Detained (Shortly) by Racine Police Department

I’ve been silent a long time – since I just kinda lost interest in the trainwreck that is Racine County politics – and I have been enjoying my first real Wisconsin Summer in 3 years – but I gotta tell
ya –

I got pulled over by RPD a few weeks ago – while riding my $3,000 Trek equivalent Motobecane Carbon Fiber Immortal Spirit – and the arresting officer even called for back-up – while I was dressed exactly as shown in the picture (pic taken by GF Silly Sally about 30 minutes after being stopped) . Fortunate for me I didn’t run – and I  wouldn’t abandon my expensive bike – and I was released from custody because I asked the arresting Officer if he knew my Uncle – who he acknowledged had hired him at RPD. True story. The probable cause – best as I could determine – is that some Teachers bike had been stolen – now this was before school started – and that they needed to check the bike. It was broad daylight – and at 6th. and Mound Avenue. I’d like to know the true reason why RPD stopped and shortly detained me for – and why back up had to be called! What sort of threat do I represent?

What sort of threat did TY’Rese West represent?

I’m old, white and peaceful – and I FEAR THE POLICE! The POLICE who were part of my Family.

While Republican DA Trish Hanson stalls for time and refuses to release information which should be freely available to the public.

From JT:

3 months later, Ty’ Rese West’s mother pleads for more info about fatal shooting


“How can I help you Officer?”

TRUTH is never the Governments best friend –

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