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 Mr. Van Carson – Racine Focus on Fathers

A voice of sanity, logic and rational thinking suddenly bursts upon City of Racine, Courtesy of Mr. Van Carson:

From the JT:

State budget

End of collecting child support birth costs proposed in Evers budget

RACINE — Gov. Tony Evers’ proposed budget, if adopted in its current form, could change how much parents have to pay in child support by potentially eliminating the birth costs that some fathers pay.

Eliminating the cost would leave a budget hole, but could help decrease the state’s black infant mortality rate by eliminating a barrier to prenatal care.

Currently, when a woman gets pregnant many times medical expenses will be covered through the state’s Medicaid program.

If child support is needed from the father, as part of the father’s payments he will need to repay those birth costs, although there was a provision recently enacted that stopped the practice of recovering birth costs if the mother and father live together and are both supporting the child.

The amount typically charged for birth costs in Racine County is $1,600, according to Jeff Leggett, Racine County’s director of child support services.

In 2018, Racine County’s Child Support Office collected a total of $711,127 in birth costs, with 85 percent going to reimburse the Medicaid program, $604,458, and 15 percent staying with the county, $106,669, according to Leggett.

Leggett said if the collection of birth costs was eliminated, officials would have to figure out how to fill that budget hole in another way.

Evers’ proposed state budget includes some additional budgeted funds for child support agencies — $750,000 for fiscal year 2020 and $1.5 million for fiscal year 2021. However, the state budget does not include an estimate on how much revenue the state would lose not collecting the Medicaid birth costs.

Van Carson, who works for Racine Focus on Fathers, a fathers program ran through the George Bray Neighborhood YMCA, said, even though child support can be expensive and the birth costs add to that, he doesn’t think the birth cost collection should be eliminated.

“It’s expensive to be a human. It’s expensive. It comes with cost,” Carson said.

He said those people who have children need to understand that “recess is over,” and need to take responsibility and get a job.

Carson said he thinks it would be more fair if the father and mother had to repay the birth costs, not just the father.


As it should be.

It is time to end the Blue Fist Looting of a City of Ill Repute!


Unfortunate – but true…..


I’d love to hear the explanation as to how forcing tax payers to pay for birth costs is going to lower the African American infant mortality rate.


Love that picture they always use of Evers with his big smile.! Shows how he really enjoys sticking it to taxpayers in any way he can!!


I guess I’m a little dense this morning. How will this break down the barrier to prenatal care? The state is already paying it. Is taxing Tony grabbing at straws again?


wow Phony tony is racist…he feels that blacks cannot and should not pay child support! ans wow 3/4 of a million dollars our courts waste time on for woman having babies then going on welfare and filing for child support…what a racket!! The court and the law should get out of the collection business acting like the Mob and useing the bullies of the legal system to go after a choice two people made then had a baby…YOU DEAL WITH IT…it should not be a tax payer burden in ANY way!!


Instead of trying to make it easier for fathers to not be responsible for their offspring, how about giving these fathers a mandatory vasectomy to prevent them from adding to the numbers of the welfare dependent population again?

We just  went from DUMB – to DUMBER! Idiocracy was a documentary!