Bureaucrats Gone WILD in Racine WI


Government is merely a Bureaucracy elected by Residents meant to statutorily apply laws and regulations to ensure an even playing field and to equally distribute the costs; while being open and transparent to all. It works when properly applied to all – but in Racine WI, it is applied with extreme prejudice, discrimination, crony capitalism, nepotism, and often behind closed doors “in secret”; which in Racine County favors “Political Contributors”,  Family & Friends, and People WITHOUT Color. In Racine County, due to the ever increasing number of active and former Civil Rights Lawsuits for redress of grievances, it has  becomes evident that elected officials have abused their positions of authority to impose restrictions upon others based upon color, creed, political connections, and social position.

Note that currently, City of Racine is a Defendant in these Civil Right cases filed in Federal Court:

The proper role of Government is to NOT unnecessarily exploit Private Enterprise and shove a Blue Fist up their Bruised and hard-working Ass to  demand more money (vig) for their own Increase, such as Wages, Benefits, Vacation, Retirement, etc. Current Mayor Cory Mason and his wife, Municipal Judge wife Rebekah are like many  of the duplicitous power couples who rule Racine – both of their incomes are dependent upon tax-farming – they are not engaged in (successful) private enterprise.


For more information concerning the consequences when those who are in positions of statutory authority/elected/appointed position abuse that authority; see the paper: Tragedy of the Commons:

The tragedy of the commons is a term used in social science to describe a situation in a shared-resource system where individual users acting independently according to their own self-interest behave contrary to the common good of all users by depleting or spoiling that resource through their collective action.

OR – as noted by Robert Gore:

From: BREAKING: Gravity Works, by Robert Gore

Governments are bereft of real resources, are desperate to acquire same, and will be inconceivably—by today’s standards—rapacious in doing so. That’s quite a statement, because even today they’re pretty damn larcenous.

A generalized crash will also clarify the central conflict of our time: government and it’s string-pullers, minions, beneficiaries, and cheerleaders versus everybody else. Such a characterization suggests a deepening of today’s polarization. Unfortunately, as order breaks down, it will be everybody else versus everybody else, too. Good-bye polarization, hello atomization.

And order will break down. Government always and everywhere rule by force, fraud, and intimidation, but force, fraud, and intimidation need to be paid, preferably in something that can be exchanged for groceries or shoes for the kids. History suggests that the government and central bank will depreciate (speaking of fraud) their fiat debt instruments—Federal Reserve Notes, US Treasury debt, and central bank credit balances—to their marginal cost of production, or zero.

When governments are bankrupt, their praetorians forage—a nice word for theft and extortion. They’ll be competing with hordes of foraging civilians, many of whom will be armed. In such a scenario, one identifiable group has a fighting chance, and it will involve fighting and lots of it. That, of course, is the group who have either been preparing for such a scenario for years or have the skill set and mental fortitude necessary to adapt to it. Much scorned, this group may get the last laugh, but it will be a grim one.

Watch the video below:


Again and again, Bureaucrats are fallaciously called LEADERS. THEY ARE NOT! They are merely Tax-Farmers overseeing a legal taxing jurisdiction whose authority is statutorily limited!

Elected Bureaucrats and their appointed minions are merely supposed to evenly, and blindly, apply an agreed upon  legal standard to all those who fall under their Jurisdiction. Not engage in actions which violate their statutory authority or commit abuses of authority along with outright malfeasance and collusion, involving Local, County, and State Officials; such as what happened at  Machinery Row!

If Bureaucrats were True Leaders – they wouldn’t be part of the Bureaucracy! They would be employed in Private Industry.


Machinery Row was the last and greatest outrage led by former Mayor John Dickert who was confused as to which his actual role as Mayor was – Leader, or Bureaucrat – Private Developer – or Trustee of Taxpayer Dollars?  Former Mayor John Dickert, City Administrator Tom Friedel, City Attorney Scott Letteney., former Racine County  Executive Jim Ladwig, and even State Rep Robin Vos, WI DNR BOSS Cathy Stepp, County Supervisor Monte Osterman and Governor Scott Walker;  appear  to have  committed many criminal acts – and absconded  with them, because the other Bureaucrats in charge of  City/County of Racine  – Former DA Rich Chiapete; Former Deputy DA (now current DA) Tricia Hanson; Sheriff  Christopher Schmaling  and others have colluded with them to provide cover and  abuse their positions of power with extreme prejudice, negligence, abuse of authority, and malfeasance.

Watch the Talking Racine video:

Talking Racine holds a community forum on Machinery Row about misdeeds and corruption in city government. Held at Gateway Technical College on 2-17-2018. We bring the perspective down to the local level to discuss issues that affect our own city of Racine, WI.

The Authority of government officials is statutorily LIMITED. When they act outside of those bounds – they act ILLEGALLY – under the Color of Law – and in the City/County of Racine – it appears that the level of acceptable and tolerated abuse is OUTRAGEOUS! City of Racine doesn’t suffer from “Poor Leadership” – it suffers from CRIMINAL BUREAUCRATS and a total lack of LEADERSHIP- in collusion with elected Racine County DA Tricia Hanson and Sheriff Christopher Schmaling!

See the Dennis Montey Complaint – attached: complaint-on-dickertfriedellettneny


When will it be contained?

Electing a FAILED privately employed Realtor such as John Dickert to the office of Mayor and then allowing him to abuse Taxpayers with more of his  failed schemes under the guise of public projects has proven to be just…. DISASTROUS! To the entire Community, which has been forced to pay for his misdeeds:


Where is the JUSTICE? When will the Taxpayers of  the Failed Community of Racine County be granted relief from the damages inflicted upon them by Bureaucrats Gone Wild? All Taxpayers can expect is more Lip Service and Empty Promises by the FAILED Bureaucrats of Racine County. As Empire collapses – Enjoy the Show!







Racine County DA Trish Hanson Must Once Again Choose to Decide “What Is the Truth?”-

See the Post:

The Arrest Report of Racine County District Attorney Rich Chiapete

“It’s a search for the truth.”

– Racine County District Attorney Rich Chiapete

From Journal Times:

Racine police involved shooting reports expected to go to DA next week

RACINE — One month to the day since Donte D. Shannon was shot by Racine police after allegedly brandishing a gun, the Wisconsin Department of Justice investigation into the incident is nearing completion.

