How Much Do Taxpayers Spend on City of Racine’s Mayor Office?

All documents taken from City of Racine Finance Department – available at the link: City of Racine Budget

Recently City of Racine Alderman Henry Perez submitted an idea to make the Mayor’s position part time, as the City also has an Administrator. The two positions have minimal overlapping responsibilities and duties, and the duties of the Mayor are largely symbolic. The Mayor is democratically elected, and thus accountable to the People, at least as far as elections go. The City Administrator is appointed, and unaccountable, at least to some extent. Are both necessary? Likely NOT.

A Mayor is popularly elected and needs no other qualifications that getting enough votes to have the position.

A City Administrator is an appointed position and requires some professional qualifications and real world experience.

When life was simpler, Mayors with minimal qualifications and experience could perform the duties and responsibilities necessary to operate a municipal corporation. Those days are long gone, so now a professionally educated City Administrator is necessary, meaning that the Mayor’s position is largely symbolic and a relic of simpler times.

The Argument shouldn’t be about if the Mayor’s position should be full time or part time because today’s Mayor is just a figurehead who presents an Image of the City he was elected to represent.  It should be an unfunded position for those who aspire to true public service – to remind the public what service to a Community is all about – selfless dedication, devotion, and commitment.

From JT:

Part-time mayor concept receives little support

RACINE — Deliberation over whether to limit the mayor’s position to a part-time level has ended for now.

The idea was proposed by 12th District Alderman Henry Perez, back when former Mayor John Dickert announced he would resign his office mid-term. Perez told the City Council’s Committee of the Whole at its meeting this week that he does not think the city needs both a full-time mayor and full-time administrator.

Those jobs are now held by Mayor Cory Mason and City Administrator Jim Palenick.

They’re busy’

Alderman Terry McCarthy, of the 9th District, said he thinks the mayor’s seat and the administrator’s position require two different skill sets, both demanding full-time commitments. Fourteenth District Alderman Jason Meekma said he applauds Perez for thinking outside the box but the council needs to show the mayor confidence in his ability to lead the community. The conversation is a distraction from working together as a united body, Meekma said.

Alderman Melissa Lemke, of the 15th District, suggested the council consider making its own positions voluntary, rather than paid, as a cost-saving measure.



Alderman Melissa Lemke is correct in her thinking that the Mayor’s Position should be voluntary – when a City Administrator is present. The reason – cost – hides the truth that the Mayor is now an overpaid Figurehead, bloats the budget,  and that the Dignity of the Position should be reward enough in itself. But we do not live in an Altruistic Age – instead it is the Age of Greed. Former Racine Mayor and taxpayer shakedown artist John Dickert  artist epitomized greed  and selfishness – will Cory Mason step up and become altruistic; after all, his wife, Rebecca, is also the highly paid municipal Judge for City of Racine. This clearly spells disaster for City of Racine already overburdened taxpayers.

A reminder , since Cory Mason took his oath of office on the Bible:

Bible verse, 1 Timothy 6:10: “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

From the 2018 City of Racine Budget (or the scene of the crime):

The 2018 City Administration Office has been increased from 3.0 to 3.5 full time equivalent positions.

So there is ALREADY a growth in Government Positions since Cory Mason announced his candidacy, prior to being elected. While the budget for the Mayor’s Office has increased from 2017’s  $371,935 to 2018’s $373,924. Dividing $373,924 by 3.5 positions means that each position costs taxpayers, on average, $106,835.

In addition, there are Expenses – bringing the final cost to employ 3.5 taxpayer funded workers, one elected, 2.5 appointed,  to $460,020.

One elected Mayor plus 2.5 appointed bureaucrats consume $460,020 in public resources to operate a City which is crumbling as it is being unindustralized,  enveloped in lawsuits for multiple failed developments, tax shifting via TIDS is out of control, and whose Police Department has been a leading source of lawsuits for violating civil rights, excessive force, shooting with unrestrained behavior, and murdering Dogs; with impunity; can only lead to one conclusion – City of Racine is a Criminal Organization – run by Criminals – for profit and gain.

Killing Niggers with excessive force because they “Ran from a traffic stop” – because they didn’t have a front plate – is just de rigueur – in Racine.

Racine superintendent makes offensive declaration about Black parents

Black parents are not intelligent enough to make informed educational decisions for their children.

That’s apparently the determination of the superintendent of Racine Public Schools, a conclusion that has sent shock waves of anger and cries of prejudice throughout the Racine and Milwaukee communities.

Speaking at an informational hearing at Racine St. Catherine’s School in December, Racine Unified School District Superintendent Ann Laing challenged the intelligence of Black Milwaukee parents who participate in the Milwaukee Parental Choice program. Laing’s comments came during a discussion about the inclusion of St. Catherine in the parental school choice program, which was expanded to Racine last year.

After erroneously asserting that “white families” were the primary beneficiaries of the Milwaukee program,’ Laing went on to say, “African Americans have primarily been the ones who are more prone to enroll their children in fly by night schools that cropped up after vouchers existed…and they don’t know how to make good choices for their children…they really don’t.

“They didn’t have parents who made good choices for them or help them learn how to make good choices. So they don’t know how to do that.”


Family of man killed by Racine police march on City Hall

Donte Shannon, 26, died Wednesday

About 100 people marched to the Racine Police Department and City Hall on Friday, two days after a fatal police shooting. Donte Shannon, 26, was shot to death near 14th Street and Park Avenue after police said he ran from a traffic stop, then pointed a handgun at officers.

The march began with a prayer by Donte Shannon’s aunt.

“God that you would bring justice, Lord God. There’s no need for people to be slaughtered like animals, God,” Norma Johnson said as she addressed the marchers.

Police in an unmarked car pulled Donte Shannon over Wednesday because police said his vehicle didn’t have a front plate. Police said Donte Shannon ran, and after a brief chase, they said he pointed a gun at them, and they shot him.

Donte Shannon’s father said doctors told him his son was shot six times.

And should it be any Surprise – that the Mayor demands that his Police act as Revenue Officers and are required to generate  $2M+ in “activity” by hassling, harassing, intimidating, inspecting any and all activity which is subject to micro-managing by unaccountable Bureaucrats in offices of Profit and Trust? The costs may be monetized – but the costs in human terms is staggering!

So – the Probable cause for initiating a traffic stop and accusing a person of  being a criminal wasn’t displaying a front license plate. While former Mayor John Dickert claimed during a radio interview on WRJN to have fired an Embezzler employed by City of Racine – but that person was never identified, and subsequently the City was not only sued, but agreed to pay John Dickert’s legal expenses of over $100,000, even though he was campaigning for the Mayor’s position at the time of the interview?! How unfair and twisted is that? There is a profound mental illness which pervades the largely White Elites who rule Racine.



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