The Cheap Illinois Boaters Who “Brown Bag It” On Their Yachts at the Racine County Owned Reefpoint Marina Will Continue to Diss Downtown Racine Merchants as Gas Approaches $3+ Gal!!

As of 5/13/2018, according to Gas Buddy, a gallon of gas is approaching $3/gal in Detroit West – aka – City of Racine:

And as Downtown’s Racine’s former drug dealing Da Pizza Chef Business changes hands….

New life at De’Pizza; Downtown Racine to get new pizza restaurant

RACINE — Two local businessmen have started what will be a complete renovation, expansion and big upgrade to the former De’Pizza Chef Restaurant Pizzeria — a project that will likely end up as a new pizzeria.

Rick Onyon, developer and owner of Butcher & Barrel Gastropub, 300 Sixth St., and local builder Ron Christensen, owner of Ron’s Concrete, recently jointly bought the former De’Pizza Chef, 235 Main St. After the operator of that business was prosecuted for reportedly running a drug operation from there, the building’s previous owner terminated his lease. He decided to sell and knew Christensen.

The plans

The current building is only about 500 square feet in size. Onyon and Christensen plan to extend the building to the rear by about 40 feet to add about 1,580 square feet. However, the seating area will remain up front and will not be much greater than its current rating of 15, Onyon said — perhaps 20 to 25.

“We want it to be that way,” he explained. “We want it to still be this quaint tiny, ultracool little place.”

That’s because they plan to focus heavily on food deliveries to the lakefront including the harbor. Most of the addition will be the production area both for food served on site and deliveries.

Of course, Reefpoint Marina is County Owned, Taxpayer supported, moves large budget items to “Debt Service'” via County Issued Bonds, pays no property taxes, and is a hotbed of Crony Capitalism:

The Cheap Boaters of Illinois have failed again and again – for well over a decade – to become patrons of Downtown Racine Businesses while the Politicians continue to blind their eyes to the fact that boating in Racine is a 3 month proposition at best, in a year which consists of 12 months! Otherwise, large portions of Downtown Racine would be paying their fair share of property taxes for the interest of the Community at Large, instead of being directed back into themselves via TIF Districts!

As JT Commentator Tortuga so succinctly noted:

As the Gas Prices continue to rise in Racine, WI. – so will the unemployment rate, crime, desperation, and CHEAP Illinois “Brown Baggers” ripping off Racine County Taxpayers, who subsidize their “Yachting Lifestyle”! Racine County SUCKERS Taxpayers continue to gladly subsidize it’s operation by moving out of budget, large expenses to “Debt Service” – and so the illusion continues!

And so Racine County will continue to spiral downwards – into the RED!



Embrace the “SUCK” Racine County Taxpayers as the County owned Marina continues to subsidize CHEAP Illinois Boaters who can’t afford a truly classy Marina! The expenses to the Taxpayers of Racine County will only increase as rising gas prices forces cheap Illinois Boaters to continue their brown bagging at the Racine County owned Reefpoint Marina!





City of Racine Administrator Jim Palenick Feels *LUCKY*

From The JT:

Palenick marks 1st-year anniversary; sees ‘bright’ future for city

Jim Palenick has now held that job for about one year. In that time, he’s worked for three mayors, helped develop a proposed event center that the City Council ultimately rejected and is now working to help Racine capitalize on a $10 billion manufacturing campus in neighboring Mount Pleasant.

Palenick was appointed by former Mayor John Dickert to succeed Tom Friedel as Racine’s administrator, a role created in 2003 to manage Racine’s day-to-day operations. The City Council approved Palenick’s hiring March 21, 2017, by a vote of 10-3, granting him a three-year contract with a starting salary of $140,000.

The words of yet another “Dickert Disaster” appointed Toady who spouts lies for the remaining Fools of Racine – who are parted from their money – daily.

Being paid $140,000G + Bennies from the unwitting dupes aka City of Racine Taxpayers only confirms that lying and embezzling pays – in the rogue, criminal and corrupt State of WI! I bet Jim feels *LUCKY* because he won the lottery from the taxpaying FOOLS of City of Racine – who pay the bills!

