WI Governor Scott Walker Calls For A Special Session On Welfare Reform

 Walker Calls For Special Session On Political Reform

 Parody – Not to be Taken Seriously

Wisconsin’s first Special Needs Governor, Scott Walker has called for a special session of the Legislature to work on new requirements for government assistance programs.

As a Special Needs recipient himself, being fully taxpayer funded for life, Governor Walker admitted that being a Politician was better than being an Industrious Person and having to work in a shitty proposed, poorly lighted,  hot, environmentally polluting, taxpayer funded, and dangerous taxpayer Foxconn Factory any day!

Hey! Lots of goodies go with being the Guv –  he proclaimed – like Planes, Trains, Automobiles & Mansions, while his Handler Big Boss Daddy  Robin Vos  expressed his approval while watching Wisconsin’s first  Special Needs Governor express his primitive thoughts straight from the hindbrain.

Uh yeah, lots of stuff is gonna happen – and lottsa sacrifices will have to be made- to uh, meet the demands of me & mine, and da future will be more prosporous.  Okay – Ya’ all gonna have a lotta more – and dats is whut wez want!

But – HEY Dats da Price which has goota be paid – he proclaimed! (except for) Click on the headlines below for the link:

Racine County – A Ravaging Decade of Rising Taxes, Debt, Expenses and a Fleeing Population Comprised of The Best and Brightest

The 2016 Racine County CAFR is available by clicking: 2016 Racine County CAFR

The Total Racine County Tax levy went from $277,621,142 in 2006 to $332,487,927 in 2015 – yielding an  increase of $54,866,785; while the population  has remained largely stagnant in the 195,000 range – meaning that each individual in Racine County has an ever increasing tax burden. Now consider the effects of large amounts of property being removed from the tax rolls by Non-Profits and TID’s, unemployment, and the flight of Industry and Manufacturing away from SE Wisconsin, and the reason for the steeply increasing costs on the remaining taxpayers becomes apparent. Owning Land and Assets for those in the private sector  in Racine County has become a major cost and liability. As for the per person capita income, this number is skewed to the high side by those in Government who are commanding 6 figure + salary and benefit packages while the masses toil for $10 -$15/hr, many without benefits such as medical, vacation, or pensions.   For example $100,000 (overpaid government employee)+ $25,000 (underpaid factory worker) = $125,000. Divided by 2 = $62,500. This solves the problem for the Politicians who are looting those in the private sector who toil for low wages, perhaps no benefits, and no pension because they can point to a number and claim that a large percentage of the population is doing well – when they aren’t!

YO – Mr. Special Needs Governor – when are those issues surrounding funding the excessive taxpayer funded Pensions and Benefits gonna be addressed?

Like… NEVER!

Meanwhile, kill some time and take a Ride Around Racine with the Midwest Ryders Street Association!

Don’t be FOOLED!

It’s the Wisconsin Politicians who claim the FIRST on any Taxpayer Extorted  Contributed  Dollars collected to fund Pensions Welfare in Wis-Con-Sin! Welfare Reform means shifting more Tax Dollars to largely Unaccountable Politicians and and their friends who operate Corporations!


Hey – it’s only $4.5B+ – but who’s Counting?

Foxconn Costs Escalate to $4.5 Billion, While Wisconsin Residents Say NO to Republican Sponsored Corporate Welfare and Hand Governor Walker a Stunning Defeat!

The Top Stories say it all – costs continue to escalate, up to $4.5 Billion (and counting) at this time, while Wisconsin Voters take heed to the fact that “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is“.




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