White Punks on Dope – Shoot – Em – Up Ratcine County! In Honor of Nancy Milholland & Her TEA – TARDS!

While Nancy Milholland’s TEA – Tards continue to slam City of Racine with such comments as:


I think their Hotel Logo will be a chalk picture of a body on the pavement, with a yellow police ribbon! Very colorful!!


“The Living Room Of Racine” For some reason a series of crime scene photographs of interiors would set the mood. The after effects of police doing a no knock entry. Visiting most living rooms in Racine would seem to involve great risk.


A prime example of an oxymoron……….”Crown Jewel”…….”City of Racine”!!!


Trying to figure out what kind of Racine is coming back because Racine’s peak was the 1970’s. Hey—That’s it, the hotels slogan can be “That ’70s show”.

See: https://journaltimes.com/business/local/creating-a-crown-jewel-wind-point-native-s-firm-designing/article_328354bd-5c5c-5122-8b72-3ecff733e64a.html?mode=comments

It is the White Suburban stronghold of the TEA – Tards which is seeing an ever increasing amount of extremely violent crime perpetrated by out of control White actors.


From JT:

‘The best brother, son and friend anyone could ask for’: Wind Lake homicide victim identified


Ongoing investigation

At approximately 6:30 p.m. Thursday, multiple callers reported an incident at a home across from Gary’s Wind Lake Boathouse, 25716 W. Loomis Road, on the north side of Wind Lake (the waterway) and just east of the Wind Lake business district.

Schmaling said the suspect approached the residence in the 25700 block of West Loomis Road, “aggressively.”

“Smashing into a vehicle that was parked in the driveway, firing multiple rounds into the home and then ultimately gaining forced entry into that home,” Schmaling told reporters. “And firing again more rounds at individuals in that residence and ultimately striking one of them multiple times.”

Reportedly, Hoffmann fled the scene in a 2009 white Toyota Sienna minivan and was reportedly headed northeast on Loomis Road. Schmaling warned residents that Hoffmann was armed and dangerous and told anyone who saw him to call 911.

Schmaling said the victim, now identified by family as Bickler, was struck multiple times. As of Saturday, authorities had not yet officially released the identity of the victim.

Deputies administered first aid and used multiple tourniquets. Bickler was transported to Ascension Southeast Wisconsin hospital in Franklin, where he was pronounced dead.

Others were inside the residence at the time; however, they were able to escape uninjured. According to the GoFundMe page, a dog named Tucker was also fatally shot on Thursday.

The Republican and TEA – Tard criminals on the loose in Racine County are OUTTA CONTROL!




No more TEA – TARDS!  No more Republithug TEA – Tard Apologists like WI Representative Boss Vos! No more sulking and intimidating Republithugs like Senator Van Wanggard! No more Resident Hating Thugs like Mount Pleasant Village President David DeGroot! No more lying Foxscam Artists  like Racine County Executive Jonathon Delagrave! No more Republicans in Sheeps clothing  while pretending to be Democrats like City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason!

Why Does Republican State Representative Robin Vos Endorse Criminal Activity by Foreign Corporations?

State Representative Robin Vos Sent:

Since the November election, I have been concerned that Governor Tony Evers would try to undermine the state’s contract with Foxconn Technology Group. This week the new governor told members of the media that he wants to renegotiate the contract, and he doesn’t believe the Taiwanese company can create 13,000 jobs in Wisconsin. Like many of you, I was stunned when I heard these remarks. As I said on the Jay Weber Show on News/Talk 1130 WISN, it is beyond my level of understanding to think a governor of the state of Wisconsin is basically rooting for the failure of the largest economic development project in the state’s history.

Luckily, WEDC negotiated an ironclad contract with expectations from both sides. Foxconn also released a statement saying it remains committed to the contract and job creation across Wisconsin.