Women in Love!

Stormy Daniels Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Trump

From ZH:

Stormy Daniels’ legal team – led by lawyer Michael Avenatti – must be getting bored since a federal judge in Los Angeles ordered a 90-day delay of her lawsuit against President Trump and his former personal attorney Mike Cohen (who has promised to plead the fifth during the proceedings). Because Stormy has filed another defamation lawsuit, this time exclusively against President Trump, as Reuters reports.

The lawsuit, which was filed in federal court in New York on Monday, seeks damages from Trump for a tweet he sent earlier this month where he criticized a composite sketch that, Daniels said, depicted a man who had threatened her in 2011. He reportedly demanded that she stay quiet about her sexual encounter with Trump. That would’ve been around the time she gave an interview about her affair with Trump to In Touch magazine which wasn’t published until recently.

Her previous lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles, sought to have her released from an NDA she signed shortly before the 2016 vote where she also accepted a $130,000 “hush money” payment from Cohen.

“A sketch years later about a nonexistent man. A total con job, playing the Fake News Media for Fools (but they know it)!,” Trump said.

According to the filing, cited by the Associate Press and Reuters, the tweet was “false and defamatory” arguing that Trump knew what he was saying out Daniels’ claim was false and also disparaging.

The lawsuit also claims Daniels has been exposed to death threats and other threats of “physical violence.”

Daniels, whose given name is Stephanie Clifford, is seeking a jury trial and unspecified damages.

“We intend on teaching Mr. Trump that you cannot simply make things up about someone and disseminate them without serious consequences,” Avenatti said.

As the Associated Press points out, Daniels, aided by Avenatti, has sought to keep her case in the public eye. She revealed the sketch that Trump mocked during an appearance on the View earlier this month. Trump is facing another defamation lawsuit in New York, this one filed by Summer Zervos, a former “The Apprentice” contestant who says Trump made unwanted sexual contact with her in 2007. She sued him after Trump dismissed her claims.

STOrMY DANIELS! Is definetely One *Krazee B*Tch!*


City of Racine Unemployment Decreases, While Productive People Continue to Flee Racine County!

As bright and productive people continue to flee SE Wisconsin, the unemployment rate in City of Racine decreases slightly – as the hardcore unemployable and criminal element remain.  RUSD (Racine Unified School District)  costs taxpayers a  third of a BILLION dollar yearly  to merely exist as a  glorified and overpaid sinkhole to babysit drugged out, welfare supported,  partying single Mothers. Meanwhile, TIDS,  Non-Profits, fees, and UNFAIR assessments  continue to proliferate, oppress, exploit, and confiscate the remaining wealth of the  ever shrinking remnant of the ever decreasing productive remaining TAXPAYERS.

Get OUT while you can!

From The JT;

City’s jobless rate drops to 4.6 percent

RACINE COUNTY — The City of Racine’s estimated unemployment rate in March stood at 4.6 percent, somewhat below its 5.2 percent rate from the previous March, according to the latest numbers issued by the state.

However, that number was still highest among the 32 cities and villages tracked by the Department of Workforce Development, which released March figures Wednesday. Next in order were Beloit at 4.2 percent, Kenosha and Milwaukee tied at 4.1 percent and Manitowoc at 3.7 percent.

The agency estimated Racine County’s March unemployment rate at 3.7 percent, compared with 4.4 percent one year earlier.

Other area jobless rate estimates for this March, followed by those for March 2017 are:

Caledonia — 3.4, 3.7 percent. NOTE: STAGNANT!

Mount Pleasant — 3.1, 3.7 percent. NOTE: STAGNANT!

Oak Creek — 2.6, 3.1 percent. NOTE: STAGNANT!

All numbers are preliminary and will be adjusted later.

Jobless rates are based on people who are working or actively seeking work. They do not capture those who have given up trying to find a job, nor do they show underemployment: people who work part-time but want full-time work.

Meanwhile, the 2016 County of Wisconsin CAFR reveals that the population in Racine County has remained stagnant over the past 10 years while leading the State of WI in unemployment.

