*PROOF* City of Racine is a Terrorist Organization!

Aristotle explained this mysterious phenomenon: “Before some audiences not even the possession of the exactest knowledge will make it easy for what we say to produce conviction. For argument based on knowledge implies instruction, and there are people whom one cannot instruct.”
– Aristotle, Rhetoric   

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons,

How ironic is it that when City of Racine, then under Mayor John Dickert, decided to take legal action against a Black Man who owned and operated the Park 6 Business, it acted upon an unverified complaint submitted by Kurt Wahlen! And that only later, the local Circuit Court’s prejudiced decision was  overturned in the WI Court of Appeals! Holmes v Wahlen, 2012 WI App 123.

APPEAL from an order of the circuit court for Racine County:

BRUCE E. SCHROEDER, Judge.  Affirmed.

Before Brown, C.J., Reilly and Gundrum, JJ.

¶1 BROWN, C.J.   This case is about a liquor license revocation in which the city council acted upon a citizen complaint that was not sworn, as required by statute.  This constituted a fundamental error that deprived the licensing committee of jurisdiction over the matter.  Therefore, the subsequent revocation of the liquor license was invalid.  We affirm the circuit court’s order vacating the licensing committee’s decision to revoke the liquor license.

¶2 Kurt Wahlen, chief of police in the City of Racine, initiated liquor license revocation proceedings against Thomas Holmes, d/b/a Park 6 and registered agent for Park 6, LLC, with a citizen’s complaint.  The complaint was not “sworn,” as required by WIS. STAT. § 125.12(2)(ag) (2009-10).1  Wahlen, “as a resident of the Municipality of the city of Racine,” alleged in his complaint that Holmes’s operation of Park 6 constituted a “disorderly or riotous, indecent or improper house,” and “created undesirable neighborhood problems” in violation of state statutes and municipal ordinances.  The complaint formally presented the matter to the city clerk for issuance of a summons and to proceed to a due process hearing for a determination of whether Holmes’s liquor license should be suspended or revoked.  The Public Safety and Licensing Committee held a hearing, after which it recommended to the Common Council that Holmes’s license be revoked.  The Council voted to revoke Holmes’s license.

Now, here comes a complaint against malfeasant City Attorney Scott Letteney, by Harry Wait, and suddenly a verified complaint is required!

RACINE — Board of Ethics Chairwoman Mary Wyant decided the complaint filed by Harry Wait of the Town of Dover did not meet the board’s requirements and will not be accepted by the board for discussion.

“In early March, Wait, a citizens’ rights advocate and member of HOT (Honest, Open and Transparent) Government, alleged that City Attorney Scott Letteney has “an extensive history of egregious conduct while in office, undermining the interest of the people and the City of Racine,” and recommended sanctioning and removing Letteney from office”.


You can’t make this up – it is true! City of Racine is a CRIMINAL and Discriminatory Organization – acting upon unverified complaints against Persons of Color Operating a private business,  while refusing unverified complaints against White State Sponsored City Actors. The City of Racine is a Discriminatory Terrorist Organization! Which actively discriminates against People of Color and fails to respond to bona-fide Citizen Complaints against White Taxpayer Funded State Sponsored Terrorists.

Holmes  v Wahlen available by clicking here: Holmes v Wahlen


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Why Does Republican State Representative Robin Vos Endorse Criminal Activity by Foreign Corporations?

State Representative Robin Vos Sent:

Since the November election, I have been concerned that Governor Tony Evers would try to undermine the state’s contract with Foxconn Technology Group. This week the new governor told members of the media that he wants to renegotiate the contract, and he doesn’t believe the Taiwanese company can create 13,000 jobs in Wisconsin. Like many of you, I was stunned when I heard these remarks. As I said on the Jay Weber Show on News/Talk 1130 WISN, it is beyond my level of understanding to think a governor of the state of Wisconsin is basically rooting for the failure of the largest economic development project in the state’s history.

Luckily, WEDC negotiated an ironclad contract with expectations from both sides. Foxconn also released a statement saying it remains committed to the contract and job creation across Wisconsin.

I remain confident that Foxconn will continue to work toward its goal of creating 13,000 jobs. Our state already is enjoying the economic benefits of the company’s investments in the Dairy State. As Foxconn moves forward on its plans in our state, I’m open to hearing if any flexibility is needed regarding the project, which I hope is the intent of Governor Evers.


