Wisconsin Economic Growth Still Lags Behind Illinois

Incredible as it seems…

From Econobrowser: http://econbrowser.com/archives/2018/10/wisconsin-and-her-neighbors-coincident-indices

Cumulative growth in Wisconsin since 2017M01 lags Illinois, according to estimates released today. And the 2018M09 Wisconsin index is below peak (nobody else in the region is).

Figure 1: Coincident indices for MN (blue), WI (red), IA (green), IL (black), IN (pink), and OH (purple), in logs, normalized to 2017M01=0. Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, and author’s calculations.

For a comparison using employment, see this post.

If you play your cards right… and sleep with the Right People….

You too can join the Corrupted Political Elite of SE WI and be Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich!

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