UNFIT TO SERVE! General Incompetence Still Reigns as Racine County DA Trish Hanson FAILS Yet Again!


Fumbling the football once again, Generally Incompetent Racine County District Attorney Trish “The Ham” Hanson demonstrates her complete lack of ability…

From A Better Mount Pleasant:

This is incredible.

In July, Mt. Pleasant police arrested a man for a 2017 stabbing at Cham-Tap. It turns out they never looked at the bar’s video footage until it was shown to them on Monday by Racine County Eye.

The video recording shows the man who was charged, leaving the bar 5 minutes before the stabbing took place. The video also shows that the man who was charged by MPPD looked nothing like the man who is believed to have stabbed two people.

Apparently, when charges were brought a couple of weeks ago by Racine County District Attorney Tricia Hanson, witnesses tried to contact both the MPPD and the District Attorney’s office to say they were charging the wrong guy.

They were told by Mt. Pleasant their statements were not needed and when they tried calling Hanson – the phone just kept ringing and ringing with no voicemail.

How is it possible that neither the MPPD or the D.A. looked at the video before Monday?

Mt. Pleasant police say they are now reopening the case and Hanson will be back in her office tomorrow.

It IS Incredible – but NOT unprecenteded!

Previous posts already revealed Trish Hanson’s general incompetence and failures.

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But then again, this is Mount Pleasant – where…


See the post:

The Arrest Report of Mount Pleasant Police Chief Tim Zarzecki

When the Mount Pleasant Police Chief and his wife behave together like Southern White Trailer Park Trash – Should it be any surprise that the Mount Pleasant Police Department can’t make a competent Police Investigation? Maybe the MTP Police Chief was too busy to act responsibly because….From the arrest report:




So Racine County DA Trish Hanson is not only GROSSLY Incompetent, but relies on faulty information provided by Mount Pleasant Police Chief  Timothy Zarzecki to file a Complaint, Arrest Innocent People, expose the taxpaying public to YET another Lawsuit – while MTP Police Chief Timothy Zarzecki  fights with his wife like complete White Trailer Trash as seen on Jerry Springer episodes. It’s a complete SNAFU. 

When Residents of MTP go to a Board meeting, are they attending an orderly meeting ruled by Roberts Rules of Orders – or experiencing a night at the Trailer Park Trash South hosted by MTP Police Chief Timothy Zarzecki and his  Kentucky trophy wife – who are engaged in a face spitting, drawer busting, throwing stuff around, Doritos scattered all over the floor,  dented cans, and claims of a a suicidal wife outta her mind because she has stopped taking her prescription meds,  requiring a service call by the Sheriff to STOP the mayhem? AT Taxpayers expense!

The Appalachian Hillbillies Rule Racine County!

Enjoy the Lowbrow Shit-show from those Assholes!



Todd Snider Sings Double Wide Blues – With *BONUS* Conservative Christian!




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