Breaking the Law – AGAIN & AGAIN!

Once again – local politicians and favored wanna-be’s are found to be BREAKIN’ THE LAW.

If you got campaign literature from Anna Marie Clausen 4 Mount Pleasant, Ram Bhatia, Bud Eastman and Floyd Skip Leonard stuck in the flag of your mailbox like this, please call the Perry Ave. Post Office at 262/632-1008 or the Sturtevant Post Office at 262/886-4104 during regular business hours to report it.

They are breaking the law – and they know it. You may not interfere with the function of the flag.

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Racine County is #1 in Graft and Corruption – so would you expect anything less?
And once again – they will  get away with it because WI Officials are complicit, malfeasant, criminal,  and Sheriff Christopher Schmaling will refuse to accept a legitimate Citizen’s Complaint, while Racine County DA Trish “The Ham” Hanson will refuse to prosecute and State Rep Robin Vos and Special Needs Guv Scott Walker will claim that “We dindu nuffing wrng” and if they did – well… they will just introduce some new Legislation which will make the former point and facts Null and Void -BY DECREE! And the State Legislators will rubber stamp it.
There are NO RULES of law which apply in MTP President David DeGroot’s  reign as Tyrant
The Written Rule of Law is violated every single day by the Tyrants who rule the rogue, criminal, and lawless State of WI.

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