City of Ratcine Taxpayers are Dumb Cows to be Milked and Bilked as proven by the actions of Mayor Cory “Dopee” Mason and City Attorney Scott “Nopee” Letteney

Taxpayers and Residents of Ratcine – once again – are forced to pay for the actions of the young and the restless – and indemnify those who have acted outside the accepted rules of practice.

  1. compensate (someone) for harm or loss.
    “the amount of insurance that may be carried to indemnify the owner in the event of a loss”
    synonyms: reimburse, compensate, recompense, repay, pay back, remunerate, recoup, requite, make restitution/amends to; More

    • secure (someone) against legal liability for their actions.


From JT:

Police recruit injury

‘Horseplay’ led to $50,000 Kenosha claim regarding police recruit

RACINE — An “act of horseplay” between two police recruits led to the City of Kenosha’s $50,000 claim against the City of Racine, according to a legal brief provided to Racine’s Finance and Personnel Committee.

On Monday, Attorney Marisa Roubik told the committee that on March 13, 2018, a Racine Police Department recruit was sitting on the floor of the Law Enforcement Academy at Gateway Technical College’s Kenosha Campus and grabbed the legs of a Kenosha recruit. The Kenosha recruit’s legs buckled, resulting in injuries to that recruit’s right leg.

So – once again Mayor Cory “Dopee” Mason and City Attorney Scott “Nopee” Letteney – just why are taxpayers paying for unauthorized and illegal “HORSEPLAY”?

Enough is enough – time to either hold the actor liable for the harm which was caused – or refuse to hold taxpayers and residents liable for UNAUTHORIZED NONSENSE. Just because former Mayor John Dickert wasn’t criminally held responsible for his claiming an Embezzler had been fired – while campaigning for Office – doesn’t mean you can continue to float the flawed and biased ruling by malfeasant  Ratcine County Judge  Gerald Ptacek – against the taxpaying public – forever. As an aside – Who was the Embezzler – how much was Embezzled – and what is the status of the Criminal prosecution?


Oh! That’s RIGHT!



Enough is Enough

Dopee and Nopee need to go.

Write in Sandy Weidner for Mayor – April 2, 2019.

Sandy Weidner is an Angel of Light in a City enveloped by Darkness.


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