When an Investigation Is Not An Investigation – But a Cover-Up – Moar Scam -O- Rama in Mount Pleasant

And to no one’s surprise – when the investigated use taxpayer funds to hire investigators to investigate themselves – the substance and facts of the Complainant are ignored, while the investigation into irrelevant issues sidetracks the substance of the complaint, finds that no wrong doing was committed and subsequently the investigated is acquitted of all charges.

SO – to no one’s surprise, from JT:

Investigation clears SSFD Chief Stedman; litigation could come

Mary Hubacher, labor attorney with the firm Buelow Vetter, was brought in to conduct the investigation and she said she interviewed both Gallaher and Stedman, reviewed the website, had the village IT department search Stedman’s emails and retained a firm called, Digital Intelligence, and requested that they do a forensic audit of the chief’s email account.

“Their results were consistent with the results of the internal search, no emails were sent or received regarding the complainant that were not related to Chief Stedman’s duties as fire chief,” Hubacher said.

Hubacher said Stedman’s email that included Gallaher “were related to responsibilities as fire chief” and no other emails were found related to Gallaher or Let’s Make A Better Mount Pleasant.

Hubacher said Stedman denied any association with the website but did acknowledge he has used “fchief” as his user name on multiple email accounts for the past 10 years starting when he was secretary treasurer of the Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs’ Association.

“Even if it could be established that Chief Stedman is the creator/administrator of the website, there is no evidence that he engaged in the alleged conduct while at work or on village time, or that he was speaking in his capacity as fire chief,” Hubacher said. “It’s not apparent from the posts that anyone who’s a village employee was posting on the website.”

Anyone who has read the actual complaint of Kelly Gallaher would immediately realize that an investigation into Robert Stedman’s E-Mails did not investigate the substance of the complaint and only provided a taxpayer funded cover-up.

The Complaint is available here: https://www.scribd.com/document/412280989/Mt-Pleasant-Police-and-Fire-Commission-Complaint-RE-Robert-Stedman-May-2019

Serious admissions of circumstantial evidence – admissible in court – have been made by several MTP Officials, especially Trustee Anna Marie Clausen who promoted “Let’s Make A Better Mount Pleasant” on her Facebook page and stated “I don’t know who specifically does this but it is someone in DeGroot’s camp.” Just by coincidence, Village President  David DeGroot, Trustee Anna Marie Clausen, and Fire Chief Robert Stedman have been seen together having breakfast at Castlewood Resturant together on numerous occasions – which links in well with Trustee Anna Marie Clausen promoting the website and claiming that the author is someone in DeGroot’s camp.

While a .php error on the WordPress account revealed the creator to be fchief1951. Robert Stedman admits to using fchief for a user name in multiple accounts and was born in 1951.

Posts on “Let’s Make A Better Mount Pleasant” contain specific information which would only be known to a small circle of Village public employees and elected officials, including that of Jerry Garski and Cindy Sherman. Cindy was politically active in Mount Pleasant  during an election campaign for Jerry Garski. In 2015, Cindy moved to Tennessee.

Instead of a serious and comprehensive investigation, Village President David DeGroot and his Gang of Trustees forced taxpayers to pay for some Kabuki Theatre which took 6 months to look at the website “Let’s Make A Better Mount Pleasant”, interview Kelly Gallaher and Robert Stedman, and search Robert Stedman’s E-mails. This is nothing less than an orchestrated cover-up which failed  to address any of the serious allegations, facts and substance contained in the complaint.

That is the great unknown – who was doing what and when, and in what capacity. That is still yet to be determined. The E-mails of Robert Stedman are irrelevant.

The sham investigation into Robert Stedman’s E-Mails is a travesty of Justice to Kelly and the marks taxpayers who funded it.


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