RCEDC’s List of Directors and Officers, While T-Rex Barks Up the Wrong Tree!

Foxconn Manufacturing Campus as Promised by RCEDC and Racine County Politicians

The following list is taken from the RCEDC 2017 Form 990, available at the previous post. It is an interesting mix within a taxpayer funded Organization that has no accountability to those who fund it. What is happening in Racine County has been planned at RCEDC in secret – and while hopes were high, and intentions good, so far the project is seriously in default with Foxconn wanting to renegotiate the contract. Racine County Taxpayers could be on the hook for over $1,000,000,000!

What Has So Far Been Delivered


Foxconn wins approval of building plans that it has labeled ‘trade secrets’

Foxconn Technology Group has received conditional state approval to begin building the footings and foundations for its promised flat-screen factory in Mount Pleasant.

The Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services issued the go-ahead last week on initial plans for the much-awaited project, documents released Monday show. Foxconn will need to return to the agency for review of plans for further construction.

The plans for the footings and foundations, meanwhile, remain under wraps. Foxconn contends the documents are confidential trade secrets, which are exempt from public disclosure under Wisconsin law, Brennan Nardi, communications director for the Department of Safety and Professional Services, said by email.

The department will ask Foxconn to back up its assertion that the plans are trade secrets, and, after receiving the response, determine whether the plans can be made public.

Documents released Monday provide only small detail on Foxconn’s plans. The project will cover 977,366 square feet and be completely protected by sprinklers, the documents say.

They also indicate Foxconn must provide a further soils and foundation report because the company categorizes the ground at the site as capable of bearing weight beyond 3,000 pounds per square foot.

Foxconn has said it will begin construction this summer of a so-called Generation 6 plant to make liquid crystal display panels and will begin production in the fourth quarter of 2020.


Meanwhile, Harry sends:

As an advocate for honest, open and transparent government, (HOTGOVERNMENT).

I take issue of your recent claims of being fierce advocates for the concept of “government in sunshine”:

“Journal Times editorial: State’s government bodies shouldn’t circumvent the open meetings law”
 Your board has at best a spotty record of advocating  “government in sunshine” and a worse record of publicly holding local government officials accountable for misconduct in office. 
Your board and your newspaper has a dismissal record of pursuing the opening of government within Racine county and holding it accountable.
That being said, I will forward the email sent to Mayor Cory Mason and city council members for their consideration regarding the city of Racine operating an “open checkbook”.
In part:   https://www.johnscreekga.gov/home where you can find the open checkbook to view individually written checks or sort by department expenses. The city of Johns Creek has even provided a tutorial video of how to navigate the checkbook. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aJjP9DhIgw.
Harry Wait

Harry, You’re barking up the wrong Tree!


It’s Not what you don’t know – it’s what you know that ain’t so!

2 thoughts on “RCEDC’s List of Directors and Officers, While T-Rex Barks Up the Wrong Tree!

  1. There is nothing funny about the Lies and Fools that enable corruption in Racine County from A to Z.

    Is Harry Wait merely another ignorant Fool who wants a seat at the table like Ricky Jarstad and Carrie Glenn who are in over their heads, or is he working with the group of frauds and criminals who are controlled opposition and part of the cover-up? Who was Sandra Weidner romantically involved with, what happened to her as a child, who ran her fake campaigns, and what serious crimes has she committed? What happened to the allegations about the city attorney, or the 1200 questionable write-in votes?

    What is the real purpose of HOT Government, and why was Mayor Pete in Racine? Who did he meet with? Who is fake and gay opposition, and who had a feature article celebrating their mom in the Journal Times? Why was there no mention of the show or the fake campaign? What were the original groups they were affiliated with?

    Who moved here from Hawaii, and why? What happened in Hawaii? Who is the key local reporter who has remained after so many others have left, and why? Who does he really work with? What was the agency involved in Russian adoption, and what is the other name for it? What happened in Krasnodar? Who controls all newspapers in the area, and why? Where is Seth Rich from, and where did he go to camp? Who does his brother work for? Is he really dead?

    Why is a corrupt Chinese manufacturer being used to Make America Great Again? What is the real purpose, and what is the fake story being told about the conception and the smart city contest? Why did Scott Walker throw the election? Why did the past mayors, officials and attorneys really resign? Why did Paul Ryan really resign, and why is no one talking it? Why is Trump assured of re-election, and why was Trump the nominee when Paul Ryan was the best candidate?

    Does anyone in Racine County actually understand what is really happening besides those pulling the strings? Why not?


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