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Your perspective changes depending if you are going off to fight a Politicians Political War – OR – If you are that  Politician demanding Others go to fight and die for your Political Agenda.


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Once Again, Time to Play, “How Many Federal Lawsuits Have Been Filed Against City of Racine”?

With JT reporting on 2 new Federal Lawsuits being filed against City of Racine, in which Taxpayers will be forced to pay all costs if the City loses or settles, It seems prudent to take a look at the Docket of the Federal Court. But first….

Water employee suing city for racial discrimination

RACINE — A Racine Water Utility employee filed a civil action lawsuit against the City of Racine alleging that he was discriminated against based on his race and physical disability from an injury sustained on the job.

Shannon McDonald, of McDonald and Kloth, LLC. which represents Endel Williams, said the goal was to improve working conditions for minorities at the City.

“The goal is to stop the discrimination and harassment that’s been happening at the city,” said McDonald. “Not just for Mr. Williams but for all city employees who experience this type of bias.”

The City has not yet filed its defense but the City Attorney’s office released the following statement:

“The City of Racine is aware that Racine Water Utility employee Endel Williams has filed a lawsuit against the City. The City disputes the allegations in the Complaint and will vigorously defend this action.”

Allegations of racism

Williams, who is black, started working as a construction worker with the water department in February 2007.

According to the complaint filed on Aug. 14, by Williams’ legal representation, he “became aware” that his supervisor made racially derogatory remarks about him, such as referring to Williams as a “(n-word)” and the “Mayor’s Token (n-word).”

In August 2015, the general manager disciplined Williams for being insubordinate to his supervisor. Williams objected and later that month lodged a complaint to the City alleging the City had discriminated against him and harassed him due to his race.

Williams claims that at that time he made the general manager aware of the racist remarks his supervisor made about him and other blacks in the workplace.

Man sues, alleging Racine police officer hit him during diabetic seizure

RACINE — A Racine man filed a lawsuit in federal court last month, alleging that a Racine Police officer punched him while he was in the midst of a diabetic seizure.

A March 12 federal lawsuit filed by Tyran Pinkins, 34, names the City of Racine, Racine Police Officer Joshua Diedrich and five other unknown Racine Police officers, as defendants in the suit.

According to court documents, the lawsuit stems from an Oct. 6, 2016, incident. On that evening, RPD Officer Diedrich was flagged down near the intersection of State Street and Lake Avenue by a person trying to get emergency medical care for Pinkins.

Diedrich called for a rescue squad stating that Pinkins was having a seizure. During the encounter, the officer asked Pinkins questions to which Pinkins did not respond.

When Pinkins began to sway toward the road and walk away, the officer took hold him. The court document alleges that Pinkins began to uncontrollably flail around due to a diabetic seizure, causing the officer to tackle him.

The lawsuit alleges that during the encounter, the officer punched Pinkins in the face multiple times with a closed fist causing Pinkins “permanent injuries” to his vision, jaw and teeth.

Pinkins believes the officer’s punches were deadly force, and were “excessive and done with a reckless and/or callous disregard for the Plaintiff’s rights,” filing documents state.

As a result of the encounter, Pinkins was hospitalized. After he was released, on Oct. 7, 2016, he was arrested and charged with battery to a law enforcement officer, attempt to disarm a peace officer, resisting or obstructing an officer and disorderly conduct.

Second incident

As part of the lawsuit, Pinkins mentions a second incident that allegedly occurred on Oct. 29, 2017. At the time, Pinkins was homeless and living at HALO, 2000 DeKoven Ave.

Pinkins was listening to headphones during overnight hours when another person complained that Pinkins was listening to his music too loudly. The woman then called police.

When Racine Police arrived, Pinkins was in the bathroom. He claims that police barged into the restroom and began yelling at him, who was somewhat disoriented. Pinkins says Racine Police deployed a Taser on him which had to later be surgically removed from his back.

Court documents state that Pinkins alleges that Racine Police may have remembered him from the earlier encounter, which is why, he believes, that he was Tasered.

Not quite sure where this one will go, But RPD Sgt. Sam Stulo insists he didndu nuffin’ and should have been released to his wife with no charges…..

With video: Body cam footage of Racine Police sergeant’s arrest obtained

RACINE — Nearly six hours of body cam footage of the arrest of a Racine Police sergeant accused of OWI and hit-and-run causing injury was released last week, after The Journal Times made an open records request with the Racine County Sheriff’s Office.

The footage shows Racine Police Sgt. Samuel Stulo speaking with a Racine County Sheriff’s deputy after the crash, with a visibly swollen chin and raspy voice saying he got punched in the throat.

Stulo admits going to a local bar for “two or three beers,” and said he wasn’t sure if he hit a car because he was on his phone. “I don’t know if I hit it (the car),” Stulo says. “I was on my phone, you know how we are, looking at our phones.”

The video shows Stulo attempting various field sobriety tests. According to a Racine County Sheriff’s Office incident report, Stulo failed the field sobriety test after he reportedly crashed his truck into a parked car on State Street, injuring a woman just before 8 p.m. on Dec. 17.

Footage shows Stulo explain to deputies that he has a bad hip and back, which is why he can’t perform well on the tests. “You guys are setting me up to fail,” Stulo says in the video.

“This is what we do for everybody,” a deputy replies.

“I’m not everybody,” Stulo responds.

When a deputy presents a portable Breathalyzer, Stulo says “I’m not doing that.” He then asks for a lawyer and is arrested. “You guys could have took me home,” Stulo said, as he is put into the back of a deputy squad car. “I would have took the accident and moved on.”

Squad car footage

Footage from the squad car shows Stulo repeatedly asking for a lawyer and stating that he failed his field sobriety testing due to medical issues.

“All you guys had to do was just let my wife take me home, man,” Stulo said. “It’s not going to stick with my back and my hip problems. It’s not going to stick. I got so much medical documentation, it’s not going to stick.”

When the deputy asked if he could perform a blood draw, Stulo said he would not do anything without speaking with a lawyer first. “I’m not consenting to s**t,” Stulo is heard saying. “I’m not consenting to nothing.”

Nearly two hours after the crash, Stulo’s blood-alcohol content was later found to be 0.182 percent, more than two times the legal limit, state records show.

The Journal Times received the results through an open records request filed with the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, which conducts blood-alcohol tests for the state.

“I just lost everything … I respect what you guys are doing, but I just lost it all,” Stulo said.

At the hospital

The footage also shows deputies taking Stulo into the hospital. As he is being led in, Stulo continues to ask to walk on his own and for a lawyer. “You really want to do this, huh?” Stulo said.

At one point, Stulo appears to become agitated and ask deputies to get off of him. “I’ve done nothing wrong. I don’t want to feel like a f***ing criminal, man,” Stulo said.

So now it’s time to check out the Federal Court Docket for City of Racine; from PACER:

Only 2 Federal cases open – WELL, THAT’S  A HUGE IMPROVEMENT from the years of the Dickert Disaster!

In local Circuit Courts, City of Racine is being sued for: (Left mouse click on images enlarges them)

Property Damage:

Unclassified – But connected with the Machinery Row Chicanary!

Unclassified – But connected with the Machinery Row Chicanary!

Condemnation Review!

And guess who is gonna pay for the malfeasance and general incompetence committed by City of Racine Actors…… yep, the Underdog Taxpayers!

It’s not my place to run the train
The whistle I can’t blow.

It’s not my place to say how far
The train’s allowed to go.

It’s not my place to shoot off steam
Nor even clang the bell.

But let the damn thing jump the track
And see who catches hell.

Racine’s Very Own Fist of Rage, Mayor Cory Mason, Scores Second Place in Tax Hell WI!

Blue Fisted Residents of Racine Mayor Cory Mason’s 9 Circles of Hell (Courtesy of Dante’s Inferno) will be disappointed to know that Racine only ranks second to Tax Hell Milwaukee, in Tax Hell WI!

Substitute Mayor Cory Mason and his 4 Assistants for “PR professional” in the below chart, and the similarities will immediately become obvious.

According to Milwaukee Business Journal, Racine ranks only second to Milwaukee for the highest Property Tax rates in Tax Hell WI.

Versus #1 WI Tax Hell – Milwaukee, led by Failed Governor Candidate “Trolly” Tom Barrett:


With Tax Hell Illinois leading the Nation into bankruptcy, no doubt Racine Mayor Cory Mason feels that Racine Residents are prepared to be BLUE FISTED! Ala Illinois Style…. With ever increasing confiscatory property taxes, fees, sales taxes, fines, and forfeitures.

Overtaxed Racine Residents need to know that The Squeeze Play is Already Underway!

And that the Looting of Residents living in a City of Ill Repute will only increase!


Residents of Racine should expect that confiscatory taxes will only continue to increase, along with wealth transfer and redistribution schemes, as prescribed by “Law” in a Lawless Racine County ruled by the whims of Tyrants.




Addendum –


Let the GAMES! Begin – as the line between fees and taxes is blurred in Mayor Cory Mason’s Ratcine!

From JT:

Storm water fees moved from property tax to water bills

RACINE — The City Water Utility and the Office of the Mayor want to remind residents that the stormwater fee, which used to be found on the property tax bill, is now located on the water bills. Some city residents may receive their first bill containing the stormwater fee this week.








Is Alderman Jeff Coe Misinformed or Malfeasant Concerning Civic Centre Revenues?

Does Alderman Jeff Coe know what he is talking about – in regards to Civic Centre taxpayer funded subsidizes? The 2017 Audited Financial Report indicates that he is either misinformed or malfeasant when he wrongly asserts, in a Journal Times article, “First District Alderman Jeff Coe is concerned about the city spending much more on its annual Civic Centre subsidy — set at $323,000 in 2016. Coe said he doesn’t want to go back to the situation in 2005 when Racine was spending upwards of $800,000 on the Civic Centre”.

From JT:

At city’s lakefront venues:

In effort to draw festivals Downtown, city leaders plan to retool Festival Hall contract

RACINE — In an effort to bring more people, business and festivals Downtown, the city is planning to retool its contract with the business that runs Festival Hall, Paul P. Harris Rotary Park and Memorial Hall.

Currently, the three city-owned locations — collectively known as the Civic Centre — are run by VenuWorks, a venue management company based in Ames, Iowa, that runs more than 30 arenas, theaters and convention centers nationwide.

The current contract with VenuWorks was most recently approved in fall 2017, when doomed discussions to build a hotel and arena Downtown were still ongoing.

Affecting Racine’s taxpayers

First District Alderman Jeff Coe is concerned about the city spending much more on its annual Civic Centre subsidy — set at $323,000 in 2016. Coe said he doesn’t want to go back to the situation in 2005 when Racine was spending upwards of $800,000 on the Civic Centre.


The facts, revealed in the City of Racine 2017 Audited Financial  Report evidence that Alderman Jeff Coe, at best, doesn’t know what he is talking about. The Audited Financial Report reveals that the Civic Centre was taxpayer subsidized to the tune of  $807,061, with an operating loss of of $675,357! The evidence is presented below:

Exhibit One : City of Racine Loss Leader – Civic Centre

Exhibit 2: Cashflow evidences that $807,061 in taxpayer funded subsidies was transferred into Civic Centre Account

Exhibit 3: Evidences that Transfers in the amount of $807,061 came from Tax Levy, Pure Magic (others) and Transfers In (more magic)

In City of Racine – money falls from the trees – every single day – to continue financing the City of Ill Repute and those in Offices of Trust and Profit who rake it in daily.  What’s not to see?

Hey Hey Hey! Da Mayor Dopee needs to go away!  Elect Sandy Weidner if you want a truly better day!

It is time for a TAXPAYER FIRST! Racine Spring!


Time for! HOT Govermnent


Honest, Open, Transparent!

Lifestyles of Racine’s Rich, Famous & Politically Connected

All City of Racine residents should be as fortunate as Mayor Cory Mason and Municipal Judge Rebecca Mason, who purchased a Lakefront home at 3907 Lighthouse Drive for a steep discount from the (politically connected) owner who benefited, over time, at seeing his property assessment  drop by HALF – from a high of $800,000 in 2008, to a new low of $440,000 in 2018!


The former owner is Robert H. Lehner II. Meanwhile, there is a much younger Benjamin Lehner, who is employed by City of Racine Housing & Community Development as a Community Development Program Specialist –

Ben was also a member of Monte Osterman’s questionably legal Root River Council Inc., as was then Representative Cory Mason.  When a request was made, in accordance with IRS regulations, to view the Root River Council’s form 990, Monte Osterman refused to comply, because the Organization had failed to properly complete the registration process and was not filing 990’s – despite receiving tens of thousands of $$$ in grants from DNR, DOA Wisconsin Coastal Management Program, and others. When an Ethics Complaint was filed – it was immediately dismissed, and Monte Osterman directed any further requests to view the Form 990 to his Attorney, Rebecca Mason. According to IRS records, the Root River Council was TERMINATED as an Organization in 2013. Miraculously, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, it was re-born under former City Development Director and current RUSD Board member Brian O’connell in 2016!



What a Tangled Web They Weave!

Clearly,  Lakefront property values are in steep decline, as the $440,000 sale price evidences:

The City of Racine Assessor even certified that the discounted sale is usable as an Arms Length Sale!

While on the City’s front screen, the current property assessment information is 2 years out of date!

Just a quaint little Home on Lake Michigan!

Courtesy Bing Maps


Has City of Racine morphed into a criminal enterprise?

“Politics” is power used by social organisms to control others. Not only are human groups never alone, they cannot control their neighbors’ behavior. Each group must confront the real possibility that its neighbors will grow its numbers and attempt to take resources from them. Therefore, the best political tactic for groups to survive in such a milieu is not to live in ecological balance with slow growth, but to grow rapidly and be able to fend off and take resources from others.

                  Overshoot Loop – Jay Hanson

… in the first place, I put forth a general inclination of all mankind a perpetual and restless desire of power after power, that ceaseth only in death. — Thomas Hobbes, LEVIATHAN


WI Guv Scott Walker(R) and Assembly Leader Robin Vos (R) Endorse Randy Bryce (D) For Congress!


One voice – one hand – so it should come as NO Surprise that via Proxy – City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason,  WI Governor Scott Walker and Assembly Leader Robin Vos, join together and endorse Randy Bryce…

Mason endorses Bryce for Congress

Along with WI Governor Scott Walker, Assembly Leader Robin Vos, Cory Mason and anything goes for Foxconn! If Laws can’t be changed to make the UNLAWFUL Foxconn Project Legal, then they shall VIOLATED and Authorities shall not question the numerous transgressions of the established Rule of Law which formerly applied.

From the JT:

RACINE — Racine Mayor Cory Mason announced Monday morning he is endorsing Randy Bryce for the Wisconsin 1st Congressional District seat.

Candidates seeking to replace Ryan must first win their primary on Aug. 14.

On the Democratic side, Bryce is going up against Janesville School Board member Cathy Myers, who has the support of Forward Kenosha, a progressive political activist group.

Myers recently filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission, alleging that Bryce used campaign funds to pay off old debts. …

And from that Complaint…


From the JT:

Myers files FEC complaint against Bryce

RACINE COUNTY — Democratic congressional candidate Cathy Myers filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission on Thursday against her primary opponent Randy Bryce and the Randy Bryce for Congress Campaign.