In a statement Friday afternoon, Johnny Koremenos, the director of communications for the DOJ, wrote: “DOJ anticipates having all investigative reports and evidence to the DA next week for review.”

Racine County District Attorney Tricia Hanson will be the one to decide if charges against the two officers involved in the shooting are merited, according to the DOJ.

Hanson, speaking Jan. 29 to a crowd of demonstrators outside the Racine County Courthouse, 730 Wisconsin Ave., said that when the report is finished, she will need time to review it and then will sit down with the family.

“They get to be first in this process,” she said. “The entire investigation will be published after I have an opportunity to meet with the family … I will make every effort to achieve total transparency with the community. I understand you have questions, and those questions need to be answered. I just can’t answer them now.”

Nakia Shannon, Donte Shannon’s father, said he was disappointed to learn the status of the investigation from the newspaper and would have preferred to have heard directly from the Department of Justice.

Part II – Police Can Justifiably Shoot A Person In the Back While Fleeing If a Weapon Is Visible

Ex-officer Michael Slager pleads guilty in shooting death of Walter Scott

(CNN)In a plea deal with prosecutors, former South Carolina police officer Michael Slager admitted to using excessive force in the 2015 shooting death of Walter Scott.

Slager shot Scott in the back as the unarmed man was running away from Slager after a traffic stop. In a reversal from his previous account, Slager admitted in court Tuesday that he did not shoot Scott in self-defense and said that his use of force was unreasonable.

Scott’s death sparked renewed “Black Lives Matter” protests after the 50-year-old became the latest in a series of unarmed black men killed by police.

With his family and Scott’s family present, Slager pleaded guilty Tuesday in US District Court in Charleston to a federal charge of deprivation of rights under the color of law. In exchange for the plea, state murder charges, as well as two other federal charges, will be dismissed.

The civil rights offense has a maximum penalty of life in prison. The plea agreement states that the government will ask the court to apply sentencing guidelines for second degree murder, which carries up to 25 years in prison. He was taken into custody after the hearing and will remain there until sentencing later this year.

Scott’s mother said the sentence mattered little to her now that Slager had admitted responsibility.

“What made me feel good about it is that Michael Slager admitted what he did. That was enough years for me,” she said in response to the question how much time she wanted Slager to serve.

“No matter how many years Michael Slager gets, it would not bring back my son,” she said. “This is a victory for Walter. This is justice for the family, but this is just the beginning.”

Slager was an officer for the North Charleston Police Department when he pulled Scott over for a broken tail light. A few moments later, Scott ran away.

A foot chase ensued, and a bystander’s cell phone video captured Slager firing eight times — striking Scott five times in the back.


From the Daily KOS – click on the link below to see the videos and audio:

Do City Of Racine Police Have The Authority to Kill a Minority? Part I

Unable to find a  publicly available “Use of Force Policy” Directive at either the City of Racine or Racine Police Department website, it would appear that Chief Art Howell has left that question “open for debate”; or perhaps hidden behind an open records request.

Debating ‘use of force:’ Racine’s police chief fields questions from city leaders

Posted 9:50 pm, September 15, 2015, by

RACINE — A police officer’s use of force was the subject of discussion inside Racine’s city hall on Tuesday evening, September 15th. The police chief addressed policies just a few weeks after cell phone video showing officers tasering and kneeing a wanted man sparked outrage.

Racine Police Chief Art Howell

Racine Police Chief Art Howell

In front of the Common Council’s committee of the whole, Racine Police Chief Art Howell was asked to address the department’s policies on ‘use of force.’

“When people comply, 95 percent of the time, there’s no problem,” said Howell.

FOX6 News asked the chief about one stat that was missing. We wanted to know how many cases have been investigated and determined that an officer was unjustified in their use of force.

“You can make an open records request for any of that data,” said Chief Howell.


A simple google search returned the following results –


Further research discovered that the Village of McFarland, WI Police Department provides a publicly available “Use of Force” Directive available on their website which has “adopted the system of Defensive and Arrest Tactics (commonly referred to as DAAT), techniques and mechanics sanctioned by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board. This policy incorporates the Disturbance Resolution Model (See appendix A).

The following sections of the Wisconsin State Statutes are recognized as legal authority or privilege, within their defined limits, in the use of force:

939.45(4) Conduct in reasonable accomplishment of a lawful arrest.

939.48 Use of force in self-defense and defense of others.

939.49 Use of force (but not deadly force) in defense of property.

968.14 Use of force in executing a search warrant.

968.25 Authority for officers under defined circumstances to search a person during temporary questioning.”

The document is available for viewing at the link: http://www.mcfarland.wi.us/index.asp?SEC=B054DA5E-894E-4CD6-83B0-F99A03B27815&DE=20431E38-641F-4181-932D-381A0E85DEDD&Type=B_BASIC

Or you may download a copy from the link: MPD Use of Force Policy

So when is using lethal force authorized, in compliance with the current training manuals, published by the Wisconsin Department of Justice Law Enforcement Standards Board?

V         Procedures

A.      Deadly Force: Deadly force refers to the intentional use of a firearm or other instrument, the use of which would result in a high probability of death.

1.         An officer may use deadly force when a subject has caused or imminently threatens to cause death or great  bodily harm to the officer or another

2.         Deadly force is to be used to respond to behavior, but only if no other reasonable option is available.

3.         In a limited number of instances, an officer may use deadly force in attempting to make an arrest or prevent escape. The arrest must be for a serious offense in which the suspect has used or threatened to use deadly force against some member of the public, such as murder, rape, assault with a weapon, etc. The officer must reasonably believe there is no other way to make the arrest or retain custody of the person once arrested. Even if the suspect is fleeing from the officer, there has to have been a use or threat of use of deadly force by the suspect, in order to authorize deadly force by the officer.

4.    Where feasible, before using deadly force, officers shall identify themselves and state their intent to use deadly force.

B.        Less Than Lethal Force

1.   Where deadly force is not justified, officers should attempt to de-escalate the incident and may only use that level of force that is objectively reasonable to bring the incident under control.

2.    Officers are authorized to use departmental approved, nondeadly force techniques and issued equipment when one or more of the following apply:

a. To protect the officer or others from physical harm.

b. To restrain or subdue a resistant individual.

c. To bring an unlawful situation safely and effectively under control.