The City of Racine’s unemployment rate decreased while surrounding communities increased because the following individuals (and many others like them) have been removed from the unemployed rolls and shifted to the ever increasing number of taxpayer supported incarcerated role!

The FACE of Racine – TODAY!

From the JT:

Mugshots: Racine County criminal complaints April 27

These are images of people charged with a crime in Racine County. Booking photos are provided by Racine County law enforcement officials. A defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty and convicted.

Stick ‘Em up George! Racine Mayor Cory Mason is coming to take away your property rights and what remains of any Constitutional Rights/Liberties you thought you had left! The only growing Industry left  in the State of WI is the PRISON INDUSTRY!


Enjoy the Symphony of Destruction!



From Talking Racine:

Talking Racine episode 68 discusses job training with First Choice creator Ola Baiyewu. The city has approved $125,000 for attorney fees, $275,000 to RCEDC to administer $500,000 for outside contractors for job training (Total $900,000 out of intergovernmental Funds) We bring the perspective down to the local level to discuss issues that affect our own city of Racine, WI We’re about investigative reporting on topics that matter: corruption, conflicts of interest, broken systems, abuses by institutions and individuals with power, whether that’s government, nonprofits, or the press itself.

City of Racine Audited RDA Reports Show That Micah Waters Porters TID 17 Has Failed Since its’ Inception! While Racine Taxpayers Continue to Embrace the Suck!

From City of Racine Common Council Meeting Minutes, March 20, 2012:

Subject: Communication from the Director of City Development requesting to create Tax Incremental District No. 17 for the purpose of providing financial assistance for the redevelopment of the buildings at 301 Sixth Street and 608 Wisconsin Avenue. (PC-12) (Res. 12-3043) Recommendation of the City Plan Commission on 2-29-12: That the creation of Tax Incremental District No. 17 promotes orderly development in the City. Further recommends that Tax Incremental District No. 17 be created with the boundaries designated in the Project Plan. Further recommends that the Project Plan for Tax Incremental District No. 17, as adopted by the City Plan Commission on February 29, 2012, be approved. Fiscal Note: The purpose of this District is to foster the rehabilitation of the vacant buildings and surface parking lot that comprise the District and restore their economic vitality by renovating them for mixed residential and commercial use. The project plan calls for $1.1 million to be provided to assist the renovation. The $1.1 million will be advanced from the Intergovernmental Revenue Sharing Fund.

Screenshot below –

So the failed Porters TID 17 was approved on March 20, 2012; and Micah Waters, the owner of the property in that TID ,who was expected to pay his property taxes, frozen at the level of 2012 tax rates, to himself, to improve the property, failed to do so.

Just what did Micah Waters do?

He took City of Racine Taxpayers on a ride and has consistently failed to pay the required property taxes, while he retains control over an asset which is just a dirt brown hole on the ground!

All screenshots below are taken from City of Racine Independently Audited Financial Reports – available by clicking on the link:

From the 2013 City of Racine Independently Audited Financial Reports :

From the 2014 City of Racine Independently Audited Financial Reports :

From the 2015 City of Racine Independently Audited Financial Reports :

Are You Still in Racine?

Then, continue to “EMBRACE THE SUCK”!

That’s the Racine Way!

Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush “I’m A King Bee – Back Door Man” (live 1977)


John Dickert’s Porters Lie Continues to Cost Racine Taxpayers Tens of Thousands as Micah Waters TID 17 Fails and Receives a Taxpayer Bailout!

ABOVE: TID 17 – as proposed by former Mayor John Dickert and his cousin former City Administrator Tom Friedel.

BELOW – Actual Satellite picture of the Porters TID 17 site: WHOOPS! Guess that the above proposed construction didn’t actually happen!

 The Porters Lie

Over 1.2 million in taxpayer dollars was advanced to Micah Waters and Porters for the re-development of the Porters building in downtown Racine. The public was informed the bank financing was in place and that Racine residents would be employed on the project. Racine advanced the money, and has absolutely NOTHING to show for it. The project is non-existent.

