I Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists!

I Value my FREEDOM –

RC County Executive Jonathon Delagrave sends:

The Message doesn’t fit his Corporate Master’s Agenda:

Dear Village Board,

From Sin City:

While Racine County Executive Jonathon Delagrave Spends $20,000 to
Promote a “Digital Era Compliant County” scheme, The “Smart City” of
Baltimore is Brought to a Standstill As “Baltimore City Hall Computer
Network Infected With Ransomware Virus, Officials Say”

Link: https://arrestrecordsofracinewipublicofficials.wordpress.com/2019/05/08/while-racine-county-executive-jonathon-delagrave-spends-20000-to-promote-a-digital-era-compliant-county-scheme-the-smart-city-of-baltimore-is-brought-to-a-standstill-as-baltimore-city-hal/

Just when taxpayers thought it couldn’t get any worse, and Foxconn is
in DEFAULT of their WEDC contract and demanding to renegotiate, Racine
County Executive Jonathon Delagrave decides to waste $20,000 of
taxpayers dollars, coupled with a $10,000 grant from WI Counties
Association to fund ” a contract with My Strategy Source LLC, a
consulting service, to develop a long-term digital vision for the

Really? When taxpayer funded County Services should be brick and mortar.


The contract costs about $30,000, however the county has received a
$10,000 grant from the Wisconsin Counties Association to help offset
the cost”. Well, wasting $20,000 for lobbying efforts to convince
taxpayers that poison is good for them is still wasting taxpayer

If the Non-profit and tax exempt taxpayer funded “Secret Government”
Wisconsin Counties Association wants to chip in $10,000 – then CUI
BONO? No one knows – nor can anyone even ask the question – because
the quasi-governmental taxpayer funded Association is EXEMPT from Open
Records Requests.

While ZH notes:

Ransomware is a type of malware designed to block operators from using
computer systems or specific data until a ransom is paid.

The Baltimore Sun said the ransomware was identified as RobbinHood.
The hackers demanded cryptocurrency as the preferred payment to unlock
the files.

Davis said the malware attack in Baltimore City was similar to one
that disabled computer systems in Greenville, North Carolina, last
month. City Councilman Ryan Dorsey said City Hall employees were
instructed on Tuesday afternoon to disconnect all devices from the

“Everybody has been instructed to unplug the Ethernet cable and
turn off power to their computers, printers and such,” Dorsey said.
“It’s apparently spreading computer to computer.”

Hackers wrote in a note that 3 Bitcoins (equivalent to about $17,667
at current prices) will unlock each system, or approximately 13
Bitcoins (worth $76,557) to unlock the city’s entire communication
system. Apparently that amount is too much for Baltimore to afford.

The note also told city officials that if they contacted law
enforcement that all communication would be cut off. It also
emphasized that anti-virus software would damage the computers. The
ransomware’s procedures are completely automated.


Meanwhile, in Racine’s Sister City of Detroit, MI:
Detroit’s LED streetlights going dark after a few years

Detroit — The city’s lighting authority fears tens of thousands of
streetlights are in jeopardy of failing just a few years after being
installed, threatening to put some of Detroit’s neighborhoods back
into the dark.

The authority behind the state-of-the-art overhaul of Detroit’s
streetlight system filed a federal lawsuit Monday against the
manufacturer of nearly a third of the city’s 65,000 streetlights,
saying a fix is expected to cost millions.

The Public Lighting Authority in its complaint against Leotek
Electronics USA notes that upward of 20,000 LED lights are
“prematurely dimming and burning out” and putting the city’s
revitalization progress “in jeopardy.”

“Indeed, the PLA expects a system-wide failure of Leotek’s luminaires
in the short-term,” the lawsuit reads.

Read more: Detroit mayor: City’s streetlight problem could cost $9M

The issue was discovered last fall during routine surveys of the
lighting system, and it’s tied to defective units that were either
“charred, burned, or cracked,” according to a February letter from the
lighting authority’s law firm.

The California-based manufacturer acknowledged in a December letter to
the lighting authority that it had experienced “a higher number of
reports of failures” in models dimming city streets, primarily in west
side neighborhoods and a number of Detroit’s major thoroughfares.


So just who Cui Bono from the Foxscam Failure and the Counties urge to
“digitize” ?

Just wondering.


Tim & Cindy


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