Thanks to the McFarland Police Department for providing the public with a Directive on the Use of Force so that citizens can properly judge if Police Officers under the control of the Mayor have acted lawfully. Open and honest government should always be the rule; but in Racine County – it is severely lacking – it is because they have something to hide?

Let’s start with the taxpayer funded $100,000 settlement plus Lawsuit:

From Journal Times:

City settles lawsuit against officers for $100,000

RACINE — The City of Racine has settled a federal civil rights lawsuit filed against Racine Police officers and the city for $100,000.

The case, Veguilla v. City of Racine et al, involves Racine resident Miguel Veguilla, who claimed he was unfairly treated and had his civil rights violated by four Racine police officers on July 3, 2014. The City Council approved the settlement Tuesday, but not without first emphasizing its support for the Police Department.

According to the lawsuit filed in July 2015, Veguilla was allegedly handcuffed and beaten outside of his home while in his underwear after police came to investigate a crash Veguilla wasn’t personally involved in.

“We believe they entered his home without the right to do so,” Sperling said. “He was arrested for doing nothing. He was not a threat of any kind to anybody.”

Veguilla was arrested and held on suspicion of resisting arrest, a charge that court records show was dropped.

In May, the case was sent to Magistrate Judge William E. Callahan Jr. for mediation, according to federal court records. Records show that the parties reached a settlement agreement at a June 13 hearing and the Tuesday City Council meeting agenda valued the settlement at $100,000.

Chief stands by officers

Racine Police Lt. Dave Wohlgemuth confirmed that the four officers named in the suit — Robert Rasmussen, Allan Wassil, Andrew Matson and Christopher Brush — are still with the department.

“Force was legally used to effect the arrest, not to inflict or intentionally cause injury,” Howell said in an email on Saturday.

According to Sperling, Veguilla sustained a torn rotator cuff and had to have surgery. Howell said Veguilla’s injury was not the optimal or desired outcome of the arrest.


OK – so that is the cleaned up, sanitized, and politically expedient/approved City of Racine/RPD version – now let’s take a look at actual sworn court documents from the case:

From the Case, which is available for download by clicking on the link: Viguella vs City of Racine

Cliff notes version:

  • Miguel Veguilla‘s girlfriend uses his car, is involved in an accident, and leaves a note on the damaged vehicle indicating that she was the cause of the accident while providing identifying information.
  • City of Racine Police Department Officers Robert Rasmussen, Allan Wassil, Andrew M Matson and Christopher Brush go to Miguel Veguilla‘s house to question him about the accident.
  • Miguel Veguilla, who was sleeping, answers the door, exits the house to inspect his vehicle, cooperates with Authorities, denies knowledge about who caused the accident, denies Police entrance to his domicile.
  • Racine Police Officer Robert Rasmussen INCORRECTLY claims that Veguilla was liable for the accident because he owned the vehicle and stated that he was going to issue him a ticket.
  • The four Racine Police Officers proceeded to then discuss the incident, while Miguel Veguilla stated that he was tired and wanted  to go back to sleep.
  • At that point either Racine Police Officer Robert Rasmussen or Allan Wassil UNLAWFULLY entered Miguel Veguilla’s residence, used force to remove him from his domicile, and then Racine Police Officers Robert Rasmussen or Allan Wassil proceeded, as a Team,  to beat Miguel Veguilla, call him names such as “stupid” and “moron”,  injure him severely, to include kicking him in the ribs and tearing his rotator cuff,  while Racine Police Officers Andrew M Matson and Christopher Brush observed the Unlawful actions and refused to intervene – thus becoming accessories to the crime.
  • The Racine Police Department Officers then accused Miguel Veguilla of being on alcohol or drugs – and forced him to submit to a  breathalyzer test and blood draw; the results of which were negative.
  • Racine Police Officers Robert Rasmussen, Allan Wassil, Andrew M Matson and Christopher Brush were exonerated by Racine Police Chief Art Howell, remain on the payroll, and have suffered no consequences for their unlawful actions.
  • City of Racine Alderman whined about the minuscule payment of $100,000 to  Miguel Veguilla, which will never properly compensate him for a lifetime of suffering, pain, and injuries.


So since this was a NON-LETHAL situation – which rules apply; according to the MPD?

B.        Less Than Lethal Force

1.   Where deadly force is not justified, officers should attempt to de-escalate the incident and may only use that level of force that is objectively reasonable to bring the incident under control.

2.    Officers are authorized to use departmental approved, nondeadly force techniques and issued equipment when one or more of the following apply:

a. To protect the officer or others from physical harm.

b. To restrain or subdue a resistant individual.

c. To bring an unlawful situation safely and effectively under control.

NONE OF THE ABOVE RULES PROVIDED BY “the system of Defensive and Arrest Tactics (commonly referred to as DAAT), techniques and mechanics sanctioned by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board”  were complied with by the Officers of the Racine Police Department, who chose instead, to act unlawfully and not only violate the rights of Miguel Veguilla, but to use excessive force and injure him for life. And the Rogue Officers were exonerated by  Chief of Police Arthur Howell while Taxpayers funded the settlement? !

Racine County DA Rich Chiapete and his wife Jennifer committed multiple crimes, perhaps rising to felonies – Rich ran from the scene and both he and his wife Jennifer lied as to his whereabouts, and refused to cooperate. Meanwhile,  they were treated with Kid Gloves by Racine Police Department Officers and subsequently  their crimes were covered up by Racine County Deputy DA Trish Hanson in collusion with the City of Racine Attorney’s Office.


Newly elected Racine County DA Trish Hanson is/was an accessory to covering up her former boss, Rich Chiapete’s numerous crimes – but that is de rigueur, and the excuse that the Racine police locked up and hid the reports from her is, at best – laughable! – Or proof of another crime!


Meanwhile, City of Racine Police Chief Art Howell chose to vouch for Officers who committed crimes against an unarmed and cooperative innocent bystander.  His Use of Force policy must be radically different that that of the McFarland Police Department’s policy.


Conclusion: The County of Racine is a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE – being operated for the benefit of the politically connected Tax- Farming Insiders who are unaccountable – thus the RULE OF LAW is dead in SE WI.


In the rogue and failed criminal State of Wisconsin – only the politically approved terrorists who are propped up by government force, corrupt Judiciaries,  and a militarized Police Force decree/license rule. Enjoy that blue fist being jammed up your Red, White & Bruised Ass.



