” DeGroot said. “At the end of the day, this is a business meeting and we debate and vote on stuff in front of the board, and I just can’t have the distraction of people shooting their mouth off.”

From Cognitive Dissidence:

The Delinquent Dave DeGroot

The current Village President of Mount Pleasant is not very pleasant at all.

At a recent Village meeting, during the public comment section of the meeting, Mr. Degroot decided that he did not want local resident Kelly Gallaher to speak.

When Ms. Gallaher stepped up for her 3 minutes of speaking time, Mr. Degroot went into a rage, accusing her out of the blue, of swearing at a prior meeting after she spoke.    Ms. Gallaher, was taken by surprise because it is something she actually did not do.

It’s humiliating because it was untrue,” Gallaher tells CBS 58.

Mr. DeGroot became so unhinged that he spent more than her three minutes dressing her down, and threatening another board member with removal who correctly stated that  Degroot was out of order.


It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society – Jiddu KrishnamurtiI

Instead of protecting their criminal friends in local government and promoting worthless real estate schemes bound for failure, alongside strife, division, excessive taxation and confiscation of Life, Liberty, and Property without Due Process,  fiscally incompetent Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester and Carpetbagging State Rep./City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason, D-Racine need to start working on a bi-partisan  Bankruptcy plan for Racine County alongside the City of Racine. It’s long past time to end the Prison Industries of The Criminal and Rogue State of Wisconsin!



Court dismisses most charges in police standoff

RACINE — A judge has dismissed all but one of the charges against a Racine man whose dog was shot by police after a four-hour SWAT team standoff outside his home in 2014.