Apparently it is way beyond Rep Vos’s understanding that the agreement between WEDC and FOXCONN stipulated a Gen 10.5 Manufacturing Facility!

From the Agreement between WEDC and FOXCONN:

Concerned Taxpayers can download the agreement by clicking on the link: 1109wedcfoxconn

Foxconn says it will openly violate the terms of the agreement! And still expects payments?!

From The Cap Times:

After a week of headlines raising questions about Foxconn’s plans for Wisconsin, Gov. Tony Evers said Friday he is comfortable with the technology company’s commitment to the state.

“Frankly I think what they said recently has been relatively consistent, it’s just a matter of their communication strategy being more consistent,” Evers told reporters in the state Capitol. “I’m comfortable that they’re still committed to the state, they’re still committed to this Generation 6 technology, but that doesn’t mean we won’t continue to encourage them to be more transparent and more consistent.”

Shortly before Evers’ comments, Foxconn Technology Group said in a statement that it will move forward with plans to construct a Generation 6 facility in southeastern Wisconsin. So-called Gen 6 factories generally produce small LCD screens for cell phones, tablets and small televisions.

Although Foxconn originally billed its planned Wisconsin facility as a Generation 10.5 LCD plant, the company has said since last year that it will instead start by building a smaller Gen 6 plant. Foxconn executive Louis Woo has said the company’s southeastern Wisconsin campus will be built in a phased approach.

The confusion surrounding Foxconn’s plans for Wisconsin started with a report on Wednesday published by Reuters. In an interview, Woo told Reuters the company was considering changing the focus of its facility in Mount Pleasant.

Woo told Reuters the company expected to hire mostly researchers and engineers rather than manufacturers, citing the high costs of building TV screens in the United States. He said about three-quarters of the jobs in Wisconsin would be in research and development and design.

What Doesn’t State Representative Robin Vos understand?

In Reply to Robin Vos:

WI Gov. Tony Evers is holding Foxconn to it’s promise to perform under the contract which stipulated a Gen 10.5 facility, which Foxconn has failed to do. Thus – Foxconn is now acting in violation of the contract terms. Thus any contract with Foxconn is null and void. I fully support WI Gov. Tony Evers in his demand for specific performance.

Why do you, Rep. Robin Vos want to allow Foxconn to violate the agreement, and yet still receive the benefits of the Agreement?

Why do you support such criminal activity?

See also: https://arrestrecordsofracinewipublicofficials.wordpress.com/2019/04/18/wedc-got-something-right-racine-county-is-top-rated-for-politicians-tricking-residents-and-treating-themselves-to-the-spoils/


And while State Rep Robin Vos condones criminal activity by Foreign Corporations violating the terms of a contract – he further demands:

State Rep Robin Vos: “I’m open to hearing if any flexibility is needed regarding the project”.

BOHICA Racine County Taxpayers – here it comes again! $1,000,000,000 taxpayer dollars expended and still counting!

Once again…

From the Agreement between WEDC and FOXCONN:

State Rep Robin Vos is a criminal career Politician, who supports criminal activity by Foreign Corporate Interests against Residents of Racine County! Alongside Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave, MTP Tea-Tard Dave DeGroot, City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason, and Premier Solutions Executive William McReynolds! GO WI – CON – SIN!

If Foxconn is going to receive taxpayer credits and funds, then they MUST abide by the contract and build a Generation 10.5 TFT – LCD Fabrication Facility in Mount Pleasant – as stipulated by the contract! It is not negotiable!








WEDC Got Something Right! Racine County is Top Rated for Politicians Tricking Residents and Treating Themselves to the Spoils!

From: https://inwisconsin.com/rankings/

As in Racine County Politicians at all levels Tricking Residents to pay more property taxes, fees, fines, debt service, and Corporate welfare, while those same Politicians Treat themselves to outrageous pay increases, increased tax-free fringes, lavish retirements, long paid vacations, short work weeks, and double-dipping! Often violating Local Ordinances, State Statutes and Human Decency – but NO FEAR! As they won’t be held to account! Both the Republican County Sheriff and Republican County DA are “Both Eyes Blind to Government Crime”!


