Party on the Promenade!

Keep Saturday, December 21st. open for a special kind of Party !

A party unlike anything you have 
experienced in Racine

A party mocking corrupt officials and others 
enabling them



When: Saturday, December 21st. 2019

Where:Water Street

(1 block north of City Hall)
Between Marquette and Center

Why:To celebrate the completion (or not)
of the DNR Knowles-Nelson Grants opening public access to the Root River corridor including bike paths, walkway, promenade and kayak launch area access to the Root River.

Time:11AM – 1PM

Opening show
starts with a BANG !
Cory “Coryuption Mason effigy sliding down a dance pole to the awaiting Masonettes
(Amy C., Rebecca M., Elaine E., Nicole L. & Patricia H.)
Music by Laura Nyro
Flim Flam Man by the marching in of the effigies, complete with a
Funeral Dirge and presenting the effigies for
public inspection.

Featured entertainment includes:
The Masonettes
Effigy displays
Mock Trial and Judgement of the effigies
BYOE (Bring your own Effigy)

Informational displays about:
John “Honest John” Dickert
Cory “Coryuption” Mason
Scott “Fast &Loose”  Letteney
Robert “Kangaroo Kourt” Weber
Eugene “Gagthebitch”Gasiorkiewicz
Lisa “Legal Whore” Neubauer
Chris “Haggard” Schmaling
Patricia “NO Rights” Hanson
Machinery Row
Knowles-Nelson Grant

Featured guest speakers include:
Dr. Ken Yorgan
Former Congressional candidate and public advocate

George Meyers
Political watchdog and Constitutional expert

Dennis Montey

Carrie Glenn

City of Racine Alderman

And others TBA
Watch for updates all week.

Side shows include:
pies in the face
Things you didn’t know you could do with a jump rope
Training handcuffs for corrupt officials
and more
Arrive early as there will be limited supplies of food and drink !
Food choices include:
Sloppy Joes
Drinks include:
Mason Kool Aid
(detoxed version)
served in mason jars
Hot chocolate
Closing shows include:
A burning Cory “Coryuption” Mason effigy sliding down the dance pole to the music of Talking Heads
“Burning Down the House”
Why Join us?
Because some like it HOT !
For more info contact us at

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