 And yeah – when it comes to a rogue and out of control DA’s Office –  like that in the Racine County – Citizens still have the right to defend themselves from officially sanctioned and unmitigated Police Brutality! Best done in Court after the Racine Police have finished violating the rights of their victim. What will it take for Police Officers to be held to account for their crimes?


From Cop Crisis


Assorted Pictures From Racine Mayor Cory Mason’s Fundraisers



Please join us for a Fundraiser for Representative Cory Mason, as he runs for Mayor of one of the largest cities in Wisconsin, Racine. Cory has brought his passion and progressive values to the Wisconsin State Legislature for over 10 years, fighting for issues from living wages, open government, to protecting Wisconsin’s envirnoment.

In a state that has seen Gov. Scott Walker and his cronies decimate voting rights, union rights, educational access, and environmental protections, it is more important than ever that Wisconsin cities have progressive leadership!

When Gov. Scott Walker attacked Wisconsin’s public sector workers, Cory was a leader in the Assembly – holding the floor and supporting the Wisconsin Rising protests.

Join us Thursday in Brooklyn, or contribute using this link even if you are unable to come: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/MasonForRacine

Please come support our friend (and brother) Cory as he steps up to the challenge as Mayor of Racine!


Some of my favorite Cory Mason pics:

Everybody Loves Pancakes! “Pancake Day” began in 1955. It is held on the first Saturday in May at Festival Hall from 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Record attendance stands at 11,000. The menu features sausage and all the pancakes that you’d care to eat.

Meeting His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama,  Lhamo Dondrub.

Plain Talk: Rep. Cory Mason deserves kudos for open government efforts:

Last week, the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council gave its annual “Popee” award for political openness to Mason for introducing in each of his five terms in the Assembly a bill to require the Legislature itself do what the law requires of every other public body: Hold its meetings in public.

Mason has specifically targeted the Republican and Democratic caucuses’ habit of meeting behind closed doors where, he explained in accepting the FOIC’s tribute, the real decisions are made. It’s in those closed meetings that legislators do their horse trading and make decisions that all other party members agree to support. Then the open sessions on the legislative floors are nothing more than a sideshow. The deals have been struck with lobbyists and special interests and only insiders are privvy to the real story.

The Racine legislator told the crowd at the annual watchdog dinner that his persistence on the issue has angered colleagues, but he has kept up the pressure in hopes that they will come to understand its importance to the people’s confidence in the Legislature — a commodity that has been in short supply.

So  BLUE-FISTER City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason demands SOLIDARITY!

It’s been a busy first full week for the new Mayor of Racine with Foxconn and a big arena veto.

414ward welcomes Mayor Cory Mason. He was one of the few Democrats to support the Foxconn deal in the Assembly. Now as Mayor of Racine, he explains why he’s still a big believer.

Link to interview click on: https://www.tmj4.com/on-air/414ward-welcomes-racine-mayor-cory-mason

Screenshot – BELOW:


So Racine Mayor Cory Mason is a TRUE BLUE FISTER SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST. LOL! (He’s a Bullshitting FAKE!)

From the World Socialist Website: Note that link to WSWS has been added to the links section.

Amazon and Foxconn in Kenosha, Wisconsin: The new American “special economic zone”

By Christopher Davion
8 August 2017

The opening of operations at Amazon’s Fulfillment Center in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2015 was a major early step in an economic transformation underway in the southeastern Wisconsin. Amazon, Foxconn, and other massive companies are taking advantage of the devastation wrought on this region over several decades of deindustrialization, to develop the area into a platform for low-wage labor.

On Wednesday, July 26, the Trump administration together with Governor Scott Walker and Representative Paul Ryan announced that Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant which assembles the Apple iPhone and is the largest technology manufacturing contractor in the world, will be constructing a 20-million-square-foot factory in the southeastern Wisconsin region that would employ up to 13,000 workers.

Amazon’s fulfillment center in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Foxconn, which generated approximately $135 billion in revenue in 2016, is notorious for its horrific working conditions and record on-the-job employee suicides at its operations in Shenzhen, China. The $10 billion investment is expected to receive $3 billion in tax subsidies and include plans to build a virtual city with company housing and stores, effectively turning the region much further into an American version of the “special economic zones” that exist in third world countries.

Nick, a gas station attendant in Kenosha, noted that good-paying jobs were difficult to come by in the area: “I worked at Snap-On for about a week and a half, and then they let me go. A lot of places do that kind of thing around here, or just hire you as a temp for a little bit.” He added, “My dad worked as a supervisor at a steel castings plant and was making over $30 an hour, but then got laid off. He was unemployed for a while, but finally ended up taking a job at about $18 an hour.”

These experiences embody the historical economic transformation taking place. Large and small American cities which were once historical centers of manufacturing and offered the highest standard of living for the working class have been transformed into centers of mass poverty, unemployment, and social inequality through the decades-long process of deindustrialization.

Amazon job applicants apply for work at Kenosha fulfillment center during Amazon Jobs Day

The auto industry in Kenosha employed 16,000 workers during the 1950s and 1960s. Auto assembly ended in 1988, but engine production staggered on, with 1,300 workers or fewer, until Chrysler’s bankruptcy in 2009. Obama’s auto task force of Wall Street “turnaround” specialists insisted on its closure, along with GM’s Janesville, Wisconsin plant, wiping out 2,400 jobs. The final 575 workers in the Kenosha engine plant lost their jobs when it closed in October 2010. In 2003, Snap-On, which in April hosted a nationalist rant by President Trump, closed its tool manufacturing plant in Kenosha, laying off 290 workers as part of a two-year companywide layoff of nearly 2,000 employees. Manufacturing in Racine County, just north of Kenosha, peaked in 1979, with 60 percent of the jobs in the area. In the early 1990s and 2000s, Young Radiator, motor and gear-maker Dumore Corporation, electronic and hydraulic manufacturer Sauer-Danfoss and agricultural and construction equipment multinational CNH Global closed plants in Racine County.

According to US Census data, 22.4 percent of residents of Racine, or nearly one in four, lived in poverty in 2014. Racine also has the highest jobless rate among Wisconsin cities at 7.2 percent, according to the Department of Workforce Development’s report in March 2016.