I remain confident that Foxconn will continue to work toward its goal of creating 13,000 jobs. Our state already is enjoying the economic benefits of the company’s investments in the Dairy State. As Foxconn moves forward on its plans in our state, I’m open to hearing if any flexibility is needed regarding the project, which I hope is the intent of Governor Evers.


Apparently it is way beyond Rep Vos’s understanding that the agreement between WEDC and FOXCONN stipulated a Gen 10.5 Manufacturing Facility!

From the Agreement between WEDC and FOXCONN:

Concerned Taxpayers can download the agreement by clicking on the link: 1109wedcfoxconn

Foxconn says it will openly violate the terms of the agreement! And still expects payments?!

From The Cap Times:

After a week of headlines raising questions about Foxconn’s plans for Wisconsin, Gov. Tony Evers said Friday he is comfortable with the technology company’s commitment to the state.

“Frankly I think what they said recently has been relatively consistent, it’s just a matter of their communication strategy being more consistent,” Evers told reporters in the state Capitol. “I’m comfortable that they’re still committed to the state, they’re still committed to this Generation 6 technology, but that doesn’t mean we won’t continue to encourage them to be more transparent and more consistent.”

Shortly before Evers’ comments, Foxconn Technology Group said in a statement that it will move forward with plans to construct a Generation 6 facility in southeastern Wisconsin. So-called Gen 6 factories generally produce small LCD screens for cell phones, tablets and small televisions.

Although Foxconn originally billed its planned Wisconsin facility as a Generation 10.5 LCD plant, the company has said since last year that it will instead start by building a smaller Gen 6 plant. Foxconn executive Louis Woo has said the company’s southeastern Wisconsin campus will be built in a phased approach.

The confusion surrounding Foxconn’s plans for Wisconsin started with a report on Wednesday published by Reuters. In an interview, Woo told Reuters the company was considering changing the focus of its facility in Mount Pleasant.

Woo told Reuters the company expected to hire mostly researchers and engineers rather than manufacturers, citing the high costs of building TV screens in the United States. He said about three-quarters of the jobs in Wisconsin would be in research and development and design.

What Doesn’t State Representative Robin Vos understand?

In Reply to Robin Vos:

WI Gov. Tony Evers is holding Foxconn to it’s promise to perform under the contract which stipulated a Gen 10.5 facility, which Foxconn has failed to do. Thus – Foxconn is now acting in violation of the contract terms. Thus any contract with Foxconn is null and void. I fully support WI Gov. Tony Evers in his demand for specific performance.

Why do you, Rep. Robin Vos want to allow Foxconn to violate the agreement, and yet still receive the benefits of the Agreement?

Why do you support such criminal activity?

See also: https://arrestrecordsofracinewipublicofficials.wordpress.com/2019/04/18/wedc-got-something-right-racine-county-is-top-rated-for-politicians-tricking-residents-and-treating-themselves-to-the-spoils/


And while State Rep Robin Vos condones criminal activity by Foreign Corporations violating the terms of a contract – he further demands:

State Rep Robin Vos: “I’m open to hearing if any flexibility is needed regarding the project”.

BOHICA Racine County Taxpayers – here it comes again! $1,000,000,000 taxpayer dollars expended and still counting!

Once again…

From the Agreement between WEDC and FOXCONN:

State Rep Robin Vos is a criminal career Politician, who supports criminal activity by Foreign Corporate Interests against Residents of Racine County! Alongside Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave, MTP Tea-Tard Dave DeGroot, City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason, and Premier Solutions Executive William McReynolds! GO WI – CON – SIN!

If Foxconn is going to receive taxpayer credits and funds, then they MUST abide by the contract and build a Generation 10.5 TFT – LCD Fabrication Facility in Mount Pleasant – as stipulated by the contract! It is not negotiable!








WEDC Got Something Right! Racine County is Top Rated for Politicians Tricking Residents and Treating Themselves to the Spoils!