Truth be told – your home is the Politicians personal ATM – and the Politicians work for the Banksters!

From A Better Mount Pleasant:

Just another day with overpaid and lazy MTP Officials buying time and lying to the Public about the nature of the ever changing Foxconn Contract; “The contract with Mount Pleasant says exactly the same thing – even though Project Manager Claude Lois lied to residents on Monday in the public information meeting by saying the contract says 10.5 OR 6.5. It doesn’t. We pay him $250K a year to lie to us and misrepresent the facts”.


MTP Residents – Enjoy the Foxscam! *NEW* and *IMPROVED* Tax Rates and Hikes are in the Dave DeGroot shiny new Sewer Pipeline aided and abetted by his fellow covert Foxconn Employees, soon to be heading your way! Cui Bono?

Pretty soon those shiny new sewer lines will be carrying the contaminated waste water from Mount Pleasant back to City of Racine to be dumped back into Lake Michigan! MTP Village President David DeGroot, and his Minions (acting as MTP Trustees), BFF Racine Mayor Cory Mason, Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave, and Failed College Graduate Former Guv Scott Walker, have been Foxconned and sold out Residents to the Banksters, Land Speculators, Lawyers and Corporate Interests.


As sure as Unicorns shit *SKITTLES*, once the Gen 10.5 Foxconn manufacturing complex, as stipulated in the contract between State of WI and Foxconn, is operating, property taxes in Racine County will drop to near *ZERO*, or be like Alaska, and Residents will enjoy a Foxconn Tax Dividend! And everybody will live happily ever after.*

* Results may vary….


And a Big F@CK U to JT! *

*After a cool off period – I’ve reconsidered and cancelled my cancellation! The JT is very important to Racine, and worthy of support!

God- Damned Right I cancelled my Subscription to JT!



And I’m going to dispute the charge…. for lack of service!



Comment: You are right about Jim Spodick, Ken Yorgan, George Meyers, and Ken Lumpkin. This is not a hobby for them as they pretend it to be. It is a job. Who are they working for, and why? Why didn’t anything happen with the lawsuits? Why didn’t anything happen with Dennis Montey’s criminal complaint? Why did Dennis Montey shut down his blog? Why is Dennis Montey so quick to comment on Ricky Jerstad’s facebook page? What group is Dennis a member of? Who is Dennis close family friends with? Who is Jim related to? What did Ken’s parents do? Who is George associated with? How is Ken Lumpkin compromised besides Bingo? Which of them are gay? Which of them are pedophiles? What other officials are gay? Which are pedophiles? What really happened with Dennis Barry? What happened in Krasnodar? Who is being groomed? Who is he so closely linked with? Why are Jim, Ken and George so committed to something that gets 63 views? What have they uncovered in their hundred plus episodes? Why did John Dickert really resign? Where did Dickert really stay on his trip to New York? What happened? Why did Paul Ryan resign? What is Foxconn really for? What is HOT government? Who is Sarah Ferraro? Who made the video for Randy Bryce? Who made the video for Neubauer? What is the origin of the Neubauer name? What was Mayor Pete doing in Racine? Why didn’t Sandy Weidner run a real campaign for mayor? Why did she run a half-assed last munite write-in campaign? Why didn’t Ken Yorgan run for mayor despite running for Congress? What was his objective in running for Congress? What deals did Jim Spodick work on with John Dickert? What happened? What happened to Jim’s family? How are all of these things connected? You know more than most. Do you know who they are working for yet?


Sin City Welcomes Uncut Ricky Jarstad to The Ratcine Jungle!

Can’t Wait to see MORE!

While Views at Talking Racine are so LOW – it is largely irrelevant!~


And with a record like this?????


Jim Spodick and his Kriminal SE WI Landlord’s Association just want to oppress the People from a difficult angle.  The problem for the private working class is enemies from the front – and behind.






From ZH:

Want To Live Within Your Means In Manhattan? Try Renting A 300-Square-Foot Apartment

Since American is quickly becoming a nation of renters (at least in expensive coastal enclaves like New York City) and many millennials fully anticipate that home ownership will be forever out of reach.