After the decades-long process of deinsdustrialization unfolded, areas of the Rust Belt including southeastern Wisconsin are now seen by Amazon and other corporations as fertile ground to locate their operations with the promise of record profits guaranteed by the creation of a massive low-wage labor pool.

The 1.1 million-square-foot Amazon Fulfillment Center in Kenosha employs around 2,500 workers, with more than 1,000 additional seasonal positions during holidays. The fulfillment center and attached 500,000-square-foot sorting facility employ a total of 4,000 regular employees. Amazon’s full-time fulfillment positions are structured in 4 consecutive 10-hour shifts, with mandatory overtime that is announced the prior workday, which can add up to a required total work week of nearly 60 hours.

Amazon’s operations in Kenosha created disruptive economic shifts in other industries in the southeastern Wisconsin area, particularly in low-wage positions in food service, retail, and health care. There is now a significant shortage particularly of entry-level health care and caregiving workers, as these workers have moved from those positions, whose starting pay averages around $8-9 per hour, to order fulfillment at Amazon with starting wages for full-time positions at $12.25-13.25 per hour, or around 30 percent higher.

Amazon compares their starting wages to retail, but the responsibilities of positions in fulfillment and sorting are more comparable to manufacturing. According to the Institute for Local Self Reliance’s analysis of local employment data, “Amazon has eliminated about 149,000 more jobs in retail than it has created in its warehouses, and the pace of layoffs is accelerating as Amazon grows.” In Illinois, for example, about $1.5 million in Amazon sales employed one worker, compared to seven jobs at brick-and-mortar stores for the same volume of sales. The shrinkage and geographic consolidation of retail jobs, which currently make up about one-eighth of the labor market, have killed jobs that were “distributed across virtually every town and neighborhood.”

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

An additional analysis of 11 metropolitan areas demonstrated that Amazon fulfillment center wages are 15 percent lower than the average wages for comparable non-Amazon workers in warehouse and fulfillment work. In Kenosha, Amazon warehouse workers earns nearly $3.40 per hour less than the average local warehouse worker, or over $4 less than the local hourly living wage of $16.50. These findings explode the lie that Amazon is “helping the community” by providing jobs. In reality, it is bringing wages down and causing higher unemployment, which creates a further downward pressure on the wages of the region.

Not only is Amazon preying on the impoverished workers of the region, the company has received vast amounts of free money from the government (worker-generated tax revenue) to do so. Amazon received a total of $61.1 million in local financing, tax-increment financing, and income tax credits for the construction of the Kenosha fulfillment center. This covered nearly 25 percent of the entire investment cost of the facility. The giveaways of tens of millions of dollars from workers’ taxes are completely in line with Republican Governor Walker’s long-term plans to transform Wisconsin into a cheap-labor platform. The tax credits and local financing are not as much “credits” and “local funding” as they are government bribes. Under the economic scheme envisioned by Walker for the region, local governments effectively fight each other for the “privilege” of giving free money, acquired through workers’ taxes, to one of the most powerful companies in the world. This essentially amounts to a further economic shakedown.

On June 3, 2015, Walker attended the opening ceremony of the Kenosha facility. “The decision by Amazon to open their latest fulfillment center here in Wisconsin is a testament to our infrastructure and workforce assets available to companies looking to grow or initiate operations here,” he declared at the ceremony. “It’s a win-win for everyone involved. We’re thrilled to welcome the world’s largest online retailer to the state, which will increase our economic activity, and Amazon gains access to the state’s skilled workforce. Our reforms are working for Wisconsin, and looking forward, we will continue to invest in programs and initiatives that benefit the hard-working taxpayers of Wisconsin.”

The move by the Walker administration to transform Wisconsin into a low wage labor platform is also inseparable from the defeat of the struggle of hundreds of thousands of workers in Wisconsin in 2011 in response to Walker’s attempt to impose sweeping attacks on public sector workers and state services. That significant struggle was defeated when the unions and the Democrats disarmed that struggle in relegating it into a phony recall campaign to replace Walker with Milwaukee’s Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett.

Foxconn workers in Asia

This process also contains the logical conclusion of the advocacy for economic nationalism shared by figures like Trump, Bernie Sanders, and the trade unions. The consensus of all of these forces is that in order to retain and create new manufacturing jobs in the United States, the living standards of workers and the wages they are paid must continue a historical decline to incentivize companies to not move their operations to cheaper labor markets, or in the case of “insourcing,” return to areas of the United States. It is also telling that this economic transformation has been celebrated by self-styled progressive Democrats such as Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren, who attended opening of Amazon’s fulfillment center in southeast Massachusetts on March 24.

A reporting team with the International Amazon Workers Voice campaign spoke to workers at the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Kenosha. One worker with two years at the warehouse, who like many others had two jobs, initially said he had no complaints about conditions at Amazon. However, after a few minutes of discussion, he opened up, saying, “Human Resources sucks. They don’t have any answers to your questions. You could take any worker driving around the parking lot here, put them in HR, and they would know more.”

“Basically, I’m disabled. I had a traumatic brain injury from an accident. I broke my back and was in a coma for months. If I hadn’t had insurance, the medical bills would’ve been just under $1 million. HR didn’t reach out to me at all when I started here to accommodate my disability. They said, ‘We don’t ask the candidate, they have to come to us.’ But it’s a little hard standing all day with spinal fusion … I mean, at least give me a broom and have me sweep the floor, or something to do where I can sit down. I’ve also developed pain in my wrists, and the specialist I went to see recently said I’ve got carpal tunnel.”

Describing his work, he said, “Boxes come down, cut them open, and put them on a cart. Then repeat that a few thousand times. They want you to keep moving constantly, but we’re not machines.”

Another worker added, “Some of the stuff they do in there is pretty rough. Like, standing in one spot for 11 hours. They only give you 15-minute breaks. There aren’t enough breaks. I’m sure for older people in their 50s and older it’s pretty rough. I’m a young cat so I can handle it.”

Another gas station attendant and a former Amazon worker commented, “Everything else has gone up, too. I mean, I have a pretty decent-paying job but I have three kids so it’s garbage. I make nothing really, because the cost of living is so expensive due to inflation and everything else.”