From: https://inwisconsin.com/rankings/

As in Racine County Politicians at all levels Tricking Residents to pay more property taxes, fees, fines, debt service, and Corporate welfare, while those same Politicians Treat themselves to outrageous pay increases, increased tax-free fringes, lavish retirements, long paid vacations, short work weeks, and double-dipping! Often violating Local Ordinances, State Statutes and Human Decency – but NO FEAR! As they won’t be held to account! Both the Republican County Sheriff and Republican County DA are “Both Eyes Blind to Government Crime”!


Truth be told – your home is the Politicians personal ATM – and the Politicians work for the Banksters!

From A Better Mount Pleasant:

Just another day with overpaid and lazy MTP Officials buying time and lying to the Public about the nature of the ever changing Foxconn Contract; “The contract with Mount Pleasant says exactly the same thing – even though Project Manager Claude Lois lied to residents on Monday in the public information meeting by saying the contract says 10.5 OR 6.5. It doesn’t. We pay him $250K a year to lie to us and misrepresent the facts”.


MTP Residents – Enjoy the Foxscam! *NEW* and *IMPROVED* Tax Rates and Hikes are in the Dave DeGroot shiny new Sewer Pipeline aided and abetted by his fellow covert Foxconn Employees, soon to be heading your way! Cui Bono?

Pretty soon those shiny new sewer lines will be carrying the contaminated waste water from Mount Pleasant back to City of Racine to be dumped back into Lake Michigan! MTP Village President David DeGroot, and his Minions (acting as MTP Trustees), BFF Racine Mayor Cory Mason, Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave, and Failed College Graduate Former Guv Scott Walker, have been Foxconned and sold out Residents to the Banksters, Land Speculators, Lawyers and Corporate Interests.


As sure as Unicorns shit *SKITTLES*, once the Gen 10.5 Foxconn manufacturing complex, as stipulated in the contract between State of WI and Foxconn, is operating, property taxes in Racine County will drop to near *ZERO*, or be like Alaska, and Residents will enjoy a Foxconn Tax Dividend! And everybody will live happily ever after.*

* Results may vary….


Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave Cheerleads For the Foxconn Turd Which Will Flush SE WI Off the Map!


It’s gotta suk to be County Executive Johnathan Delagrave and have to cheerlead this Foxconn Scam Turd which will flush Racine County down the toilet and lead to the BANKRUPTCY of SE WI!

Lie after lie – time after time…. it will never be different!

From The JT:

Commentary by Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave:

We want everyone in Racine County to benefit from Foxconn’s historic investment in our community.

And to fully capitalize on that investment, we need everyone.

That especially includes residents who have struggled to enter or stay in the workforce. Over the last few years, the economic picture in Racine County and the City of Racine has undoubtedly brightened. But too many have been left behind, unable to share in the region’s success.

In the coming days, I will be holding town halls in City of Racine neighborhoods to listen to residents’ concerns and ideas, answer questions, and provide information on County services and programs we feel can give a big boost to those looking to move up the economic ladder.

One town hall is a conversation with the Hispanic community. It is scheduled for 5 to 7:30 p.m. June 5 at the Cesar Chavez Community Center, 2221 Douglas Ave.

Other town halls are set for 1 to 3 p.m. June 4 at the George Bray Neighborhood YMCA, 924 Center St., and from noon to 2 p.m. June 6 at the John Bryant Center, 601 21st St.

Amid the excitement around Foxconn, the County’s focus has remained on doing all we can to put residents and businesses in a position to succeed. We’ve developed some exciting initiatives to help make that happen.

The Racine County Board this spring approved working with a group called SkillSmart to help identify and develop talent for various in-demand fields, as the company did during the Milwaukee Bucks arena project. It includes a web component – which you can find at GreaterRacineAtWork.com – that goes beyond simply uploading a resume and hoping for the best.

Yeah – Right……

The blind leading the blind – straight into the pit of HELL! It’s merely the latest secundum diem from an elected, clueless, and potentially incompetent County Executive Executive!