Ed note: The Porters Project did create a taxpayer funded hole in Downtown Racine. Video below – Brian O’Connell is sorry.

The City of Racine is once again sticking up taxpaying Residents with the Porters Scam; Stick ’em up George! The Cory Mason Gang is coming to take your property and rights away!

The City of Racine Independently Audited Financial Report for year ending 2016 reports that TID 17 is already failing and that Taxpayers must bail it out for a cost of $26,408.  Worse yet is TID 18 – aka Machinery Row, 2016 shortfall was $7,151,988, then TID 16, aka Uptown I , whose 2016 shortfall was $278,442, while TID 19, aka Uptown II, had a 2016 shortfall of $52,074.


While the RDA is broke and operating on advances from the City in the amount of $2,736,585!

WHOOPS! Well, at least Micah Waters got to remove his property from the taxpayer rolls and keep it – while his share of taxes was shifted to those not fortunate to be the Beneficiary of a TID or Non-Profit.

It’s just the City of Racine way….

For those who choose to continue to live in Racine, you may wonder – how many active TIDS does Racine currently have? That number is an incredible 14 active TIDS! Even the Racine Department of City Development is having trouble keeping information up tp date as they provide NO information on TID 19 (Uptown II) or TID 20 (Regency Mall).

Screenshot taken from the Racine Department of City Development:

According to WI DOR, as of 2017 Racine County boasts more than 27 active TID’s, which doesn’t include City of Racine TID 20 or those being created by Mt Pleasant for Foxconn.

While City of Racine’s TIDS continue to perform poorly at best – to being outright money losers – according to WI DOR:


Enjoy the Scam-O-Rama Racine!

To be successful – All The City of Racine needs is a bigger Credit Card – or Legislative permission to increase taxes to the Moon!



Corrupt Racine County Prosecutors and Courts Assist Former Tichigan Fire Chief Todd Bluhm in Covering For His Crimes

From Fox 6:

Former Tichigan fire chief accused of misappropriating more than $20K reaches plea deal

A criminal complaint filed in this case indicates it was back in June of 2014 when Racine County sheriff’s investigators were looking into allegations of long-term misappropriation of Town of Waterford funds by Bluhm — who was the chief of the Tichigan Volunteer Fire Department.

It was reported by “several persons with access to financial (fire department) records” that Bluhm was using fire department funds for personal use.

In December 2014, a forensic audit was authorized. The audit began in January 2015, and was completed in May.

In early May 2015, the complaint indicates an investigator met with the forensic auditor, and learned of an “extensive list” of fraudulent transactions made by Bluhm.

In July 2015, Bluhm admitted to the following instances of misappropriation, according to the complaint:

  • Aug. 13, 2013: $6,347.75 paid to Lois Tire Shop
  • Sept. 10, 2013: $2,830.58 paid to Lois Tire Shop
  • Feb. 18, 2014: $1,734.24 paid to Lois Tire Shop
  • July 29, 2014: $713.26 paid to Lois Tire Shop
  • Aug. 20, 2014: $568.65 paid to Lois Tire Shop

The complaint indicates some of the money paid to Lois Tire Shop via Tichigan Volunteer Fire Department checks was for service/repairs for Bluhm’s personal vehicle.

Additionally, the complaint indicates Bluhm is accused of using Tichigan Volunteer Fire Department money to purchase accessories for his personal vehicle, including:

  • $200 for strobe lights on July 22, 2013
  • $250 for “Apollos” installed on his vehicle on Aug. 21, 2013
  • $410 for “Tichigan FD” installed on his vehicle on March 25

These payments were made to PRV Upfitters via PayPal — and the complaint indicates the payments were made with a Tichigan Volunteer Fire Department credit card.

