Drunk Driving Ain’t a Crime if There is NO Evidence!


From JT:

Sheriff’s Office lieutenant cited for hit-and-run, State Patrol investigating

He’s a good boy and wasn’t doing nothing wrong…… LOL! Kinda like Rich Chiapete Jr.



Let Us All Praise Racine Mayor Cory Mason!

It Only  gets Better and Better in City of Racine!

This is not a joke – this is actually  a screenshot from Mayor Cory Mason’s Contact page!




Praise your Mayor!



Me Plus some Eastern European Eye Candy


Detained (Shortly) by Racine Police Department

I’ve been silent a long time – since I just kinda lost interest in the trainwreck that is Racine County politics – and I have been enjoying my first real Wisconsin Summer in 3 years – but I gotta tell
ya –

I got pulled over by RPD a few weeks ago – while riding my $3,000 Trek equivalent Motobecane Carbon Fiber Immortal Spirit – and the arresting officer even called for back-up – while I was dressed exactly as shown in the picture (pic taken by GF Silly Sally about 30 minutes after being stopped) . Fortunate for me I didn’t run – and I  wouldn’t abandon my expensive bike – and I was released from custody because I asked the arresting Officer if he knew my Uncle – who he acknowledged had hired him at RPD. True story. The probable cause – best as I could determine – is that some Teachers bike had been stolen – now this was before school started – and that they needed to check the bike. It was broad daylight – and at 6th. and Mound Avenue. I’d like to know the true reason why RPD stopped and shortly detained me for – and why back up had to be called! What sort of threat do I represent?

What sort of threat did TY’Rese West represent?

I’m old, white and peaceful – and I FEAR THE POLICE! The POLICE who were part of my Family.

While Republican DA Trish Hanson stalls for time and refuses to release information which should be freely available to the public.

From JT:

3 months later, Ty’ Rese West’s mother pleads for more info about fatal shooting


“How can I help you Officer?”

TRUTH is never the Governments best friend –

Current Racine Mayor Cory Mason Improves on Failed John Dickerts Reign As Tyrant Supreme

The Dickert Disaster is OVER! Citizens of City of Racine *CELEBRATE*!


Current City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason has a full plate of legitimate Citizens complaints to answer – and be accommodating to Residents questions – and requests – unblike John Dickert – who was abrasive, accusatory, unresponsive, and likely got away with criminal activity.


Open government is a MUST – and City Attorney Scott letteney must be *FIRED* before the healing can begin. Just saying Cory – from Me to U.


Peace be to you …………. As if I don’t know……


Journal Times to Slash 39 Jobs!

See the Previous Sin City Post:

LEE Enterprises Slashes Staff While Boosting Executive Compensation


And so it has begun, as JS announces:

Journal Times newspaper in Racine will cut 39 production jobs

Perhaps The JT is the Harbinger of what is really happening with the Foxconn Scam and City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason’s claims to have secured tens of millions in new development.  Why would Lee Enterprises decide to cut and run at this tipping point in Racine County history?

Perhaps it is all unfolding right now, before your very eyes!


If Former Racine County Executive Jim Ladwig is a Republican, Why Did Democrat Beth Pramme Host a Fundraiser For Ladwig?

What’s going on in Racine County? Is there any real difference between the Republicans and Democrats, or are they working together against the People? Once you are accepted into the true inner circles of power, there are NO Republicans or Democrats, just Political Opportunists ruled by Corporate Interests. The reward for complying is just more pay raises, tax-free fringes of $30,000, $40,000+, retirements, double dipping, loot and scoot (take your taxpayer funded retirement and move to a State with no income tax), no accountability (just ask Rich and Jennifer Chiapete or Tim Zarzecki). You sit on Boards of non-profit Organizations which are taxpayer funded, but not subject to Wisconsin’s Open Records Laws, and spend hundreds of millions looted from the taxpayers which benefit the politically correct connected.  If your political career is in jeopardy because of personal sins, there are taxpayer funded Non-Profits and Corporations which will employ you and see you through. Meanwhile, the Little People are abused, jailed and fined, and the tax and fee hikes just keep coming! But that’s how it works in a kleptocracy – and that’s the form of government which operates throughout Racine County.

This is an oldie but a goodie – which shows how far the deception goes in Racine County – it is a document which is only available to the public because of a lawsuit. The document would never be published in the mainstream media, because it would reveal the secret. What could be more revealing than notorious Democrat Beth Pramme holding a fundraiser for Jim Dickert and John Ladwig, or is that John Dickert and Jim Ladwig? As an added *BONUS* Mary Jerger Osterman and Chip Brewer, Director of Worldwide Government Relations at SCJ, are  involved!  Of course, Jim Ladwig now works for SC Johnson as the Senior Director for Global Community Affairs and John T. Dickert works as the executive director of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative..  Bon Appétit!