But even when young workers finally graduate from their unpaid internships and start earning that big-boy-job salary, they might find that rents in places like Manhattan (where the average monthly rent tops $4,000) make it too expensive to live in anything approximating a decent apartment with enough space to really feel at home.

To try and work out a comparison to show just how far the average renter in the 100 biggest US cities can stretch their money, RentCafe looked at the median monthly renter household income from the US Census Bureau and the average rent from Yardi Matrix and came up with a calculation, based on the maximum square feet that can be had while spending no more than 30% of one’s income – the threshold to avoid becoming “rent burdened”.

What they found is hardly surprising. New York, Boston, and Los Angeles are the three cities where renters earning the median income can reasonably afford the least amount of space, even though they are among the cities with the highest average salaries in the country. To keep your rental spend under 30%, renters would need to find an apartment that’s under 300 square feet (about the size of a modest home office) when going by the average price per square foot of rental space. In San Francisco, that number rises to between 300 and 400 square feet, thanks to the high median salary (it remains one of the most expensive housing markets in the country).

Living after Midnight Judas Priest:



Once Again, Time to Play, “How Many Federal Lawsuits Have Been Filed Against City of Racine”?

With JT reporting on 2 new Federal Lawsuits being filed against City of Racine, in which Taxpayers will be forced to pay all costs if the City loses or settles, It seems prudent to take a look at the Docket of the Federal Court. But first….

Water employee suing city for racial discrimination

RACINE — A Racine Water Utility employee filed a civil action lawsuit against the City of Racine alleging that he was discriminated against based on his race and physical disability from an injury sustained on the job.

Shannon McDonald, of McDonald and Kloth, LLC. which represents Endel Williams, said the goal was to improve working conditions for minorities at the City.

“The goal is to stop the discrimination and harassment that’s been happening at the city,” said McDonald. “Not just for Mr. Williams but for all city employees who experience this type of bias.”

The City has not yet filed its defense but the City Attorney’s office released the following statement:

“The City of Racine is aware that Racine Water Utility employee Endel Williams has filed a lawsuit against the City. The City disputes the allegations in the Complaint and will vigorously defend this action.”

Allegations of racism

Williams, who is black, started working as a construction worker with the water department in February 2007.

According to the complaint filed on Aug. 14, by Williams’ legal representation, he “became aware” that his supervisor made racially derogatory remarks about him, such as referring to Williams as a “(n-word)” and the “Mayor’s Token (n-word).”

In August 2015, the general manager disciplined Williams for being insubordinate to his supervisor. Williams objected and later that month lodged a complaint to the City alleging the City had discriminated against him and harassed him due to his race.

Williams claims that at that time he made the general manager aware of the racist remarks his supervisor made about him and other blacks in the workplace.

Man sues, alleging Racine police officer hit him during diabetic seizure

RACINE — A Racine man filed a lawsuit in federal court last month, alleging that a Racine Police officer punched him while he was in the midst of a diabetic seizure.

A March 12 federal lawsuit filed by Tyran Pinkins, 34, names the City of Racine, Racine Police Officer Joshua Diedrich and five other unknown Racine Police officers, as defendants in the suit.

According to court documents, the lawsuit stems from an Oct. 6, 2016, incident. On that evening, RPD Officer Diedrich was flagged down near the intersection of State Street and Lake Avenue by a person trying to get emergency medical care for Pinkins.

Diedrich called for a rescue squad stating that Pinkins was having a seizure. During the encounter, the officer asked Pinkins questions to which Pinkins did not respond.

When Pinkins began to sway toward the road and walk away, the officer took hold him. The court document alleges that Pinkins began to uncontrollably flail around due to a diabetic seizure, causing the officer to tackle him.

The lawsuit alleges that during the encounter, the officer punched Pinkins in the face multiple times with a closed fist causing Pinkins “permanent injuries” to his vision, jaw and teeth.

Pinkins believes the officer’s punches were deadly force, and were “excessive and done with a reckless and/or callous disregard for the Plaintiff’s rights,” filing documents state.

As a result of the encounter, Pinkins was hospitalized. After he was released, on Oct. 7, 2016, he was arrested and charged with battery to a law enforcement officer, attempt to disarm a peace officer, resisting or obstructing an officer and disorderly conduct.

