Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Finds His Ballz – Updated

About Time!


From JT: https://journaltimes.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/evers-calls-gop-state-senators-vote-amoral-and-stupid/article_4f7d5095-beb5-5b1e-8577-b14ca6e67790.html?mode=comments


That describes Vos and his Right Wing Operatives exactly.  Please – go AWAY Boss Vos – and your gang of criminal, stupid and amoral  operatives.


And a BIG FU to the WI GOP who lied to me, mislead me, and sold me out. FU.



UPDATED to respond to Kriminal Republithug Kingpin Operative Tan Sandy Dandy and his Tea- Tard Co-horts:


State of Wisconsin Republican Operatives like Tan Sandy Dandy and ORDMM are no different than the Az*hole who promises to not Cum in Your Mouth – *OOPS*

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