Doesn’t the below make more sense? Republican Jim Ladwig employing Democrat Beth Pramme to Recall Brain Dead Scott Walker!

Taxes are for Little People – big People like SC Johnson, Foxconn and Racine’s current First Couple, Cory & Rebecca Mason either don’t pay them or fix it so they are exempt. They are the Beneficiaries and Recipients.

See: http://racinepost.blogspot.com/2009/06/sc-johnson-emails-offer-intimate-look.html



The Mason’s aren’t interested in paying their fair share. The Lehner name is well connected to City Hall…. Benjamin Lehner of Root River Council fame is now a City Employee…OH LOOK – they even paid full price $440,000! It is surely an “Arms Length” sale…..  Everything is on the Uppity UP! Nothing to see here folks, now move along…. Hey Buddy…. what’s your problem?

While this asshole loves himself to death! LOL! Too big to jail, he issued an Executive Order! As a Mayor! LOL! While the Common Council of Racine sat in *STUNNED* Amazement.  Claimed to be Mayor 24/7, and stuck the taxpayers with his personal legal bills of over $100G.  Ya gotta luv someone with the chutzpah of John T. Dickert – American Politician. LOL! Laugh now – cry later.

And just ask Racine County Executive Jonathon Delagrave, who is trying to lift everybody’s* boat with the Foxscam Failure……..

(NOTE that EVERYBODY does not include those who are privately employed, small business owners, and those not politically connected)

If Racine County is a Sanctuary County – then we can provide Foxconn with the low wage and no benefit workers needed to make The Project happen.


Did Scott Walker and the Republicans Throw the Governors Race to Avoid Dealing With the Foxconn WEDC Contract Default?

Corning CEO says Foxconn glass plant would have to be subsidized

Walker, Hogan have said state does not plan to offer incentives to Foxconn suppliers

“In Wisconsin we’re not building a factory. You can’t use a factory to view our Wisconsin investment,” Louis Woo, a special assistant to Foxconn chairman Terry Gou and a key negotiator in the Wisconsin deal, told Reuters.

Bloomberg reports that Woo said there were no plans to scrap the facility altogether but that the company was reconsidering what operations might be best for the site.

Woo told Reuters that Foxconn couldn’t compete in the US TV market if it used domestic labor to build LCD panels — something that outside commentators have previously noted. “In terms of TV, we have no place in the U.S.,” said Woo. “If a certain size of display has more supply, whether from China or Japan or Taiwan, we have to change, too.”

Foxconn was given exemptions from environmental regulations and subsidies worth $4.1 billion to create manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin. However, ever since the flurry of publicity with which the deal was announced (including a photo-op with President Trump, former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, and Gou breaking ground on the new site), the terms of the arrangement have been continually downsized. It’s not clear how much further they may be changed.

With Foxconn deciding to “Opt Out” of funding the required Billion Dollar investment in the Corning Glass manufacturing facility, Corning Glass turned to then Governor Scott Walker and asked for the Subsidy. Walker said – “NO” – thus effectively killing the project on May 1, 2018, placing the WEDC contract in default.

Foxconn: Top official says Wisconsin will not provide glass-maker new financial incentives

ADISON – The state won’t provide any new taxpayer subsidies to lure a key glass supplier to Foxconn to locate in southeastern Wisconsin, the state’s top jobs official said Tuesday.

In an interview, the head of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. said state taxpayers have maxed out on their contribution to the Foxconn project, including related businesses such as Corning Inc., which could bring hundreds of additional jobs to Racine County.

WEDC Chief Executive Officer Mark Hogan said that the state had already done all it needs to do to win those jobs by offering billions of dollars in incentives to Foxconn Technology Group of Taiwan. Foxconn could share those incentives with Corning and other suppliers, but the state would not expand these subsidies to get jobs that were part of the original deal and analysis done last year, he said.

Hogan made his statements after Corning’s CEO had said his company would need additional help from Foxconn or another source before coming to Wisconsin.

That’s it – end of story.

Former Governor Walker and his Administration made the call to allow Foxconn to default on the WEDC contract. At that point, the operations currently in progress at Mount Pleasant, Caledonia, and Racine County should have ended immediately. But oddly enough, they didn’t, while public officials lied and claimed “The Project” was really going to happen.

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