As for Property Taxes in Ratcine…….

Protesting Does No Good!


See JT:

Morrison: Unhappy with city leadership


“Aren’t our city leaders doing a grand job of towing the line on holding down our property taxes? There are some things that bother me though. Moving the cost of fire hydrant maintenance to the water bill, really? I have paid taxes in Racine for 42 years and the only maintenance I have seen done on hydrants is when the city asks us to shovel the snow away from them”.

JT won’t allow me to post a link to a “SPAM” website – but if you do a google search for “Lifestyles of Racine’s Rich, Famous and Politically Connected” you will likely discover the appropriate link.

That said – I just checked the 2019 assessed value of Mayor Cory Mason’s huge house on Lake Michigan – located at 3907 Lighthouse Drive. From City of Racine website – property Assessments:

“This property contains of land mainly classified as One-Family with a(n) Custom style building, built about 1958 , having Brick exterior and roof cover, with 1 unit(s), total room(s), total bedroom(s), 4 total bath(s), 1 total half bath(s), 0 total 3/4 bath(s)”.

The finished area is 3,707.10004 square feet (!) and the 2019 assessment for this Lakefront Property is….. drum roll please……… $440,000.

From 2008 until 2013 the assessed value was $800,000! Then it steadily decreased until it reached it’s present value of $440,000 in 2018. WHY – hasn’t everyone in City of Racine experienced nearly a 50% decline in property value – like the Lakefront property purchased by the Mason’s in 2018?

Interestingly enough – the former owner shares the same last name as one of Cory Mason’s buddies on the Not For Profit Root River Council – once operated by Racine County Supervisor Monte Osterman – now operated by former City Development Director Brian O’Connell – who is now connected to RUSD School Board – if I am not mistaken.

Taxes are for the poor and those without the correct political connections. Taxes are merely a wealth transfer scheme. Get used to it – because it will not get any better.


Lifestyles of Racine’s Rich, Famous & Politically Connected


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