Reporters for the IAWV, after being asked to leave the warehouse parking lot by management, later spoke to workers at a nearby gas station where many Amazon workers stop after their shift. One worker at a fast food restaurant inside also works at the fulfillment center. She said, “They’re forcing everyone to work 11-hour shifts. They used to make people work 12-hour shifts, through mandatory overtime (MOT), but daycares don’t keep kids for 12 hours so now they’ve shortened it to 11-hour shifts.”

Nicole, a gas station attendant who had a number of friends at Amazon, said, “My relative’s mom was fired because they said their surveillance videos showed her taking something, but they looked at the camera footage too and it didn’t show anything.” She added, “I wouldn’t want to work there with the heat in the summers. They should at least get air conditioning.”


Wanna see  an actual Communist in Action?

Avellino Italy, around 1988.

 And WHO is this? (LOL!)

 And an old Italian Fascist! Remember that Mussolini claimed that “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”


Hey Cory – I gotta get up  tomorrow and work again or find another way to make a living at a low wage/minimal to none benefits  private sector job – unlike the Blue-Fisting Tax Farmers who continue to shove their fist up my ASS and take everything;  so can you PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE and not harass me, or send your thug enforcers from the Racine Police Department to stalk and then fine and forfeiture me (I can hardly afford your taxes – much less the costs associated with harassment) , or shoot me in the back repeatedly as I flee the continual harassment from the MAN – and you are that MAN!

You know sometimes I sit at home, you know
And I watch T.V. and I wonder what it would be like
To live someplace like, you know, the Cosby show
Ozzie and Harriet, you know, where
Cops come and got your cat outta the tree
All your friends died of old age
But you see, I live in South Central Los Angeles and unfortunately…

Goddamn what a brotha gotta do
To get a message through
To the red, white and blue?
What I gotta die
Before you realize
I was a brotha with open eyes?
The world’s insane
While you drink champagne
And I’m livin’ in black rain

Who are your largest Contributors?

According to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign:

Liquor, Mafia, Corporate Investment, and the law firm which represented Bill Bielefeldt in the Dickert case!



LEE Enterprises Slashes Staff While Boosting Executive Compensation

LEE Enterprises, which operates the local newspaper, Journal Times, recently made additional cuts to their  staff based in Montana:

Lee trims staff at Montana papers, including Billings Gazette

The Billings Gazette was among several Lee Enterprises-owned newspapers in Montana that recently went through a round a layoffs and buyouts. photo by Ed Kemmick/ Last Best News The Billings Gazette was among several Lee Enterprises-owned newspapers in Montana that recently went through a round a layoffs and buyouts. photo by Ed Kemmick/ Last Best News

Lee Enterprises recently implemented another round of staff cuts at its Montana newspapers, including the Billings Gazette, the largest newspaper in the state.

At the Gazette, it appears that at least seven people were laid off or agreed to take buyouts in recent weeks, including up to three people in the newsroom, reports Last Best News.

Several people still working there said it was almost impossible to say exactly how many employees were leaving because of the mixed methods of departure and because a few more employees, including two or three in the newsroom, apparently were still considering buyout offers.

Among those who accepted buyouts was Greg Rachac, who just two weeks earlier had been named Montana Sportswriter of the Year for the second time by the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association.

On Jan. 24, Rachac announced his departure on Twitter, saying: “News: I have taken a voluntary buyout from The Gazette/Lee Enterprises after 17 years as a sportswriter. It’s the best decision for me. Been a great run. Lots of memories & proud moments. Now it’s time to find new ones. Thank you for reading along all these years. Best wishes!”

On Feb. 2, newsroom receptionist Charity Dewing posted on Facebook a photo of a cake, obviously part of her going-away party, and said: “They were my kind of people. I didn’t make a lot of money at the Gazette, but I made a lot of lifelong friends. I love you, all.”

The latest round of cuts came barely half a year after several employees were laid off by the Gazette last summer. The staff cuts also came in the wake of yet another hefty increase in the price of a home-delivered Gazette.

Last Best News has also learned that the Gazette is contemplating significant changes to its circulation policies, which could be put in place as early as this spring.

The proposal, reportedly, is to draw in the boundaries of its home-delivery system, no longer providing that service in Wyoming, and in Montana going no farther west than Columbus or farther east than Glendive. Some subscribers in outlying areas also would lose home delivery two days a week.

The move would be a further geographical reduction for a newspaper that once boasted of having the largest circulation area of any daily newspaper in the United States, in terms of papers delivered directly by carriers.

Decades ago, when the Gazette had bureau reporters and stringers in Bozeman, several Eastern Montana communities and Cody and Sheridan, Wyo., fleets of contract drivers made daily long-distance drives to haul bundles of papers to dozens of communities. From there, carriers delivered them to doorsteps in northern Wyoming and in Montana as far west as Bozeman, to the east into western North Dakota and to the north all the way to the Canadian border.

In Missoula, the company announced plans to bring the weekly Missoula Independent into the Missoulian’s downtown office. Lee Enterprises bought the Independent last spring.

The company also said it will reduce the number of days the Ravalli Republic in Hamilton publishes a newspaper, from five days to three, and will close two customer call centers in Indiana, eliminating 93 jobs.

The reductions come as Lee Enterprises reported quarterly earnings of $27.3 million though digital services – an increase of 3.2 percent. But Lee’s overall advertising revenue was down in the last quarter of 2017, according to a report by the Poynter Institute, which regularly reports on American journalism.

“Lee Enterprises had an advertising revenue loss of 9 percent in the last quarter of 2017, but was able to increase profits with cuts in people and paper and a favorable income tax adjustment,” Poynter reported.

At the Missoulian, the latest round of cuts included the newspaper’s advertising manager and two members of the newsroom, including sports copy editor Tom Kopacz and sports reporter Kyle Houghtaling.

Last Thursday, the Independent also reported that it would move in with the Missoulian at the paper’s office on Higgins Avenue and share a single advertising manager. According to the Indy, Gibson said the move would save a “substantial amount” of money, possibly sparing the weekly paper from its own job losses.

Over the weekend, the Ravalli Republic reported that it would cut the publication of its newspaper to three days a week, down from its current five. Gibson said reports in the Indy and Republic were accurate and declined to discuss them further.

The Montana Standard, a Lee-owned newspaper in Butte, also made staffing cuts recently. Among those let go were the paper’s longtime photographer, Walter Hinick, and managing editor Carmen Winslow. Both had been with the Standard for 43 years.

