Negative Mount Pleasant

A small town in Wisconsin becomes the site of a completely unprecedented experiment.

To listen to #132 Negative Mount Pleasant click on the following link:

Listeners to the podcast will also be able to hear Mount Pleasant President David DeGroot *LIVE* and in *ACTION* as he breaks Robert’s Rules of Orders, belittles and insults commentators, demands written and oral apologizes from those who have presented opposing views, and insists that Kelly Gallaher go away and not comment during her allotted time! It is OUTRAGEOUS that a Village President of an elected governmental body  is allowed to get away with such anti-social, inconsiderate, and illegal  behavior. *SHAME* SHAME* on Mount Pleasant!

More links from the podcast:

A Better Mount Pleasant vs Let’s Make A Better Mount Pleasant

Journalist Larry Tabak’s series on Foxconn in Wisconsin

Economist David Merriman’s paper on the type of financing used by Mount Pleasant

Journalist Brian Merchant’s book which includes a visit to Foxconn campus in China

An Interview with Sruthi Pinnamaneni on Vergecast 

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