Take EXIT Highway 20  333 straight to 666.

Hey! Hey! My! My! Selling Cyanide to Children Is Secundum Diem!

Barracuda! The barracuda is a ray-finned fish known for its large size, fearsome appearance and ferocious behaviour –  Like Foxconn and it’s government advocates/liars –


The Arrest Report of Mount Pleasant Police Chief Tim Zarzecki

Mount Pleasant Police chief arrested after “very minor” domestic incident

From The Journal Times, June 9, 2012:

UNION GROVE — Mount Pleasant Police Chief Tim Zarzecki was arrested Friday night by the Racine County Sheriff’s Office following a domestic incident at his home in Union Grove, Racine County Sheriff Chris Schmaling confirmed Saturday.

Deputies were dispatched to Zarzecki’s residence at 10:30 p.m. Friday, Schmaling said. When they arrived, they found that Zarzecki had been involved in an alleged domestic incident with his wife. Zarzecki was then arrested on pending charges of disorderly conduct-domestic abuse and taken to the Racine County Jail, where he was booked and released after posting bail.

Schmaling said “domestic abuse” means that an incident occurred between current or former family members, between people who live together or have lived together in the past, or between people who had a child together. He said that when deputies are dispatched to most domestic-related incidents they can either arrest parties for disorderly conduct-domestic abuse, battery-domestic abuse, or criminal damage to property-domestic abuse.

“Disorderly conduct-domestic abuse was the charge that deputies felt that they had probable cause to arrest Zarzecki on,” Schmaling said.

And a television report from WISN 12:

Racine County Sheriffs Department confirm that Tim Zarzecki was arrested for disorderly conduct early Saturday morning.

Following the arrest, The Journal Times reported on June 11, 2012:

Report: Chief’s fight with wife verbal

UNION GROVE — A heated argument about spoiled vacation plans is allegedly what led deputies to knock on the door of Mount Pleasant Police Chief Tim Zarzecki’s home Friday night, eventually arresting him for disorderly conduct-domestic abuse.

Zarzecki also told deputies, the report states, that the argument was strictly “verbal” and that his wife had stopped taking her medications.

When a deputy spoke with Cynthia Zarzecki, she said that “she knew for a while” that she was going on to Kentucky but did not tell her husband because she “didn’t want to argue.”

She said her husband got so angry about the news that he spit in her face and insulted her. He then reportedly knocked a bag of chips off the kitchen counter, and slammed a drawer so hard he broke its front panel.

She called 911, she said, because she felt that Tim Zarzecki’s anger was increasing and “she didn’t know what he was going to do next,” the report states.

When asked if her husband struck her Cynthia Zarzecki stated that Tim Zarzecki “has never struck her.”

And to no one’s surprise, The Journal Times reported on June 26, 2012:

No criminal conduct found in police chief case


MOUNT PLEASANT — Mount Pleasant Police Chief Tim Zarzecki will not face criminal charges for his involvement in a domestic dispute with his wife earlier this month.

Milwaukee County Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern said in an email Tuesday that after reading police reports and interviewing Zarzecki and his wife it was determined that “no criminal conduct occurred” during the night of the chief’s arrest.

Zarzecki told deputies at the time of his arrest that the argument was strictly “verbal.” When deputies asked Cynthia Zarzecki if her husband struck her she stated that he had “never struck her,” according to the incident report.

However, according to the Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 947 CRIMES AGAINST PUBLIC PEACE, ORDER AND OTHER INTERESTS, “strictly verbal” can constitute criminal conduct. In addition, items had been strewn about the kitchen and the issue of Tim Zarzecki spitting at his wife was never resolved. From the statutes:

947.01 Disorderly conduct.

(1) Whoever, in a public or private place, engages in violent, abusive, indecent, profane, boisterous, unreasonably loud or otherwise disorderly conduct under circumstances in which the conduct tends to cause or provoke a disturbance is guilty of a Class B misdemeanor.