Last week, Lee Enterprises submitted a notification with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development stating that it would close two customer call centers in Indiana. The closures will take effect on March 30 and affect 93 employees, including customer service representatives.

According to one former call-center employee, the company is moving the jobs to Ohio and Mexico. However, that could not be confirmed.

Ed Kemmick of Last Best News contributed to this story. A shorter version of this article originally appeared on Missoula Current, an independent online newspaper, of which Martin Kidston is the founding editor.


Meanwhile LEE Enterprise CEO Compensation increases, stock returns fall, revenues decrease, along with net income.

From Morningstar:


The Queen of Davenport has abdicated to the King:

Lee Enterprises elects Junck executive chairman and Mowbray as CEO

Lee Enterprises Inc., publisher of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, said Mary E. Junck has been elected the company’s executive chairman and Kevin D. Mowbray has been elected president and chief executive.

Mowbray also was elected to the board of directors. The transition was initially reported in December 2015.

Junck, 68, previously was president and chief executive officer of Lee, and Mowbray, 54, served as executive vice president and chief operating officer. Mowbray served as publisher of the Post-Dispatch from 2006 to 2013.

Also re-elected to the board of directors were Junck and Herbert W. Moloney, 64. Moloney has been a member of the Lee board of directors since 2001.

Davenport, Iowa-based Lee owns 46 daily newspapers including the Post-Dispatch and has a joint interest in four others.


No more Fake Junck! But the Playbook remains the same. LEE Enterprises needs to contact special needs WI Governor Scott Walker and secure the same deal as he gave to Foxconn and offered to Kimberley Clark. Wisconsin isn’t open for business – it’s on sale – and a fire sale at that – with special clearance deals offered daily.

Foxconn incentives cost more than other state deals

MADISON — Luring a new Foxconn factory will cost Wisconsin more than eight times as much per job as other job-creation deals in the past year, according to a newspaper analysis.

The Taiwanese company is receiving more than $200,000 in state taxpayer money per job, according to media reports. Foxconn’s incentive package is more than three times as much per job as the next most costly deal.

“Around the country, you just generally don’t see offers this high,” said Tim Bartik, an independent economist who studies economic development. “It’s very, very high.”

Wisconsin is also waiving $150 million in sales tax for the company. The state will pay the company up to $2.85 billion in tax credits if it creates 13,000 jobs and invests $9 billion in the plant in Racine County.

Foxconn’s tax credits accounted for 96 percent of the credits the state awarded in 2017, though the company will only produce 44 percent of the jobs.

Foxconn could also receive lower electric rates, money for roads and worker training, and up to $764 million in incentives from Racine County and Mount Pleasant.


Lee’s online operations: Driven by revenue, profit growth

While Lee Enterprises leaves most decisions about the Web sites to each local paper, a few things are mandated: There has to be a certain number of ads in the print editions that promote the Web site, and the Web sites have to be profitable.

Demanding profitability stems from a time when making money online was difficult, but the company is now deriving “substantial revenue” from its online operations, said Greg Schermer, Lee’s vice president of interactive media and general counsel.

Don Farber, new media director for Lee’s Waterloo (Iowa) Courier, said Lee is one of the best newspaper companies as far as its focus on the online side of the business. “The online revenue building and online audience building is part of Lee’s prayer card, or primary objectives,” Farber said. He said Lee’s overall goal is to be No. 1 in its markets as a news source with its newspaper and No. 2 with its online edition.

Madison.com, the Web site affiliated with Wisconsin State Journal and The Capital Times, is Lee’s largest online presence, excluding the Pulitzer acquisition.


Hope JT Publisher Mark Lewis has his LEE Enterprise Prayer Card handy.

What happens when the Foxconn deal doesn’t deliver on those promised 13,000 + jobs at $50K = each?





City of Racine DA Tricia Hanson Quashes Dissent With a Heavy Hand – Unfit To Serve by Any Measure

From the JT:

Be careful what you post; County taking Facebook threats seriously

RACINE — At 6:32 p.m. on Jan. 25, a post on Meshach J. Smith’s personal Facebook page read “If I hear one more joke about me being black” told by two of his work colleagues, whom he described in colorful language.

Then he posted a gun emoji.

According to the criminal complaint, one of Smith’s coworkers saw the post and reported it to his employer. The owner contacted Smith, talked with him about an incident at work and asked Smith if he had a gun. Allegedly Smith said he did.

At his initial appearance Tuesday, Smith, 21, of Union Grove, was charged with making terrorist threats. He’s the third person in Racine County to receive that charge over the past two weeks because of something posted on Facebook.

Darryl C. Hibbler, 33, of Racine, and Bryce M. Bowens, 40, of Racine, were charged with making terrorist threats on Jan. 25 and Jan. 30, respectively, for posts on their personal Facebook pages that allegedly threatened police officers. The threats against police officers occurred after the Jan. 17 fatal police-involved shooting of Donte Shannon, who fled from police and reportedly brandished a firearm.

Posts come with consequences

The charges indicate Racine County officials are taking social media threats seriously.


And we here at Sin City AGREE with her! This is not the time for threats and violence – it is time for the absent and missing in action Black – or African American – or Negro – Leadership to take command and demand some actual administrative action be taken against Police Officers – like being FIRED – and Pressed with charges – prosecuted and jailed – when they use excessive force and have a Judge in a Court of Law rule against them.

How about the case of Thomas Holmes? Where was the absent and missing in action Black – or African American – or Negro – Leadership while City of Racine Officials conspired to deprive Thomas Holmes of his property?

See Holmes v Wahlen:

In the unanimous decision for Case No. 2011AP2282, the Court found that the Racine Common Council acted unjustly upon the unsworn complaint of Kurt Whalen, made in violation of State statutes, while the Racine Public Safety and Licensing Committee  unlawfully assumed jurisdiction over the matter and acted illegally to revoke Thomas Holmes liquor license; thus violating Mr. Holmes right to due process, while depriving him of the use of his private property.

While The City of Racine frivolously attempted to claim that an oath, or swearing of a statement was a meaningless trapping, the Court sternly reminded the City and Kurt Whalen that the statutory requirement of a sworn complaint is there to prevent baseless harassment of legitimate businesses. The Court properly concluded that Kurt Whalen, in his failure to comply with State statutes and swear to the complaint, was untrustworthy while assisting the City in violating Thomas Holmes right to due process.

