Great Mothers of Mayor Cory Mason’s Ratcine #1 in a Series.

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From JT:

Squalid conditions found

Racine woman accused of child neglect; squalid conditions reportedly found

RACINE — A Racine woman is facing neglect charges after the children in her care were found unkempt in a dirty home without running water or heat.

Kayla A. Olson, of the 2600 block of Coolidge Avenue, is facing four felony charges of child neglect. Two of the charges stem from neglecting a child under the age of 6.

According to the criminal complaint:

On Thursday, officers were dispatched to the 2600 block of Coolidge Avenue for a welfare check. When they arrived, Olson met the officers in the front yard and told them they could check on the children in her care.

Inside the house, officers reported seeing garbage, raw food and clothes on the kitchen floor with the oven open. Olson said the oven was open to heat the home. Officers said the home smelled like a landfill and they had to repeatedly step outside to get fresh air.

The kitchen floor was reportedly covered in wood and glass shavings and the walls were spattered with food. Olson told police there was no running water.

A 3-year-old child not wearing shoes was covered with dirt up to the pants line. The child’s face was covered with food and dirt and the child’s hair was dirty. It had been several days since the child had a bath, the child said.

As officers walked further into the home, they smelled a stronger odor of raw sewage. So much garbage was in the home that they had a difficult time finding a place to walk. In the living room, there were no lights and a space heater was blowing hot air.

A 7-year-old was located sitting on a bed in an upstairs bedroom wearing a winter jacket due to the cold. Next to the bed was a bin filled with feces and urine. In the bathroom, officers said the bathtub was filled with feces and urine. In the basement, there was approximately 2 feet of standing water and raw sewage.


HEY! But Racine has five grossly overpaid and overcompensated taxpayer funded officials in the Mayor’s Office.

Some people can’t afford to live comfortably because those empowered with the right of taxation take everything away for themselves so they can live large!

Such Persons include Rebecca and Cory Mason!

See the Post:

Lifestyles of Racine’s Rich, Famous & Politically Connected

All City of Racine residents should be as fortunate as Mayor Cory Mason and Municipal Judge Rebecca Mason, who purchased a Lakefront home at 3907 Lighthouse Drive for a steep discount from the (politically connected) owner who benefited, over time, at seeing his property assessment  drop by HALF – from a high of $800,000 in 2008, to a new low of $440,000 in 2018!


The former owner is Robert H. Lehner II. Meanwhile, there is a much younger Benjamin Lehner, who is employed by City of Racine Housing & Community Development as a Community Development Program Specialist –

Ben was also a member of Monte Osterman’s questionably legal Root River Council Inc., as was then Representative Cory Mason.  When a request was made, in accordance with IRS regulations, to view the Root River Council’s form 990, Monte Osterman refused to comply, because the Organization had failed to properly complete the registration process and was not filing 990’s – despite receiving tens of thousands of $$$ in grants from DNR, DOA Wisconsin Coastal Management Program, and others. When an Ethics Complaint was filed – it was immediately dismissed, and Monte Osterman directed any further requests to view the Form 990 to his Attorney, Rebecca Mason. According to IRS records, the Root River Council was TERMINATED as an Organization in 2013. Miraculously, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, it was re-born under former City Development Director and current RUSD Board member Brian O’connell in 2016!


Then – WOW!  in 2019 the Mayor’s Office – under Cory Mason – added two positions and nearly $300,000 in expenses the yearly budget! In a city with a shrinking population that has suffered a Fox-scam Failure to provide the 13,000 jobs paying at least $53,000 each.  See the website linked below for more information:

Concerned Racine County Residents Just Say NO To Foxconn

Let’s Make A Better Mt Pleasant

 But back to the spectacularly failing Cory Mason 2019 Budget for Ratcine Taxpayers:

The Cory Mason budget to increase the Mayor’s office from 3 to five and add an additional burden of expense to taxpayers is an *OUTRAGE!

Those ensconced in Ratcine City Hall live like Kings and Queens – while those who can – do their best to live outside Ratcine which levy’s an outrageous amount of tax so Public Officials can take it eazy and *LIVE IT UP* at taxpayer expense!




Get in where you fit in – Ratcine Mayor Cory Mason!




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