S.C. Johnson & Sons Takes Racine Taxpayers For Fools While a Roof At Machinery Row Mysteriously Collapses!


Of course no caring or responsible parent would trust child molesting pervert Curt Johnson to babysit their child – after all, he has a touching problem with young females. Especially those of his former Secretary – whom he later married – then divorced!

But SC Johnson & Son wants City of Racine Taxpayers to purchase their property at 441 Lake Street for an undetermined amount, lease it back to them for $10,000 a year – saving them $8,000 in property taxes as currently they pay nearly $18,000 per year on the property, force the taxpayers to be responsible for the upkeep, and hold exclusive rights to the property via a Deed Restriction!  It is an outrageous request, to be sure, but watch as  City of Racine STUPIDS at the RDA, lead by Amy Connolly,  buy it – hook, line, and sinker! The RDA, as noted by George Meyers, are some VERY Stupid people!

The perverted Johnson Family continues to screw Racine Residents by removing their properties from the taxpayer rolls, outsourcing jobs to India, and moving production to the South and third world/developing nations. Sam Johnson would roll over in his grave if he saw how irresponsible,selfish and decadent his children are!

See the previous post: The Widow Johnson Dies – While Curt Flies

Watch the discussion as Talking Racine episode 77 discusses the hiring of a city employee thru Racine County Economic Development Corporation (RCEDC) to avoid the City of Racine hiring procedures. Also discussed is the purchasing of Johnson Bank drive thru at 441 Lake Ave by the City of Racine and a video of the collapsed roof at 900 Water St. (Machinery Row).We bring the perspective down to the local level to discuss issues that affect our own city of Racine, WI.

$275,000 was spent by the Racine Common Council to hire a friend of Racine Mayor Cory Mason at RCEDC – to act as Cory’s Assistant – who will then later become a City Employee, via transfer, after the New Year,  without any scrutiny or input from the Common Council! The tradition of Looting a City of Ill Repute continues under Mayor Cory Mason and  his wife, Municipal Judge Rebecca Mason, as they shove a blue fist up the behinds of City of Racine Taxpayers!

A snapshot of the just collapsed roof at Machinery Row – while an unnamed City Employee sits in a Truck – behind locked fences….. and while a witness to the collapse called the Racine Police Department – the Investigation revealed that nothing was amiss as only City Employees were present at the site during the collapse. Another mystery for City of Racine Taxpayers –  just like the unreported broken water pipe at the TID 17 Porters Development Project and the mysterious Mitchell School fire.

“The City Engineering Department has it handled” City of Racine Police Report


No doubt, the criminals are in charge of Racine, WI:


COME AND GET YOUR LOVE – Enjoy that Blue Fist up yer azz – Racine!


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