Application of the disorderly conduct statute to speech alone is permissible under appropriate circumstances. When speech is not an essential part of any exposition of ideas, when it is utterly devoid of social value, and when it can cause or provoke a disturbance, the disorderly conduct statute can be applicable. State v. A.S. 2001 WI 48243 Wis. 2d 173626 N.W.2d 71299-2317.

Disorderly conduct does not necessarily require disruptions that implicate the public directly. This section encompasses conduct that tends to cause a disturbance or disruption that is personal or private in nature, as long as there exists the real possibility that the disturbance or disruption will spill over and disrupt the peace, order, or safety of the surrounding community as well. Sending repeated, unwelcome, and anonymous mailings was “otherwise disorderly conduct.” State v. Schwebke, 2002 WI 55253 Wis. 2d 1644 N.W.2d 66699-3204.

Not only did Milwaukee County Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern  determine that, contrary to Wisconsin Statute 947.01, “no criminal conduct occurred” during the night of the chief’s arrest, Wisconsin’s Circuit Court Access failed to record the arrest, charge, and subsequent dismissal – which is de rigueur for those who aren’t politically connected or have access to Wisconsin’s Court Records.

Screenshot from CCAP evidencing that the arrest and charging record of Mount Pleasant Police Chief Tim Zarzecki is missing:

Screenshot from CCAP FAQ’s evidencing the rules from which Mount Pleasant Police Chief Tim Zarzecki was, for reasons unknown, exempted from:

Further, the special treatment which Tim Zarzecki received was in violation of  the Wisconsin Legislatures ACT 346 of 1987 which required Law Enforcement to:

(2) MANDATORY ARREST. Notwithstanding s. 968.07, a law enforcement officer shall arrest and take a person into custody if:

(a) The officer has reasonable grounds to believe that the person is committing or has committed domestic abuse and that the person’s actions constitute the commission of a crime; and

(b) Either or both of the following circumstances are present:

  1. The officer has a reasonable basis for believing that there is a possibility of continued violence against the alleged victim.
  1. There is evidence of physical injury to the alleged victim.

Thus can be little doubt that a cover-up was initiated in the DA’s Office.

Date of enactment: April 21, 1988, 1987 Assembly Bill 224

Date of publication: May 2,1988

1987 Wisconsin Act 346

AN ACT to create 939.621 and 968.075 of the statutes, relating to arrest, domestic abuse and providing penalties.

The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do enact as follows:


Legislative intent and purpose. (1)

The legislature finds that societal attitudes have been reflected in policies and practices of law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and courts. Under these policies and practices, the treatment of a crime may vary widely depending on the relationship between the criminal offender and the victim of the crime. Only recently has public perception of the serious consequences of domestic violence to society and to individual victims led to the recognition of the necessity for early intervention by the criminal justice system.

(2) The legislature intends, by passage of this act, that:

(a) The official response to cases of domestic violence stress the enforcement of the laws, protect the victim and communicate the attitude that violent behavior is neither excused nor tolerated.

(b) Criminal laws be enforced without regard to the relationship of the persons involved.

(c) District attorneys document the extent of domestic violence incidents requiring the intervention of law enforcement agencies.

(d) Law enforcement agencies be encouraged to provide adequate training to officers handling domestic violence incidents.

(3) The purpose of this act is to recognize domestic violence as involving serious criminal offenses and to provide increased protection for the victims of domestic violence.

The full text of the Wisconsin Legislatures Act 346 of 1987 is available by clicking 1987 Act 346.

All of the sordid details of  Mount Pleasant Police Chief Timothy Zarzecki’s actions up to and leading to his arrest can be found in the  Racine County Sheriff’s Department Report.  That report can be accessed by clicking on the link below, which will open the reader.

Tim Zarzecki’s Arrest Report

Excerpts from the above arrest report: