Former City of Racine Mayor and Current Guv. Tony Evers administrator of state and local finance criminally charged!

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And I was sure to inform the JT:

Thanks to Harry Wait and the Concerned Citizens at HOT Government for bringing this development to light!


State of Wisconsin vs. John T Dickert

Racine County Circuit Court Case # 2020CM000603 

John “road rage driver” Dickert
Criminal charges were filed today in Racine County Circuit Court against John Dickert for a road rage incident that ended in an altercation at the Piggly Wiggly parking lot on Washington Ave.

Dickert is represented by Patrick Cafferty, whom had been exchanging information with the D.A’s office regarding Dickert’s altercation and physical assault upon 18 year old Christian Reynoso.

Christian Reynoso was the featured guest on Talking Racine last week.
You may watch Mr. Reynoso here:

Dickert’s initial court appearance  is on 7-23-2020 at 2:30 pm

Law Enforcement Center- Lower Level Hearing Room LC-300


Former City of Racine Mayor John Dickert Arrested for Road Rage

Mark Belling Reports:

The entire Press Release is available at the following link:

“EXCLUSIVE: Road Rage Incident Leads To Arrest Of Former Racine Mayor John Dickert, Now A Top Official In State Revenue Department

By Mark Belling, WISN-AM

Former Racine Mayor John Dickert was arrested Sunday afternoon in the Village of Mount Pleasant In Racine County following a reported road rage incident.

Dickert is currently the administrator of state and local finance in the Evers Administration Department of Revenue.Mount Pleasant Village Police Captain Brian Smith tells me police were called around4 pm this past Sunday (March 22) after a confrontation between two motorists in the 5200 block of West Washington Avenue (Highway 20). That’s a bit west of the Racine city limits and a major thoroughfare. Smith could not give specifics of the incident saying all reports have been turned over the Racine County District Attorney. He did say the two motorists got into an argument about some driving issue and that Village Police were called. That’s when Dickert was arrested and cited.

As mentioned, the case has been referred to the Racine County District Attorney for possible criminal charges. Dickert has been cited but hast not yet been charged”.


The long abused Residents from City of Racine will have to wait and see if Teflon John Dickert can once again weasel his way out of trouble.



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Perhaps former RUSD Superintendent Ann Laing was correct when she stated:

“African American families don’t know how to make good choices for their children”

But then again – City of Racine refuses to apply the written rule of law fairly and equally – see:


Case No.: 2011AP2282


Link to case:

Words have meaning.

See: ‘Moral question of our time’: Area officials, business leaders talk race

Actions always mean more than words – because most Men and Women seem to be natural born liars.


Case No.:  2011AP2282 Complete Title of Case:  PARK 6LLC AND THOMAS J.HOLMES, D/B/A PARK 6, PLAINTIFFS-RESPONDENTS,      V. CITY OF

The Man whose rights were violated went by the name Thomas J. Holmes DBA (Doing Business As) Park6. He is an African American Male.

The Defendants – who violated his rights – took his property – and his Business – by UNLAWFUL means  are:

4. KURT WAHLEN (then Chief of Police)

So when I say that when the State Sponsored Terrorists who violated the rights of African American Thomas J. Holmes have been properly prosecuted and incarcerated – then we can talk about race in Racine – I am justified and proper. Stop disguising the hate and cover-ups.Fair is fair – equal treatment under law is the law – even though City of Racine refuses to act that way.

I would also like to add that AFTER the CITY OF RACINE and other Defendants lost in Circuit Court – CITY OF RACINE forced taxpayers to pony up tens of thousands more $$$ to appeal the decision – and lost again.

*WOW* That is State Sponsored Terrorism.

Fraud Lawsuit Filed Against City of Racine

Here We Go Again!

From Talking Racine:

Once again, City of Racine is being sued. This time it is over alleged fraud which was committed during the failed John Dickert/Cory Mason $65 million Machinery Row Development. The Judge has reviewed the Complaint, and while the questionably competent and potentially malfeasant City Attorney Scott Letteney asked for a dismissal – the Judge DENIED the dismissal, meaning that the suit is going forward and taxpayers will once again BOHICA. Taxpayers ALWAYS pay the bills for incompetent City Employees.

The Crew over at Talking Racine has a video on this development, see:

In addition, a copy of the lawsuit may be reviewed at this link:

Just remember – this lawsuit is going forward – Once again – the City’s request for dismissal was DENIED. Now the Common Council must decide whether to defend or settle.  No matter their decision – taxpayers will once again BOHICA – the Common Council can only now minimize the damage. I suggest they do so – because Cindy and I are sick and tired of paying for their poor decisions and failure to confront malfeasant and questionably competent Mayors – from Becker – to Dickert – to Mason.

There are now 5! that’s FIVE in the Mayor’s Office – and yet here the City is – being sued for FRAUD! What in the World are they doing in the office all day? Or is 5! in the Mayor’s office a jobs program for Family & Friends.

City of Racine Common Council Alderpersons need to *WAKE UP* and smell the coffee.

When will former Mayor John Dickert and Mayor Cory Mason be criminally charged for all their malfeasant and criminal acts?

Once again – it is yet another black eye for City of Racine – and it’s gonna cost the taxpayers huge amounts to defend the indefensible – please, let the Common Council  choose the least cost option – admit the guilt and settle.

Cory Mason must resign – or the Common Council needs to have him removed from office – for the role he played in bringing this lawsuit. The Mayor’s position must be eliminated – as the City only needs one, or perhaps two in the City Administrators position. That is a positive solution to the problem of 5! incompetents holding positions in the Mayor’s Office.

Honest, Open, and Transparent Government must be restored! No more Razzle – Dazzle con-men like John Dickert and Cory Mason.

If Former Racine County Executive Jim Ladwig is a Republican, Why Did Democrat Beth Pramme Host a Fundraiser For Ladwig?

What’s going on in Racine County? Is there any real difference between the Republicans and Democrats, or are they working together against the People? Once you are accepted into the true inner circles of power, there are NO Republicans or Democrats, just Political Opportunists ruled by Corporate Interests. The reward for complying is just more pay raises, tax-free fringes of $30,000, $40,000+, retirements, double dipping, loot and scoot (take your taxpayer funded retirement and move to a State with no income tax), no accountability (just ask Rich and Jennifer Chiapete or Tim Zarzecki). You sit on Boards of non-profit Organizations which are taxpayer funded, but not subject to Wisconsin’s Open Records Laws, and spend hundreds of millions looted from the taxpayers which benefit the politically correct connected.  If your political career is in jeopardy because of personal sins, there are taxpayer funded Non-Profits and Corporations which will employ you and see you through. Meanwhile, the Little People are abused, jailed and fined, and the tax and fee hikes just keep coming! But that’s how it works in a kleptocracy – and that’s the form of government which operates throughout Racine County.

This is an oldie but a goodie – which shows how far the deception goes in Racine County – it is a document which is only available to the public because of a lawsuit. The document would never be published in the mainstream media, because it would reveal the secret. What could be more revealing than notorious Democrat Beth Pramme holding a fundraiser for Jim Dickert and John Ladwig, or is that John Dickert and Jim Ladwig? As an added *BONUS* Mary Jerger Osterman and Chip Brewer, Director of Worldwide Government Relations at SCJ, are  involved!  Of course, Jim Ladwig now works for SC Johnson as the Senior Director for Global Community Affairs and John T. Dickert works as the executive director of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative..  Bon Appétit!

Doesn’t the below make more sense? Republican Jim Ladwig employing Democrat Beth Pramme to Recall Brain Dead Scott Walker!

Taxes are for Little People – big People like SC Johnson, Foxconn and Racine’s current First Couple, Cory & Rebecca Mason either don’t pay them or fix it so they are exempt. They are the Beneficiaries and Recipients.


The Mason’s aren’t interested in paying their fair share. The Lehner name is well connected to City Hall…. Benjamin Lehner of Root River Council fame is now a City Employee…OH LOOK – they even paid full price $440,000! It is surely an “Arms Length” sale…..  Everything is on the Uppity UP! Nothing to see here folks, now move along…. Hey Buddy…. what’s your problem?

While this asshole loves himself to death! LOL! Too big to jail, he issued an Executive Order! As a Mayor! LOL! While the Common Council of Racine sat in *STUNNED* Amazement.  Claimed to be Mayor 24/7, and stuck the taxpayers with his personal legal bills of over $100G.  Ya gotta luv someone with the chutzpah of John T. Dickert – American Politician. LOL! Laugh now – cry later.

And just ask Racine County Executive Jonathon Delagrave, who is trying to lift everybody’s* boat with the Foxscam Failure……..

(NOTE that EVERYBODY does not include those who are privately employed, small business owners, and those not politically connected)

If Racine County is a Sanctuary County – then we can provide Foxconn with the low wage and no benefit workers needed to make The Project happen.


*PROOF* City of Racine is a Terrorist Organization!

Aristotle explained this mysterious phenomenon: “Before some audiences not even the possession of the exactest knowledge will make it easy for what we say to produce conviction. For argument based on knowledge implies instruction, and there are people whom one cannot instruct.”
– Aristotle, Rhetoric   

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons,

How ironic is it that when City of Racine, then under Mayor John Dickert, decided to take legal action against a Black Man who owned and operated the Park 6 Business, it acted upon an unverified complaint submitted by Kurt Wahlen! And that only later, the local Circuit Court’s prejudiced decision was  overturned in the WI Court of Appeals! Holmes v Wahlen, 2012 WI App 123.

APPEAL from an order of the circuit court for Racine County:

BRUCE E. SCHROEDER, Judge.  Affirmed.

Before Brown, C.J., Reilly and Gundrum, JJ.

¶1 BROWN, C.J.   This case is about a liquor license revocation in which the city council acted upon a citizen complaint that was not sworn, as required by statute.  This constituted a fundamental error that deprived the licensing committee of jurisdiction over the matter.  Therefore, the subsequent revocation of the liquor license was invalid.  We affirm the circuit court’s order vacating the licensing committee’s decision to revoke the liquor license.

¶2 Kurt Wahlen, chief of police in the City of Racine, initiated liquor license revocation proceedings against Thomas Holmes, d/b/a Park 6 and registered agent for Park 6, LLC, with a citizen’s complaint.  The complaint was not “sworn,” as required by WIS. STAT. § 125.12(2)(ag) (2009-10).1  Wahlen, “as a resident of the Municipality of the city of Racine,” alleged in his complaint that Holmes’s operation of Park 6 constituted a “disorderly or riotous, indecent or improper house,” and “created undesirable neighborhood problems” in violation of state statutes and municipal ordinances.  The complaint formally presented the matter to the city clerk for issuance of a summons and to proceed to a due process hearing for a determination of whether Holmes’s liquor license should be suspended or revoked.  The Public Safety and Licensing Committee held a hearing, after which it recommended to the Common Council that Holmes’s license be revoked.  The Council voted to revoke Holmes’s license.

Now, here comes a complaint against malfeasant City Attorney Scott Letteney, by Harry Wait, and suddenly a verified complaint is required!

RACINE — Board of Ethics Chairwoman Mary Wyant decided the complaint filed by Harry Wait of the Town of Dover did not meet the board’s requirements and will not be accepted by the board for discussion.

“In early March, Wait, a citizens’ rights advocate and member of HOT (Honest, Open and Transparent) Government, alleged that City Attorney Scott Letteney has “an extensive history of egregious conduct while in office, undermining the interest of the people and the City of Racine,” and recommended sanctioning and removing Letteney from office”.

You can’t make this up – it is true! City of Racine is a CRIMINAL and Discriminatory Organization – acting upon an unverified complaint against a Person of Color Operating a private business,  while refusing unverified complaints against White State Sponsored City Actors. The City of Racine is a Discriminatory Terrorist Organization! Which actively discriminates against People of Color and fails to respond to bona-fide Citizen Complaints against White Taxpayer Funded State Sponsored Terrorists. In addition to Secret Government, Secret Courts, Sealed Public Records,  Malfeasance, Usurpation of Statutory Authority, Outrageous Spending on Salaries & Tax-Free Fringes, Numerous Closed Sessions, and not holding Public Employees and Government Officials to account for their Crimes! What did I forget?

Holmes  v Wahlen available by clicking here: Holmes v Wahlen


Tim & Cindy

More Embezzlers Uncovered In The City of Ill Repute – City of Racine!

According to JT:

Federal court

21 months for Racine woman who embezzled $778k from father’s law firm

RACINE — A Racine woman indicted by a federal grand jury for embezzling more than $775,000 from her late father’s Racine law firm — and using it to fund a gambling and drug problem — was sentenced Wednesday to serve 21 months in prison.

Kathleen A. Fetek, 56, originally pleaded not guilty to a single count of mail fraud, but later pleaded guilty to the charge on Nov. 1. In addition to prison time, Fetek will be on supervision for three years after her release. She was also ordered to pay $788,277 in restitution.

According to the indictment, Fetek worked for her attorney father, James Fetek, from 2012 until his death in 2016. By 2014, Kathleen Fetek reportedly took the money of beneficiaries and estates represented by Fetek Law Office and kept it for herself.

Fetek allegedly wrote checks to herself from the firm’s account, signing her mother’s name. She then cashed the checks at various locations, such as banks and liquor stores, and would prepare and mail “materially false distribution summaries and estate account documentation” to beneficiaries.

An FBI investigation uncovered Fetek’s plot after her father’s death, when Fetek provided the firm’s records to a new attorney. She provided checks she had cashed for herself that were altered to look as if they were written to beneficiaries.

The investigation later uncovered that Fetek had a gambling problem. Between January 2015 and December 2016, Fetek allegedly lost more than $212,000 at Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee.

In addition to the $778,000 in checks written to herself, victims also reported that cash, jewelry and personal property also went missing from their deceased family members’ homes. Many times, the document states, Fetek served as the home’s listing real estate agent.

According to the document, the victims also said they were “particularly offended” that Fetek used a substantial portion of the stolen money to fund her “drug use and entertain herself through regular trips to the casino in Milwaukee.”

“While essentially practicing law with little or no supervision by her father, Ms. Fetek lied to the firm’s clients to perpetuate her fraud,” the document states. “This was a direct betrayal of the trust of the over 100 intended beneficiaries of the 24 impacted estates.”


Dear City of Racine Alderpersons,

I think that former Mayor John Dickert said it best……

When he claimed that there are some Embezzlers in Racine City Hall who need to be fired.

Basically, these embezzlers are grossly overpaid, over-compensated, and under – worked at taxpayer expense.

Increasing the Mayor’s office from 3 to 5 at an expense to taxpayers of nearly three quarter of a million dollars! ($736,435 for 2019) is

According to State Assembly Leader Robin Vos,  when dealing with the State Budget –

“Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is still smarting from last month’s rocky resolution to the state budget debate, calling three Republican
senators who struck a deal with Gov. Scott Walker to support the budget “terrorists.”

“That’s what they are,” Vos said in a WISN-TV interview that aired Sunday. “You don’t hold somebody hostage for your own personal

It is apparent that Mayor Cory Mason has also held City of Racine Taxpayers hostage for his own personal need to increase the Mayor’s office from 3 to 5 positions at an additional cost of $276,355! By State Assembly Leader Robin Vos’s definition of Terrorist –  City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason is a Terrorist – and the members of the Common Council who approved his budget are Terrorists by association.

Meanwhile….. more despicable actions in The City of Ill Repute…..

From JT:

RACINE — A Racine woman indicted by a federal grand jury for embezzling more than $775,000 from her late father’s Racine law firm — and using it to fund a gambling and drug problem — was sentenced Wednesday to serve 21 months in prison.

Kathleen A. Fetek, 56, originally pleaded not guilty to a single count of mail fraud, but later pleaded guilty to the charge on Nov. 1. In addition to prison time, Fetek will be on supervision for three years after her release. She was also ordered to pay $788,277 in restitution.

“Why Kathy Fetek felt she had the right to take money from anybody … is truly despicable.”

Fraud victim’s testimony

Likewise – City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason also feels he has the right to take more money from taxpayers to increase his office from 3 to 5. If he knew he couldn’t handle the job – why then did he run for elective office, and why did the Common Council “sell out” the taxpayers and allow this outrageous increase? Every single one of you who voted for the Mayor’s budget SOLD OUT your Electors! And thus you also held City of Racine taxpayers for your own personal needs and by the definition of State Assembly Leader Robin Vos, are Terrorists.

I think that at City of Racine Hall there is a substantial problem with embezzlement, gambling with taxpayer money, and even drug abuse – ala Tim Tompkins and other unnamed/untested individuals. Truth must be hidden from Taxpayers in Racine Mayor Cory Mason’s secret government and colluding courts. Coryuption rules the City of Ill Repute.


Tim & Cindy



The Shakedown of the Taxpayers residing in a City of Ill Repute continues


City of Ratcine Taxpayers are Dumb Cows to be Milked and Bilked as proven by the actions of Mayor Cory “Dopee” Mason and City Attorney Scott “Nopee” Letteney

Taxpayers and Residents of Ratcine – once again – are forced to pay for the actions of the young and the restless – and indemnify those who have acted outside the accepted rules of practice.

  1. compensate (someone) for harm or loss.
    “the amount of insurance that may be carried to indemnify the owner in the event of a loss”
    synonyms: reimburse, compensate, recompense, repay, pay back, remunerate, recoup, requite, make restitution/amends to; More

    • secure (someone) against legal liability for their actions.


From JT:

Police recruit injury

‘Horseplay’ led to $50,000 Kenosha claim regarding police recruit

RACINE — An “act of horseplay” between two police recruits led to the City of Kenosha’s $50,000 claim against the City of Racine, according to a legal brief provided to Racine’s Finance and Personnel Committee.

On Monday, Attorney Marisa Roubik told the committee that on March 13, 2018, a Racine Police Department recruit was sitting on the floor of the Law Enforcement Academy at Gateway Technical College’s Kenosha Campus and grabbed the legs of a Kenosha recruit. The Kenosha recruit’s legs buckled, resulting in injuries to that recruit’s right leg.

So – once again Mayor Cory “Dopee” Mason and City Attorney Scott “Nopee” Letteney – just why are taxpayers paying for unauthorized and illegal “HORSEPLAY”?

Enough is enough – time to either hold the actor liable for the harm which was caused – or refuse to hold taxpayers and residents liable for UNAUTHORIZED NONSENSE. Just because former Mayor John Dickert wasn’t criminally held responsible for his claiming an Embezzler had been fired – while campaigning for Office – doesn’t mean you can continue to float the flawed and biased ruling by malfeasant  Ratcine County Judge  Gerald Ptacek – against the taxpaying public – forever. As an aside – Who was the Embezzler – how much was Embezzled – and what is the status of the Criminal prosecution?


Oh! That’s RIGHT!



Enough is Enough

Dopee and Nopee need to go.

Write in Sandy Weidner for Mayor – April 2, 2019.

Sandy Weidner is an Angel of Light in a City enveloped by Darkness.