Second incident

As part of the lawsuit, Pinkins mentions a second incident that allegedly occurred on Oct. 29, 2017. At the time, Pinkins was homeless and living at HALO, 2000 DeKoven Ave.

Pinkins was listening to headphones during overnight hours when another person complained that Pinkins was listening to his music too loudly. The woman then called police.

When Racine Police arrived, Pinkins was in the bathroom. He claims that police barged into the restroom and began yelling at him, who was somewhat disoriented. Pinkins says Racine Police deployed a Taser on him which had to later be surgically removed from his back.

Court documents state that Pinkins alleges that Racine Police may have remembered him from the earlier encounter, which is why, he believes, that he was Tasered.

Not quite sure where this one will go, But RPD Sgt. Sam Stulo insists he didndu nuffin’ and should have been released to his wife with no charges…..

With video: Body cam footage of Racine Police sergeant’s arrest obtained

RACINE — Nearly six hours of body cam footage of the arrest of a Racine Police sergeant accused of OWI and hit-and-run causing injury was released last week, after The Journal Times made an open records request with the Racine County Sheriff’s Office.

The footage shows Racine Police Sgt. Samuel Stulo speaking with a Racine County Sheriff’s deputy after the crash, with a visibly swollen chin and raspy voice saying he got punched in the throat.

Stulo admits going to a local bar for “two or three beers,” and said he wasn’t sure if he hit a car because he was on his phone. “I don’t know if I hit it (the car),” Stulo says. “I was on my phone, you know how we are, looking at our phones.”

The video shows Stulo attempting various field sobriety tests. According to a Racine County Sheriff’s Office incident report, Stulo failed the field sobriety test after he reportedly crashed his truck into a parked car on State Street, injuring a woman just before 8 p.m. on Dec. 17.

Footage shows Stulo explain to deputies that he has a bad hip and back, which is why he can’t perform well on the tests. “You guys are setting me up to fail,” Stulo says in the video.

“This is what we do for everybody,” a deputy replies.

“I’m not everybody,” Stulo responds.

When a deputy presents a portable Breathalyzer, Stulo says “I’m not doing that.” He then asks for a lawyer and is arrested. “You guys could have took me home,” Stulo said, as he is put into the back of a deputy squad car. “I would have took the accident and moved on.”

Squad car footage

Footage from the squad car shows Stulo repeatedly asking for a lawyer and stating that he failed his field sobriety testing due to medical issues.

“All you guys had to do was just let my wife take me home, man,” Stulo said. “It’s not going to stick with my back and my hip problems. It’s not going to stick. I got so much medical documentation, it’s not going to stick.”

When the deputy asked if he could perform a blood draw, Stulo said he would not do anything without speaking with a lawyer first. “I’m not consenting to s**t,” Stulo is heard saying. “I’m not consenting to nothing.”

Nearly two hours after the crash, Stulo’s blood-alcohol content was later found to be 0.182 percent, more than two times the legal limit, state records show.

The Journal Times received the results through an open records request filed with the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, which conducts blood-alcohol tests for the state.

“I just lost everything … I respect what you guys are doing, but I just lost it all,” Stulo said.

At the hospital

The footage also shows deputies taking Stulo into the hospital. As he is being led in, Stulo continues to ask to walk on his own and for a lawyer. “You really want to do this, huh?” Stulo said.

At one point, Stulo appears to become agitated and ask deputies to get off of him. “I’ve done nothing wrong. I don’t want to feel like a f***ing criminal, man,” Stulo said.

So now it’s time to check out the Federal Court Docket for City of Racine; from PACER:

Only 2 Federal cases open – WELL, THAT’S  A HUGE IMPROVEMENT from the years of the Dickert Disaster!

In local Circuit Courts, City of Racine is being sued for: (Left mouse click on images enlarges them)

Property Damage:

Unclassified – But connected with the Machinery Row Chicanary!

Unclassified – But connected with the Machinery Row Chicanary!

Condemnation Review!

And guess who is gonna pay for the malfeasance and general incompetence committed by City of Racine Actors…… yep, the Underdog Taxpayers!

It’s not my place to run the train
The whistle I can’t blow.

It’s not my place to say how far
The train’s allowed to go.

It’s not my place to shoot off steam
Nor even clang the bell.

But let the damn thing jump the track
And see who catches hell.