*PROOF* City of Racine is a Terrorist Organization!

Aristotle explained this mysterious phenomenon: “Before some audiences not even the possession of the exactest knowledge will make it easy for what we say to produce conviction. For argument based on knowledge implies instruction, and there are people whom one cannot instruct.”
– Aristotle, Rhetoric   

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons,

How ironic is it that when City of Racine, then under Mayor John Dickert, decided to take legal action against a Black Man who owned and operated the Park 6 Business, it acted upon an unverified complaint submitted by Kurt Wahlen! And that only later, the local Circuit Court’s prejudiced decision was  overturned in the WI Court of Appeals! Holmes v Wahlen, 2012 WI App 123.

APPEAL from an order of the circuit court for Racine County:

BRUCE E. SCHROEDER, Judge.  Affirmed.

Before Brown, C.J., Reilly and Gundrum, JJ.

¶1 BROWN, C.J.   This case is about a liquor license revocation in which the city council acted upon a citizen complaint that was not sworn, as required by statute.  This constituted a fundamental error that deprived the licensing committee of jurisdiction over the matter.  Therefore, the subsequent revocation of the liquor license was invalid.  We affirm the circuit court’s order vacating the licensing committee’s decision to revoke the liquor license.

¶2 Kurt Wahlen, chief of police in the City of Racine, initiated liquor license revocation proceedings against Thomas Holmes, d/b/a Park 6 and registered agent for Park 6, LLC, with a citizen’s complaint.  The complaint was not “sworn,” as required by WIS. STAT. § 125.12(2)(ag) (2009-10).1  Wahlen, “as a resident of the Municipality of the city of Racine,” alleged in his complaint that Holmes’s operation of Park 6 constituted a “disorderly or riotous, indecent or improper house,” and “created undesirable neighborhood problems” in violation of state statutes and municipal ordinances.  The complaint formally presented the matter to the city clerk for issuance of a summons and to proceed to a due process hearing for a determination of whether Holmes’s liquor license should be suspended or revoked.  The Public Safety and Licensing Committee held a hearing, after which it recommended to the Common Council that Holmes’s license be revoked.  The Council voted to revoke Holmes’s license.

Now, here comes a complaint against malfeasant City Attorney Scott Letteney, by Harry Wait, and suddenly a verified complaint is required!

RACINE — Board of Ethics Chairwoman Mary Wyant decided the complaint filed by Harry Wait of the Town of Dover did not meet the board’s requirements and will not be accepted by the board for discussion.

“In early March, Wait, a citizens’ rights advocate and member of HOT (Honest, Open and Transparent) Government, alleged that City Attorney Scott Letteney has “an extensive history of egregious conduct while in office, undermining the interest of the people and the City of Racine,” and recommended sanctioning and removing Letteney from office”.


You can’t make this up – it is true! City of Racine is a CRIMINAL and Discriminatory Organization – acting upon an unverified complaint against a Person of Color Operating a private business,  while refusing unverified complaints against White State Sponsored City Actors. The City of Racine is a Discriminatory Terrorist Organization! Which actively discriminates against People of Color and fails to respond to bona-fide Citizen Complaints against White Taxpayer Funded State Sponsored Terrorists. In addition to Secret Government, Secret Courts, Sealed Public Records,  Malfeasance, Usurpation of Statutory Authority, Outrageous Spending on Salaries & Tax-Free Fringes, Numerous Closed Sessions, and not holding Public Employees and Government Officials to account for their Crimes! What did I forget?

Holmes  v Wahlen available by clicking here: Holmes v Wahlen


Tim & Cindy


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