The Racine Equality Project  can only ask – if the City and Kurt Whalen believe that swearing to a complaint is trivial and of no importance, why then didn’t Kurt Whalen simply swear to it? Because false swearing is a Class H Felony? And why is Kurt Whalen being employed by The Village of Mount Pleasant as the Village Administrator? Kurt Whalen, in his defense against the current lawsuit doesn’t even deny being involved in racially motivated or predicate acts – only that his level of racism is up to debate and that he didn’t commit enough predicate acts to be considered a Racketeer. From Kurt Whalen’s defense in his Motion to Dismiss for THOMAS J. HOLMES, et al., v.  JOHN DICKERT, et al., Case No. 14-CV-208, page 48:


Since when do WORDS speak Louder than Actions?

And while Racine County DA Trish Hanson who is – pardon my French – looking to prosecute  Racine Negroes who post dumb statements on Facebook – well, what about the crimes committed by Rich Chiapete and his wife Jennifer – that little inconvenient skeleton in the closet.

Tricia Hanson, Racine District Attorney hopeful, says City Of Racine secretly locked away documents related to current DA Rich Chiapete’s drunk driving and lying to police charges. Hanson says that the City Of Racine attorney’s office refused to prosecute his lying to police, damage to property and endangering public safety charges, when they absolutely could have.

Trish appears a bit….um… UNCOMFORTABLE in the video above – if there was ANY Justice in SE WI she would have been an accessory.

The alleged “Locked Away Documents” concerning the arrest of Racine County DA Rich Chiapete – and more – can be found at this post:  https://arrestrecordsofracinewipublicofficials.wordpress.com/2016/02/01/the-arrest-report-of-racine-county-district-attorney-rich-chiapete/

And while Tricia exercises the heavy hand of government against Dumb Racine Negroes… she has continued to ignore and obstruct OTHER Complaints filed by White Citizens against Government Actors; while giving passes to hardcore criminals who have actually committed crimes!



Newly elected Racine District Attorney Tricia Hanson has shockingly dismissed 13 counts in total, including four counts of battery by prisoner, four counts of disorderly conduct, and two counts of criminal damage to property which allegedly took place on Dec. 22, 2016 against Racine resident Luis C. Granados Jr.

In a shocking statement made by Hanson to the Racine Journal Times, she had this to say, “Luis was and remains, I believe, a very difficult inmate. He has a lot of antisocial behaviors. He was very difficult to manage at the jail. And, at the point in time when those cases got dismissed, he was actually going back and forth from the prison system” Hanson said.

Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling told the Journal Times Tuesday that he was “appalled” to learn the charges against Granados were dismissed, stating that jail staff are used to dealing with violent inmates.

In July of 2016, Kelly Gallaher-Dimler, of Racine, filed complaints Wednesday with the Office of Special Counsel’s Hatch Act Unit in Washington. The Hatch Act, passed in 1939, limits the political actions of federal employees and employees of local agencies that accept federal money, such as police departments. Hanson said she thought she had removed all of the relevant posts, but overlooked a few on her Instagram page.“It was an inadvertent error,” Hanson said. “I took everything else down, I just didn’t know they were still there.” Penalties for violating the Hatch Act can include loss of federal funding and employment.

And even more troubling issues for DA Hanson when the recent sentencing for a Racine man Tarance L. Bryant, convicted of killing 43-year-old Lakethia Richardson in a hit-and-run crash in the winter of 2014 was postponed following a mix-up regarding terms of the defendant’s plea agreement. The 34-year-old Bryant had been slated to be sentenced on those charges during a hearing but the process was stopped in its tracks when Racine County Deputy District Attorney Tricia Hanson mistakenly offered a prosecution’s recommendation for how much prison time Bryant should be given.

“This is entirely my fault,” Hanson said.





And then there’s the Dennis Montey Complaint which has been passed around like a hot potato between local officials. The Complaint was the subject of Talking Racine invites Dennis Montey on the show explaining the criminal complaint he filed on Racine, WI. Mayor Dickert, City Administrator Tom Friedel and City Attorney Scott Lettneny.

Starting at the 20:50 minute mark;

Video here: https://youtu.be/IX4ZJdkGx-Q

From the Complaint:

The Full Complaint is available by clicking on the link: complaint-on-dickertfriedellettneny



Tricia Hanson is not only UNFIT to serve, she needs to be investigated and if probable cause is found, charged with crimes. Remove her from office.

It is time for the long absent and missing in action Black – or African American – or Negro – Leadership to take command and demand some actual administrative action be taken against Police Officers who violate laws – when they use excessive force and have a Judge in a Court of Law rule against them. Measures such as being FIRED – and Pressed with charges – and Imprisoned; along with Racine County DA Tricia Hanson.

DO NOT CONDONE OR THREATEN  VIOLENCE – DEMAND JUSTICE! Have the Criminal element which has taken over local government removed and replaced!

Let Justice rush into Racine! NOT VIOLENCE.


UPDATED: A Letter to the Racine County Board of Supervisors

Dear Board Members,

This can be good news!  http://journaltimes.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/be-careful-what-you-post-county-taking-facebook-threats-seriously/article_63877c8c-c9fc-5d05-9745-a6b724117554.html

These actions very dramatically demonstrate the racial bias of the D.A.’s office (and the complicity of the newspaper) and provide a basis for recognizing, if not demanding, change.  There have been many racist comments posted on Facebook and other media by white citizens that have not been addressed as “TERRORISM” on the front page of the newspaper, despite their advocacy of violence.

It’s now clearly a responsibility of the County Board to step forward and address this glaring inequity that exists in the District Attorney’s Office.  They can come forward and do that, or remain silent and thereby perpetuate the current atmosphere, which offers no chance of contributing to the safe, peaceful and fair society that all claim to prefer.
We all know, or should be aware of, the statistical evidence that implies a pervasive, systemic racism that plagues all of Southeast Wisconsin.  This very public display of it offers an opportunity for all Racine County residents to either endorse or reject it, and the most important citizens to that effort right now are the members of the County Board.  I hope that they choose the latter and embark on a treatment program to effect a cure for this illness that is destroying the health of our communities.
While District Attorney is an elected position and not subject to direct control by the county board, I strongly encourage and support you in any effort to influence this situation.
Dr. Kenneth Yorgan