The complaint alleges that Bryce and his campaign violated the Federal Election Campaign Act by “converting campaign funds to Bryce’s personal use when at least $7,776.73 of the campaign’s funds were used to pay for personal legal fees and a judgment against Bryce for a personal debt he owed his former-girlfriend — 13 years before Bryce became a candidate.”

From JT Comments:


Leave it to Cory Mason to endorse someone with nine convictions for Congress! Is it any wonder the Democratic Party is so corrupt.

You all know Me
You all know Me 

A team donkey mayor endorsing the tinfoil cookie duster? What a surprise!…….NOT. I wonder what impressed cory about him? Perhaps the long rap sheet? Or how about being a deadbeat dad?


Best quote….LMAO……”Cory knows that the people in Racine deserve better representation then what they have been getting for the past 20 years,” Bryce said”….Oh yeah. That’s why the property owners in the City of Racine pay more twice the rate of most of those in Racine County. Yep, they is some sharp cookies in Racine!


And they all do it – so don’t be surprised….


By James Wigderson for Wisconsin Media Check and Media Trackers

Randy Bryce, the Democratic challenger in the first Congressional District known for hanging with Hollywood celebrities, achieved more fame when the New York Times reported he purchased fake followers for his Twitter account. However, readers of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel could be forgiven for being under the false impression that the story was manufactured by Republicans.

The New York Times reported Saturday a company, Devumi, sells fake Twitter followers made up of automated accounts to puff up the purchasers’ Twitter account with retweets. Bryce was one of the purchasers.

“Randy Bryce, an ironworker seeking to unseat Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, purchased Devumi followers in 2015, when he was a blogger and labor activist,” the New York Times reported.

Instead of leading with the facts, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel instead focused on the Republican reaction in an article with the unusually long headline, “GOP atwitter over report that Paul Ryan challenger Randy Bryce bought fake Twitter followers.”

“The Republican side of Wisconsin’s political divide shouted Saturday that Democrat Randy Bryce was a phony after reading in The New York Times that the ironworker paid money a few years ago to gain Twitter followers,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Don Behm wrote as the lede.

Yes, the Republican side “shouted” Bryce is a phony, rather than just going with a lede that referred to the fact that Bryce paid for the Twitter followers. Behm even helpfully adds that Bryce was only mentioned once in the article. He then quotes Bryce’s spokesperson defending her candidate saying that the campaign has not purchased any Twitter followers before quoting any Republicans.

Republicans were also, “atwitter” according to Behm who could not resist the pun:

“Here is the sentence that set the GOP atwitter: `Randy Bryce, an ironworker seeking to unseat Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, purchased Devumi followers in 2015, when he was a blogger and labor activist.’”

But, according to Behm, Republican enthusiasm for the issue was unfounded.

“The timing is before his campaign against Ryan,” Behm wrote. “Bryce, a U.S. Army veteran and union ironworker, is challenging Ryan’s bid for re-election Nov. 6 in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District.”

While Blue – Fisting City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason leads the opposition from Brooklyn, New York!

The Democrats’ Fake Mustache


There is Not a lick-spittle of difference between R’s and D’s and an endorsement of Randy Bryce by City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason which could only be approved by his Handlers at the State and National level – to include WI Governor Scott Walker, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, and US President Donald Trump. It is just more of the same -o -same -o bread and circus show for the long suffering  Resident’s of Racine County – SCAM-O-RAMA Racine County!


“It is No Measure of Health to Be Well Adjusted to a Profoundly Sick Society” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

It is long past time to eliminate the false dichotomy of the long entrenched FAILED “Two Party System”.

In the 2018 WI First Congressional District  Election *VOTE* KEN YORGAN!


It is time to send Independent! Intelligent! Insightful! Inquiring! and Inspired! (I)! Dr. Ken Yorgan to Washington! To repair the BROKEN!