Bluhm is accused of using Tichigan Volunteer Fire Department money to pay for personal cell phones, according to the complaint:

  • Dec. 6, 2010: $424.87
  • July 19, 2011: $219.02
  • Sept. 27, 2011: $217.93
  • Nov. 21, 2011: $334.85
  • June 12, 2012: $258.96
  • Dec. 26, 2012: $501.68
  • April 23, 2013: $587.30
  • Sept. 10, 2013: $426.54
  • Feb. 4, 2014: $621.25
  • May 31, 2014: $943.49
  • Sept. 9, 2014: $650

Bluhm is accused of using Tichigan Volunteer Fire Department money to make the following purchases from Emergency Medical Products — purchases that were converted to personal use, according to the complaint:

  • Jan. 7, 2013: $66.45
  • Feb. 19, 2013: $55.25
  • Feb. 25, 2013: $165.75
  • June 7, 2013: $63.30
  • Jan. 2, 2014: $179.40

The complaint indicates $455.08 was paid using a Tichigan Volunteer Fire Department debit card for hotel rooms in Michigan, booked via Bluhm admitted this was a family vacation — and not work-related, according to the complaint.

Bluhm is accused of making several purchases to fill personal vehicles with gasoline from January 2014 through October 2014 — totaling more than $3,000.

The complaint makes reference to the following fraudulent reimbursement requests paid by the Tichigan Volunteer Fire Department:

  • $309.66 on May 19, 2013: The item purchased was not located within Fire Department inventory, and the complaint indicates Bluhm had converted this item for personal use
  • $304.25 on June 11, 2013: The complaint indicates a check from the Tichigan Volunteer Fire Department was cashed by Bluhm.
  • $485.10 on Sept. 30, 2013: The money was paid for boarding for an EMS conference, and the complaint indicates Bluhm had been previously reimbursed for this expense.
  • $760 on Aug. 18, 2014: The money was paid to Bluhm for four admissions to the Paramedic Systems of Wisconsin Conference — and the complaint indicates $760 was paid via a Tichigan Volunteer Fire Department debit card.

The complaint indicates the following purchases were made by Bluhm from Somar Tek, LLC. using Tichigan Volunteer Fire Department funds:

  • June 9, 2009: $189.95
  • March 12, 2013: $900.86
  • June 7, 2013: $115.98
  • May 30, 2014: $1,302.99

The items purchased were converted to personal use by Bluhm, the complaint alleges.

This isn’t the first time Bluhm has found himself in the hot seat. In 2005, FOX6 News reported Bluhm was accused of stealing a Jack Daniels dartboard holder from the scene of a warehouse fire. At the time, he was deputy fire chief in Big Bend/Vernon.

Investigators believe he lied to authorities twice about the alleged theft.

While The JT reports:

Former Tichigan fire chief receives probation

TICHIGAN — The former Tichigan fire chief accused of embezzling more than $20,000 from the fire company between 2010 and 2014 was sentenced to a two years probation. Conditions of Bluhm’s probation include a mandatory 10 days jail time and 40 hours of community service per year for a total of 80 hours. The probation sentences will be served concurrently.

The five-month long forensic audit uncovered numerous incidents totaling $20,547.02, in which Bluhm used Fire Company funds for personal purposes, including auto repairs and gas for Bluhm’s personal vehicle, personal cell phone bills and a hotel bill for a vacation taken by Bluhm’s family.

Bluhm is currently the director of the emergency services unit at Lakeview Specialty Hospital and Rehab, 1701 Sharp Road, in Dover.


Crime PAYS In Racine County, if you are White and politically connected! White – washing is REAL!

Had Todd Bluhm been Black, not politically connected, and living in the City of Racine, he would have been a Felon for life, incarcerated for years, and unable to find work. Todd Bluhm is further living proof that crime pays for those who can exercise their political White privilege, and that the corrupt Courts and Prosecutors in Racine County will keep it that way.

Trish already assisted WI Governor Scott Walker appointed former Racine County DA Rich Chiapete and his wife Jennifer in hiding their crimes – so why not yet another public official? It is a Pattern and Practice in Racine County – seen again and again. How much more obvious does it have to be before real and meaningful change occurs in the rogue and criminal State of WI? The working People are forced to pay and pay, while malfeasant, capricious, and criminal public officials continue to LOOT them while the Prison Industry  of WI continue to expand by incarcerating People of Color, Drunks, and Drug Law Offenders!